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various fandom things

1. stripytights has written The Longer Hunt, an SPN story about Artemis which does a whole lot of the things I was hoping for from an Artemis story, including giving backstory for the relationships we saw in the ep and also moving her forward as a "goddess of hunters." It is fixit fic, basically, and very exciting. :D

2. At one of my anon memes there's a thread where people are trying to come up with ways to take unfortunate tropes and come up with ways they could be good. You know, tropes like mpreg and a/b/o. >:(

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May. 10th, 2013 08:43 pm (UTC)
I tend to think that any time you have a story where the trope or kink is the most important thing about the story (no matter what trope you're talking about), it's got a higher chance of being a not-great story on a technical level. That doesn't mean that such a story can't be emotionally satisfying - since the whole point of trope uber alles is emotional satisfaction, for some people, such stories are actually more satisfying.

When I see people talking about doing a trope well, to me that just means subordinating the trope to characterization, plot, sense-making world-building, etc. That may be why most tropey AUs do nothing for me, because the things that grab me the hardest in fiction are certain types of characters, themes, and worldbuilding, rather than specific tropes or kinks. Like, if someone was trying to sell me on a story, and described it as "An amnesia story," I would be all, so is it a story that uses amnesia to explore the question of inherent identity vs. learned behavior, or is it a story that uses amnesia as a plot device to get Character A and Character B to have hot monkey sex? And by the way, which A and B are we talking about?

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May. 11th, 2013 07:50 pm (UTC)
While I won't deny that those things might be true, it's one thing to say, "a fic which prioritizes a trope has a higher chance of being a not-great story" and quite another to imply, as the thread I was reading of did, that no story containing such a trope had ever managed to be anything else. I don't need to imagine how tropes like those might possibly be good, because I have already read those stories.
May. 11th, 2013 11:57 pm (UTC)
I dunno - that's really not how I took that thread, and predictably, one or two tropes I write showed up in it, like kid/baby fic. I'm perfectly willing to admit that 95% of babyfic is pure id-fodder, and I can see exactly why people don't like it. Of course I hope that if I manage to con one of the haters into reading my babyfic, they will love it. My favorite feedback of all is the "I usually hate X, but I like what you did with it" kind. But if babyfic qua babyfic is not someone's thing, I don't expect to convert them to loving the whole genre.

If a trope grabs you by the emotional short and curlies, you're generally willing to wade through the dire crap to find the good stuff. But if it doesn't do anything for you one way or another, or actively squicks you, then probably you're going to quit after the first few pieces of dire crap which you're statistically likely to run into first. From there it's awfully easy to assume there's no good stuff at all. Not fair, but understandable.
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