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Fact: it is time-consuming to track down vids. I never think to bookmark them, because I've already downloaded the thing; why do I need a link? But of course that's not good for telling other people about them. So, this will be an occasionally updated list of vids I like and/or find interesting enough to want links to.

Asterisks mark vids that I consider readily accessible to folks not familiar with the source material.

SPN vids
*Channel Surfing by [personal profile] ash48 and maichan - Audio from Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries, Precioso, Dexter, CSI Miami, ESPN, Lost, Full House, Laverne & Shirley, Parks & Recreation and Gilmore Girls
Credits and clips of bunches of other shows SPN might have been.

* by TikiTyler9 (Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums - A Perfect Cirle)
Warnings for gore, horror, and lots of bright and dark flashes.

A Conviction of Angels by Affably Evil (Another Radio Song - Okkervil River)
Angels. And stuff.

*Castiel is Taylor Swift by Heathyr Shea ([some song I'm sure I should know the title of] - Taylor Swift)
Warnings for horrible, horrible manips. Dean/Castiel. What it says on the tin.


Buffyverse vids
*If It Gives You Joy by thedothatgirl (Joy - David Poe)
A big long string of happy Btvs/Ats clips.


Other fandom vids
*Vogue by Luminosity - 300 (Vogue - Madonna)
That vid EVERYONE talked about a few years ago, and almost certainly the unacknowledged inspiration for Beyonce's 2013 Super Bowl halftime show. As slickly edited a vid as you are ever likely to see.

*Starships by bironic - dozens of space shows/movies (Starships - Nick Minaj)
This vid fills me with unadulterated joy. I dare you to watch it and not smile by the end.

*Space Girl by charmax - dozens of space shows/movies (Space Girl - Imagined Village)
Another full-of-joy vid, and I liked the song so well I bought it.

*I Swear by dualbunny, trelkez, and sweetestdrain - Smallville (I Swear - All4One)
Warnings for mpreg, kryptonite unicorns, and other fits of total non-canonicity. Clark/Lex. I love this vid SO MUCH because it is played so very, very straight. Also, because mpreg.

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