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Dear Rarewomen Author

General Preferences
Likes: When it comes to shippiness, het is nearly always my choice, but I love gen, too. All genres are open: character studies and crack, fill-in-the-blanks and five-things fic, angst and darkfic and schmoop, epic adventures and fics where the characters do nothing but stand around and banter. In terms of porn, I care more about how the porn expresses their FEEEELINGS than about the actual mechanics, and I tend to prefer foreplay to the act itself. I have a particular weakness for unlikely alliance stories, hurt/comfort (especially the emotional kind), quiet conversations in between the "real events," post-apocalyptic scenarios, girl-saves-boy stories, alpha/beta/omega dynamics, and mpreg.

Squicks: Torture involving eyes, teeth, or hands; power imbalances in sexual/romantic relationships.

Um, and a note: I ended up writing a lot more details for some of these requests than others, but I'd be sincerely excited about any of them.

Fandom: SPN
Women: Tamara, Kate, Lydia, Gwen Campbell, Amelia Richardson, Meg Masters
These are all excellent SPN women that I like, and I would be happy with something about any or all of them. Gen or het, please. Some ideas (which you should feel free to ignore if you have something you'd really like to write instead):

-Amelia Richardson: an interlude in her time with Sam. Would love an AU where they have a run-in with the supernatural and Sam has to explain a few things. Or, maybe a story about their first official date - was it super awkward? Did they end up both reminiscing about people they'd lost?

-Tamara: Tamara being awesome. Would love to see her come back and team up with some other hunters on a case - Jo and/or Ellen, maybe? Rufus? Ellie from 8.14?

-Kate the werewolf girl: What happens after. Does she become a hunter? Does she form a supernatural creatures support group? Or it'd be cool if she met up with some other SPN characters - feel free to resurrect some for the purpose if you like. :)

-Gwen Campbell: Perhaps a Gwen Lives AU? Do absolutely whatever you want with that. In terms of relationships, I found her partnership vibe with Dean to be interesting. OTOH, I also like the idea of her hooking up with RoboSam every so often, particularly if this involves her tying him up at some point.

-Lydia: What became of her? What if she and Dean run into each other again? I found her a sort of tragic figure in the episode; she's a predator, more or less, but a predator on a leash. What if she were cast out of the Amazon clan for some reason (perhaps because Emma failed to kill Dean)?

-Meg Masters: I'd love some Meg/Cas or Meg&Cas, please. Their bizarre yet fond relationship in S7 delights me to no end. I'd love fic about a time outside that 7.17-7.21 timeframe when Cas asked her for help, and she gave it to him (but not without a price, maybe). Feel free to throw in some consensual sexytimes if you feel like it.

Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Women: Gen Cortese, Adrianne Palicki, Alona Tal, Cindy Sampson, Julie McNiven.
Details: If you’re familiar with this fandom, then you know it is full of CRACK. I would like some, please! Gen and Adrianne the crimefighting horticulturist BFFs, epic Gen/Jared space adventures, anything alpha/beta/omega, a Pern fusion – the sky’s the limit. I'm particularly fond of fics where one or more characters is a magical creature or were-animal of some kind. The fic doesn't have to be fluff, though - I'm perfectly happy with angsty crack. For pairings I'm fond of Jared/Gen, Jared/Adrianne, Gen/Misha, Adrianne/Aldis, and anyone/anyone BFFs. (There is not enough cracky female friendship in this fandom!)

Fandom: Twin Peaks
Women: Maddy Ferguson, Audrey Horne, Donna Hayward, Shelly Johnson, Norma Jennings
Details: I'd love some slice-of-life fic about the weirdnesses of living in Twin Peaks. Maybe Maddy notices some of this as an outside observer. Maybe Laura's death isn't the first time Audrey and Donna have worked together to solve a mystery. Or it can just be, like, a vignette from Norma Jennings' POV about all the really weird foods people bring to the Fourth of July town picnic/potluck. Alternatively, character study-type fic or five things AU fic or whatever would also be fine! Basically, I like all these ladies, and whatever you feel like doing with them, I would like. (Please not too much emphasis on James or the Donna-James-Maddy triangle.)

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Women: Caprica Six, Sharon Agathon, Helena Cain, D'Anna, Gina, Kendra Shaw
Details: I love all these characters for the complicated, screwed-up messes they are. Backstory, canon-divergence AUs, slice-of-life fic - anything would be fabulous. All canon relationships are fair game here, although I'm particularly fond of Helo/Athena and Gaius/Caprica. Um, I have no particular ideas here - any story you've been itching to write would be great!

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Feb. 16th, 2013 06:42 pm (UTC)
I'm not in the rarewomen fest (work commitments) but

Maybe Laura's death isn't the first time Audrey and Donna have worked together to solve a mystery.

OMG. Bunnies for miles and miles and miles and miles and--
Feb. 16th, 2013 07:55 pm (UTC)

I am going to finish watching the series, and then I'm going to read all the fic, and then perhaps I will write all the fic. I would like to, anyway. :)
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