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lo, a post of random

1. Sign-ups are open over at spn_j2_xmas. Do I have room for one more exchange? Do I? Erg.

2. It occurs to me that much as I love the spirit of SPN RPF fandom, possibly there are other fandoms that better combine the wonderful crack (mermen! dragons! empaths! were-echidnas! although I'm still waiting on that last one) with the unsquicky rom-commy het I yearn for. Any recommendations? Preferably a Western fandom with either a fair bit of activity or a fair backlog of fic. (I suppose I ought to go hunt up some Marvel movieverse fic, hadn't I? But where does one even start? And is there enough het crack to make it worth my while?)

3. As soon as I post my epic list of A/B/O, of course I find something I'd have put on it. Specifically, No Limited Dimensions, by cleflink, in which John Watson is shot and wakes up in a world of omegas and alphas and other things he doesn't understand at all. It's gen, and it's GLORIOUS.

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