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capitu is doing a self pimping rec list thingy, and following in [personal profile] lettered's footsteps I thought I'd repost my answers here. Disclaimer: For some of my fandoms I wasn't real sure how to measure popularity, and for all of them I kinda picked my favorite out of a hat. Tomorrow my favorites would probably be different.

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Most Popular: Seraph - 70k of Spike-centric mpreg genfic. With lots of Spike-Dawn friendship. Yes.
Warnings: mpreg, violence and violence-related trauma from a teen's POV
Personal Favourite: It's hard to say, but maybe the untitled S6-era Spike/Buffy sonnet. S6 Spuffy is tricky to write, but this expressed my feelings about the relationship pretty well, I feel. Plus poetry! I haven't written much poetry in a long, long time, but this one I am still quite pleased with.
Warnings: destructive relationship dynamics, sexualized violence - so, regular S6 Spuffy, basically

Fandom: SPN
Most Popular: What Should Really, Really Never Be, a French Mistake AU in which the SPN 'verse is normal but the French Mistake 'verse is alpha/beta/omega.
Pairing (s): All of them? :D Ships temporary, off-screen, and/or implied are Sam/Ruby, Sam/Gen, Dean/Misha, Jensen/Misha, and Jared/Gen
Warnings: a/b/o, mpreg, utter crack
Personal Favourite: I am exceedingly fond of Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right, which is Jo/Sam a/b/o with heat sex and feelings, although those two things aren't really related. I really like this verse for how dark a direction it takes the a/b/o thing, and here in particular I think I was able to de-romanticize a lot of usual a/b/o tropes while writing an ultimately romantic fic.
Warnings: knotting, a/b/o, mentions of prior sexual trauma and sexual harrassment

Fandom: SPN RPF
Most Popular: Thermodynamics and the Modern Male - HS a/b/o AU where Jared goes into heat for the first time and has trouble adjusting
Pairing (s): Jared-Jensen friendship
Warnings: a/b/o, references to knotting and mpreg, masturbation, sex talk ranging from clinical to juvenile, crude and insensitive language, sexual harassment, bullying, extended discussion of intersex genitalia
Personal Favourite: Long Way Home - post-apocalyptic road trip AU with first-time threesomeness. This has tons of cuddle porn and hits my id in so many different ways, and it feels to me like it flows really naturally. It's a toss-up between this and the werebear 'verse which SPN RPF of mine I reread the most.
Pairing (s): Jared/Jensen/Genevieve
Warnings: lots and lots of off-screen character death

So now you should all do the meme, too, either there or here or in your own journal. Yes. :D

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