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comics read, 9/29/13

FF #6-8 - Fraction, Allred, Quinones
Well, this was as adorable as expected. I was right! Medusa was not being evil!

WIN for Bentley-23's total lack of being impressed by the villain he's cloned from or any of the villain's schemes.

I am a little confused by how Jennifer is framing her objections to Medusa - it's not that Medusa herself is untrustworthy, it's that she has a vulnerability. (But does it make her any more vulnerable to mind control than anyone else?) IDK. I wish that had been framed better or more clearly somehow.

The relationship between the Yancy Street Gang and Ben Grimm is... peculiar. It's very much of a piece with the comic, I feel, that they harass him when he's around and stick up for him when he's gone; the whole YSG vs. Darla thing is exactly the kind of, um, skewed, human motivation that I expect from this comic. I liked Scott's solution, though, "And now you know I'm not Reed Richards," lol.

And now it turns out that some of the inhumans are working with Doom? To what purpose? Oh no!

Captain Marvel #1-5 - DeConnick, Soy, Rios,
You guys, I wanted to like this. I expected to like this. It's ladies being awesome! Together! In time and space! How could I not like it?

But that was exactly it - it was ladies beating speed records, ladies fighting the Japanese during WWII (on... an island off Peru? there's time travel involved, too), ladies breaking into government facilities and beating up guards, because Woman Can, Too. IDK, it felt like a comic you'd give to a ten-year-old to show her that women can be awesome and actiony, too. Which is fine, except I didn't feel like there was any character stuff there at all. Aside from Carol and Helen Cobb, it didn't even matter what any of the characters' names were.

I should say that all this griping only applies to the arc, which gets properly started in #2. I actually really liked #1, which introduces us to Carol, gives her some hero stuff to do with Captain America, and also introduces us to her friend and to Cobb (childhood hero, now dead in the present). Some good character set-up there, just no follow-through in the following issues. :(

About the art: once I got used to it, I loved Dexter Soy's art, with the painting effect - there's so much richness and depth there. Gorgeous. Emma Rios' stint didn't work for me as well. Possibly it was just too dissonant with Soy's style? Rios's is very... wispy. We'll see if I like her better in DeConnick's new Image book Pretty Deadly, which starts next month.

The covers, OTOH, are so unappealing, especially early on. Harsh bright primary colors, stylized in a manner that doesn't complement Soy's or Rios' interiors at all.

Man, I am sorry, people on flist who like this book. So far it just hasn't worked for me at all. Um, I still plan to keep reading, fwiw?

X-Men #20-23 - Gischler, Conrad
A trade from the previous volume of X-Men, which I picked up at the library because it was a) X-men, b) probably a contribution to the main continuity (as opposed to a miniseries, say), and c) not in the middle of any runs that I specifically wanted to read in order.

This was all plotty and actiony; some small Eastern European country has decided to solve its border disputes by reprogramming sentinels to kill people as well as mutants. (This points out what is to me a fundamental weirdness with the whole sentinel thing - if this technology is so great, why haven't people been using them on each other for ages? I don't care how much you hate mutants, you're still probably going to be more worried about the country you are actually at war with.

This had a good cast: Psylocke, Storm, Jubilee, Dominoe (whom I hadn't really met before), and some people I don't care about Colossus and Warpath. Unfortunately, it didn't do anything with the characters except point them at things. The only person who's distinct is Jubilee, who does seem to be having some fun with her vampire powers, and who at the end of the arc runs across some folks who are clearly the lead-in for the next arc.

The art was fine, although Storm flew around a lot, which meant I saw SO MUCH MORE of her bare butt than I ever needed to see. Am so glad for that costume redesign; you have no idea. The colors were very pinky-purply, I guess to go with the sentinels.

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Sep. 29th, 2013 08:29 pm (UTC)
I was a little bit confused by the Medusa-got-mind controlled arc in FF. Issue #9 is a POOL PARTY though, it's very cute.

I actually liked Emma Rio's art a lot, but I agree, it's a little odd to pair it with Dexter Soy's, because they have such different styles.
Sep. 29th, 2013 08:31 pm (UTC)
I feel like maybe with Medusa we were harking back to some previous canon that I wasn't aware of (which, with Medusa, is ALL OF IT). IDK. I shall look forward to the pool party, though. :D

They are SO DIFFERENT. And now, I know, we have Quinones for this book, and he's really different again. Augh. I'm fine with a book having its own look - see FF! or Hawkeye! - but it needs one look.
Sep. 29th, 2013 08:50 pm (UTC)
Yeah, same, I am not familiar with Inhumans canon.

Right, they keep changing artists and a lot of them are into very stylized art so it can be weird to keep switching all the time. Even when Hawkeye changes artists, it keeps a consistent style, and that time Joe Quinones filled in on FF it was basically seamless.
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