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statistics and numbers and tables

It's that time of year again when a young(ish) fan's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love statistics. Theoretically I would do this at the end of the year, but honestly who has time to crunch numbers around the holidays? So, have some tables here in early November.

This year I stopped crossposting everything to LJ if it appeared in an event elsewhere first. The first table below is of fics that I posted to both LJ and AO3, because the main point I wanted to make was that these days traffic on AO3 surpasses traffic on LJ in every single case, due to both the declining activity on LJ and the increasing activity on AO3. Honestly, the LJ hit rate on most of those fics makes me pretty sad. The Russians will pry my LJ from my cold dead hands. *wibble*

The second table has data for fics that were posted either to AO3 only or to AO3 and another LJ comm, ie, spn_summergen and spnspringfling. (The "LJ response" column there is for comments made to my LJ announcement posts, although the fic itself wasn't posted to LJ.) This data and the AO3 fb/hit ratio in particular seems to indicate that people are much likelier to turn out and comment on things for fests and events than on something that was posted cold. Then again, only half the events for which those fics were written were actually on AO3, so who knows. NOT ENOUGH DATA. Always not enough data.

It's also worth noting, though, that the commenting rate on those fics posted only to AO3 was better than my median LJ commenting rate. So that's interesting. I don't notice any trends on either platform regarding particular fandoms or pairings, other than the oft-acknowledged fact that fic tagged with popular tropes and/or kinks does really well on AO3.

TitleAO3 hitsLJ hitsAO3 kudosAO3 respLJ respAO3 fb/hitLJ hits/fbFandomWordsNotes
At Least Ian Malcolm...305268223150.080.06SPN RPF5400Jared/Gen
had it coming163502 50.010.10SPN170Dean/Bela foreplay
Reasons Dean is Grateful...56612417290.030.07SPN1000Dean, Sam/Madison, mpreg
The Woodsman and the Widow328358 30.020.09SPN1500Ellen/Rufus, a/b/o
Take100619023250.020.03SPN RPF2700Gen/Adrianne, a/b/o
Red-Headed Stepchild23213815190.070.07SPN1100Abaddon gen
Into the Briny Deep36310610 70.030.07SPN RPF2500Gen/Misha tentacle porn
Look What We Did47811927 100.060.08SPN430Meg/Castiel mpreg
Goodnight Bears28016011270.050.04SPN RPF5200Jared/Gen werebears, for genteensybang
Double Pointed52620917260.040.03SPN RPF880Jensen/Misha werehedgehog
Best Thing Going33010630360.100.06SPN2700Meg/Castiel

TitleAO3 hitsLJ hitsAO3 kudosAO3 respLJ respAO3 fb/hitLJ hits/fbFandomWordsNotes
Tea Parties445-451430.13-BtVS1300Dru/Buffybot, for rarewomen
you were meant for me...243-192230.09-SPN2400Meg/Castiel, for spnspringfling
Chemical Bonding1234-561230.06-SPN RPF21500Jared/Gen, a/b/o, for spnj2bb
Where Owls Dwell89-53190.09-SPN2400Sam gen, for spn_summergen
Not Just for Hallmark...740-481640.09-SPN RPF24000Jensen/Danneel, a/b/o, mpreg
Death (of Rats) Takes a Holiday108-17900.24-Discw1500gen, for rarecharacters

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Nov. 9th, 2013 01:43 am (UTC)
I didn't realize there was even a hit counter you could access for LJ. Where do you go to check it?

By the way, if fandom statistics are a thing you like a lot, you might get along with eve11--she's into stats generally and has compiled a bunch of data on Doctor Who fic.
Nov. 9th, 2013 01:44 am (UTC)
Ooh, maybe! Mostly I collected these number because I've been interested in tracking AO3's adoption as fandom's primary fic platform. I will check out eve11's blog.

I access my LJ stats through Google Analytics, which you can hook up to LJ if you have a paid account. I've had it for 2-3 years now, so at this point I have quite a lot of data.
Nov. 9th, 2013 01:47 am (UTC)
Ahh, Google Analytics, good to know. Thanks!
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