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recents comics read

Hawkeye #13 - Fraction, Wu
Loved the art on this. I've heard that Wu is our new regular fill-in artist, replacing Pulido, and this issue suggests that my Pulido issues are specific to him and not just me missing Aja, because here's Wu substituting for Aja and I LOVE her. She's not aping Aja here, she's doing her own thing here, and yet it feels very much in keeping with the spirit of what he's doing on this title. The lines are simple, she's great with facial expression and body language, and it's all just lovely.

I'm less enthralled with the colors; colorist Hollingsworth (who is always the colorist for this title; I don't know why I kept thinking it was Jordie Bellaire) changes palettes every two pages or so for reasons not obvious to me, and some of them are brighter than I'd like. It's all a bit jarring.

What really disappointed me in this issue, though, is the Kate characterization. To be fair, I only know Kate through Hawkeye and the first five issues of Gillen's YA, but before the annual she's always seemed fairly competent. Some could say she's been overly competent in comparison to Clint, a foil to his general schmoeness (although I've always enjoyed it). And here she's just such a ditz. She's stupidly overconfident, and she wins the day solely because the villain is even stupider than she is. Character-wise, this issue did not work for me at all.

X-Men #7 - Wood, Dodson
UGH DODSON. This issue sets up the new plot, which involves a bunch of female antagonists I don't know, and we bring Monet on-board (recovering from X-Fact events I don't know yet) and visit Karima (recovering from coma and bodily invasion by Arkea) and don't say a darn thing about Kitty and Rogue (even though there has been zero discussion within the title for why either of them would be absent), and there's a conversation between Bling and Jubilee that confuses and annoys me, and what I really want to talk about is UGH DODSON. His women are all weirdly smooth, and they kinda all look the same except for hair color, which is deadly in a comic ALL ABOUT WOMEN. It's a good thing Ana Cortese put her Lady Deathstrike / Dia de los Muertos get-up on quickly, because I had zero chance of visually telling her apart from Monet. And anatomy! What is Dodson doing with anatomy?

[photographic evidence]What even is happening to Karima's arm?

Here's Monet, looking oh so shiny and way built around the chest and weirdly structured at the shoulders and just bizarrely LONG everywhere. I guess anatomically there's nothing egregious about this shot, I just hate it, and I hate looking at it, and I am SO GLAD that Kris Anka is taking over at the middle of the arc.

I do think Karima may bring some interest to the team. If I understand her correctly, she was a regular human who had noncon body mods done to her, but with Arkea gone, those are all depowered/inactive now, which makes a regular human on our team of mutants. She comes from a police background, which add another possibly interesting dimension to the team.

Regarding Bling: apparently the fight with Mercury in the hallway in #1 and the bubbling undercurrent of tension ever since is because Bling asked Mercury out? And Mercury threw something at her so hard it knocked her over? Aside from me being >:( about this apparently violent homophobia from a previously sympathetic character, the whole thing is just WEIRD. Mercury attacks Bling in #1 from across the hallway; it's not like they'd been talking and Mercury just freaked out. So, Bling asked her out and... Mercury tracked her down later and threw things at her? Nor does Bling's professed embarrassment explain why she implied to Kitty in #3 that she wanted to beat Mercury up. And finally we Bling here telling Jubilee that she "likes someone else now." The way Dodson's drawn Bling, it all looks kind of sinister, but I can't tell if that's intentional.

I mean, clearly there's more to this story, presumably some kind of teen girl catfighting (yay. not.), but I am displeased to have Bling's sexuality put at the center of it, regardless of how things eventually fall out. Grump grump. I'm especially annoyed since that background plotline was my favorite ongoing character thread.

Afterlife with Archie #2 - Aguirre-Sacasa, Francavilla
Zombies! In Riverdale! As illustrated by Francesco Francavilla! This comic goes straight for the throat; this is only issue #2, and we already have four class Riverdale characters zombified. There's darker RL drama of other kinds going on, too, of the kind one doesn't expect in a regular Archie comic; drunk driving, and angst between closeted queer women. It's all pretty marvelous, especially for someone like myself who's been an Archie fan since way back. This is probably my favorite issue of the five reviewed here.

