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Firefly again

I'm doing a Firefly rewatch with housemate Chessie, who's only seen the movie long ago and forgotten most of that. Last night we watched the premiere, "Serenity." I've been very curious to see the show from my new fannish perspective, but so far the rewatch has mainly just confirmed my previous impressions, namely:

* Jayne. Oh, how I love Jayne. *points to icon* Out of an hour and a half of Whedonian-level dialogue, my favorite is Jayne threatening the fed. "Pain is scary." "Didn't they ever teach you how to withstand an interrogation?" "I was gonna get me an ear, too." "This is disappointing as hell."

* Zoe is still Made of Awesome.

* Wash and the dinosaurs! Probably my second favorite bit.

* The opening credits still rock. I love the lyrics, the style, the accompanying clips - pretty much just fabulous.

* This is my fourth or fifth viewing of this ep, and I still get fuzzy at times about what, exactly, our heroes are trying to accomplish. It serves as a nice intro to the characters and to the elements of the world, but as a plot it's awfully tangled.

* I hate the fan-service naked Inara scenes even more than I used to. It's almost visceral at this point. I'm opposed to and squicked by everything she is professionally and entirely underwhelmed by who she is personally (although this rewatch I'm finally starting to catch glimmerings of the supposedly complicated past that's alluded to in the movie and in eps like "Heart of Gold" and "Out of Gas"). Mal/Inara makes me roll my eyes. Basically, the best thing I can say about Inara is that she wears very pretty clothes.

* Oh, Book. I would like you so much better if there was any evidence at all that the writers had ever, like, been personally acquainted with a person practicing a traditionally-flavored religion of the sort that you supposedly come from. Argh.

* Here's the big reason I don't like Kaylee: because I'm so patently supposed to love her. In the premiere, especially, she's the perfect little sweetheart that everyone adores, and I don't recall it getting much better later in the series. In a lot of ways she reminds me of Fred, whom I started to dislike as soon as she saned up, and for the same reasons.

OTOH, a few things have changed. I find myself less interested in Mal than I used to be. I love Wash more (although I doubt it's possibly to adore Wash/Zoe any more than I already did). I can definitely see where one could find the Inara/Kaylee subtext if one wished to look for it. And I'm not quite feeling the River-love yet, although that's largely because she hasn't gotten to do anything yet.

I developed strong likes and dislikes for characters much earlier on with Firefly than with BtVS. I suppose it's partly because Firefly's first twelve eps feel so very much more developed and mature than the same initial span on BtVS. The characters are already much more themselves here. But even so, in the seven-season run of BtVS there's no supposedly sympathetic character I dislike as much as I dislike Book or Inara or Kaylee, except maybe Kennedy, who hardly counts. I have no idea what to make of this.
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