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yes, Piglet, it IS Yuletide

So, Yuletide! I got the most wonderful fic written for FF, the Fraction/Allred comic: and now we are many places, a Scott-POV fic about one disastrous day at the Future Foundation. The Scott voice is wonderful, the kids are all wonderful (to read about, possibly not to be in charge of), Jennifer steals every scene she is in, there's sweet hints of Scott/Darla - it is absolutely perfect. If you know the comic, this is not to be missed.

(Also, based on circumstantial evidence I have a strong suspicion that I know who wrote it, but I shall say no more.)

I've been poking about in interesting fandoms, hopefully for the sake of compiling a recs list. Right now I'm knee-deep in Orphan Black fic. Will report back, of course. :) The full list of Yuletide fandoms is here, and the Madness (<1k words) fandoms are here. Go explore the goodies! I ended up writing three fics in the main collection and one in Madness; if you guess any of them, you win a virtual cookie. \o/

Meanwhile, if you're interested in comics specifically, the good folks at comicstore_news have helpfully compiled a complete list of comics-related Yuletide fic (excluding Madness fics).

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