Pretty Deadly #2 - DeConnick, Rios
Man, I really do not think Rios is doing this book any favors. I spend so much time squinting at her art, trying to figure out what it's supposed to depict, which is not good in a book with so many characters to sort and so many motivations as yet unclear. Compare this with Morning Glories: I have no idea why anything is happening, but I am at least clear on what is happening, because Eisma's art is so clean and bright and clear.

As for story, I'm going to have to get through the first arc before I form any opinions. At least now we know that Alice is a bounty hunter sent after Deathface Ginny by her father to bring her home. Also, when Ginny kills people, they turn into clouds of butterflies. Huh.

Rocket Girl #2 - Montclare, Reeder
This continues to be as cute as cute can be. This issue gets a little deeper into what kind of world Dayoung comes from: a world where the adage "don't trust anyone over thirty" has been aged down and armed, which explains the teen cop thing. Okay, sure, I'll go with that for now. We also see that Dayoung is not just 95 lbs of personified justice, but she's also hot-headed and probably overconfident and basically a teeneager, even if she does have a rocket pack. It's interesting seeing her now in 1986, where she's treated like a dangerous child rather than an officer of the law. That's a conflict that was bound to come up; I'm interested to see where Montclare takes it.

There's also some more plot unfolding re: Quantum Mechanics, including the revelation that the Q-machine was sent to 1986 from the future. Hmm. I smell a paradox coming, and aren't those just my favorite. (No.) Also, it appears that there's a rat in the police force? Possibly the commissioner? I wasn't sure quite what was going on there.

The art continues to be the most adorable. I especially love Reeder's work on Dayoung herself, but I really like our physicist ladies, too.

Basically this comic is adorable, and I want more, please.

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Dec. 8th, 2013 04:36 am (UTC)
Annie Wu did do a really awesome job with the art, her body language/expressions are great. I actually liked seeing a...less put-together? side of Kate, because she's usually amazingly on top of things but she's still a teenager. I think maybe she's good at salvaging Clint's plans, or working with a team to back her up, but she's in a new environment, alone, without a lot of her usual resources (esp. since she's pretty much broke at the moment), so I thought her goofy adventure was fun. I do understand how it could feel jarring though.

I usually like Terry Dodson okay--he does have sameface issues, but I like his sort of pinup-esque style when he doesn't take it overboard--but yeah, that picture of Monet is weird.

I agree, I love Emma Rios' art in general but I have a really hard time following what's going on in Pretty Deadly. I am not sure if I want to keep reading it because it's also a bit intense for me.

Rocket Girl was really cute, I loved DaYoung's pigtails and her flipping pancakes and her absurdly boundless energy. It still feels a little slow to me, but it's definitely delivering on the art front.
Dec. 8th, 2013 11:51 pm (UTC)
'Jarring' is a good word. Yes.

I think my Dodson issues may largely come down to taste. pinup-esque will probably always annoy me, even when it doesn't do anything specifically offensive. :)

I think the solicits said that #5 ended the first arc of PD? I'll probably stick with it through that. If things aren't pulling together a little better by then, though, I'll have to give that one up.

Yeah, I guess I don't mind the pace in Rocket Girl because it's so cute, and because they're laying the groundwork. If it's still going at this pace in five issues, that might be a problem.
Dec. 9th, 2013 01:36 am (UTC)
It's true, they do have some groundwork to lay before Rocket Girl gets too far along, so the slower pace is reasonable right now.
Dec. 9th, 2013 05:19 am (UTC)
So you've officially hooked me on two separate comic series now. You are seriously the Comic Pusher!
Dec. 9th, 2013 05:22 am (UTC)

Wait, what's the second one? (Is it related to the girl in your icon? Am I supposed to recognize her?)
Dec. 9th, 2013 05:25 am (UTC)
Afterlife with Archie! too much fun!

And the girl in my icon is a comic-version of Drusilla. ;)
Dec. 9th, 2013 05:38 am (UTC)
Aha! Yes, it's a real kick. I'm enjoying it a lot. :)
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