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AO3 top ten meme

Nabbed from [personal profile] likeadeuce this time around, here are stats and more blathering than you care about.

TitleAO3 HitsAO3 CommentsKudosFandomWordsNotes
1Three Christmases with Miss Honey31654322*Matilda1800Yuletide
2Thermodynamics2036848SPN RPF23000a/b/o
3What Should Really, Really Never Be1584883SPN, SPN RPF10000a/b/o, crack, meta
4Seraph1087632*BtVS67000mpreg, Spike
5Friends, Benefits1024117SPN RPF1400a/b/o
6Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right1023117SPN5500a/b/o
7The Very Small Girl and the Monster974624*BtVS/Firefly2100Spike, River, crossover
8Many Waters896 26SPN3300kink
9I Thought You'd Be Taller798 13SPN RPF3000a/b/o
10Pretend We Can't Tell the Difference742112SPN RPF750a/b/o

* posted to AO3 before the kudos function was implemented, which throws off the kudos count

I note that five of those fics are new since the last time I posted this meme a year ago, and of those five, four are a/b/o.

Further Thoughts:
1. Three Christmases with Miss Honey - the surest road to success that I know: writing Yuletide fic for a beloved children's fandom. This is a sweet, fluffy, rather slight thing, I feel. I don't dislike it, but if it weren't staring at me atop my AO3 stats every time I looked at them, I'd never think of it.

2. Thermodynamics and the Modern Male - my spn_j2_bigbang entry! Second story ever over 20k words! RPF gen, which is a mark against it audience-wise, but a/b/o, which is several marks for. This is not a fic that gives me retrospective feels the way, say, the Jared/Jensen/Genevieve post-apocalyptic road trip fic does, but I think I did not too bad a job at what I set out to do, and completing it was a major accomplishment for me.

3. What Should Really, Really Never Be - hilariously, I wasn't sure I was even going to post this anywhere after I wrote it, but ghostyouknow27 insisted. And now it's my most-kudos'd fic and the fic with the most hits that I posted outside an event. Moral: cracky tropefic with meta aspects sells. It's not great lit, but I had a lot of fun writing it, and it features things like alpha!Gen being awesome and my first m/m kiss.

4. Seraph - It feels so long since I completed this. I'm thrilled people are still reading and enjoying, but I am so far out of that headspace now that I have trouble even having an opinion about it. (A fact to amuse you all: when I finished Seraph, I thought, "Well, I've done everything a person could ever want to do with mpreg. Done now!")

5. Friends, Benefits - Aw, the little a/b/o femslash fic that isn't. I'm sure so many people must click on it hoping for sweet happy sexytimes and are disappointed, but I feel that I have redeemed myself somewhat with Take, the Gen/Adrianne kink negotiation pwp I posted earlier this year, which is real actual a/b/o femslash. And for what Friends, Benefits is, a fic about trauma and female friendship and how all roads do not necessarily lead to sex, I still like it quite a lot.

6. Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right - My first NC-17 fic, and tbh, the porn in this fic is still the porn I'm proudest of. This is another fic about how Sex Doesn't Heal All and also how sex =/= intimacy, which makes it sound mainly cerebral, but this is another one of those fics that gives me lots of feelings, and I am very fond of it.

7. The Very Small Girl and the Monster - another fic from some long ago that I have basically no feelings about it. Spike! River! Crossover goodness! That's all I've got.

8. Many Waters - AKA by far the kinkiest thing I've ever written, although it has no explicit sex. For the sort of thing it is, I remain pretty pleased with it. As I told ghostyouknow27, given that I wrote a watersports fic, I think Many Waters is the sort of watersports fic one would expect me to write. That is, consensual and with a lot of affection, which is what I care about most for most kinkfic. If the characters are into it and enjoying each other, that's half the heat factor right there.

9. I Thought You'd Be Taller - The a/b/o RPF fic that started it all. A totally female-centric genfic without a single spoken line by a male character. Begin as you mean to go on, I guess. :)

10. Pretend We Can't Tell the Difference - And one more fic in the Knottingverse. This is only 750 words, and I can think of many other fics more deserving of this slot, but on the other hand it has Julie McNiven being all-knowing and devious and zen, so I can't be too sorry.

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