Snick (snickfic) wrote,

Rarewomen :DDDD

Is open! I lucked out this year and got not one but two fics featuring beloved SPN ladies:

Scent of Blood by [personal profile] elliemurasaki
Amelia/Sam in which an outing goes awry and Amelia meets the supernatural head-on, which gives me my "Amelia Finds Out" prompt and my love for "girl saves boy" in the same story.

Lose Your Soul Tonight by tiny_white_hats
A treatfic about what becomes of Kate from SPN 8.04. Tragic and lovely. (Warning for character death.)

There's lots of other delicious things as well, of which I've read only a handful, but so far I'm particularly fond of The Autoignition Point by flistie lyryk, which is sweet delicious Tamara/Charlie femslash, featuring book nerdiness and also sex.

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