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Dear Beyond Panels Author

YAY, comics! I just started reading them in earnest about eight months ago, but I am having a blast. I am so very excited that there's now an exchange just for them, and I am beyond thrilled that you, dear author, are going to write me fic for one of them.

First: If you have a story you've been wanting to write about any of these canons, I would love to read it. I talk a lot (a LOT) below about some of these comics, including lots of suggestions, but they are only meant to help get you started. Any story you've been itching to write for these characters, I would love to read.

Also: personally, when I write really small fandoms I end up putting all this pressure on myself to write The Definitive Fic in the fandom, but that's silly. If you feel the same, please be assured that I'm not hoping for the fic, just a fic. :)

General Likes Creaturefics, dinosaurs, space AUs, Pern fusions, werecreatures other than werewolves or werecats, dragons, fairy tale AUs (selkies! dryads! etc), alpha/beta/omega dynamics, mpreg, arranged marriages, generally CRACK OF ALL KINDS. (But don't feel pressured to write crack; when it comes to rare fandoms like these, just fic of the canon sends me over the moon.) Women in my fics. Ships with women in them (which is to say, het and f/f and threesomes with at least one woman are all good, but I am less excited about m/m). Christmas. Unexpected moments of grace. Romance between people who might be messes, but are better when they're messes together than apart. Interspecies romance. Five things fics. Canon divergence AUs. AUs of all kinds as long as they maintain the important characterization and relationships from canon. A strong sense of place. Grumpy characters with hearts of gold. Xenophilia. Nonsexual kink. Kink negotation. Women taking charge in bed. When it comes to sex, I like explicit consent, lots of communication, and people having fun and enjoying themselves, and I care more about the feelings than the mechanics. Fade-to-black is also fine!

General Dislikes: explicit torture (especially bad things happening to hands, eyes, or teeth), power imbalances in a relationship, either emotional or situational (boss/secretary, teacher/student, etc), possessive/abusive/manipulating behavior framed as romantic, rape, character death, dark endings with no hope, character studies without any plot or interaction with other characters, character bashing, first-person point of view, crossovers (although fusions of the "Dean and Sam pilot a Jaeger" variety are very welcome!).

Saga - any
This comic is so wonderful and so unexpected at every turn that I'm still working out my feelings on it. I love that everyone in it is given their own perspective and motivations, so that even the antagonists, Prince Robot and The Will, are hunting for our heroes for personal reasons, not any kind of malice. I love how quickly Alana and Barr get over their personal differences. I love Alana's acerbic commentary ("so glad I got to do all this in a towel"), the glimpses we see of her sincerity ("Your son is so beautiful" / "I wasn't talking about his looks"), and her courage ("That's enough, dear"). I'm fascinated by The Stalk; I love Marko's heart; I love The Will and Lying Cat's loyalty to each other. (He jumped out of a space ship for her!!)

Also I love the art, which is gorgeous, and the setting and worldbuilding, which seem to be founded on the premise of "Sure, why not?"

I'm asking for this basically because I just want there to be MOAR FIC of it, but I don't have firm ideas of what I want. So for this fandom in particular, if you have some particular story you'd like to tell about these characters, I would LOVE to receive it. A fill-in-the-blank, a new adventure, a wacky AU, a crack ship, porn, they are all welcome. I love basically everyone except Prince Robot, and I'm totally willing to be convinced there, too.

On the other hand, if you'd like prompty ideas, here are some things I'd love to see: life aboard the tree rocket ship with Marko, Alana, Klara, Hazel, and Izabel on the way to Heist's planet. Did Alana and her mother-in-law get in any fights? Come to some kind of mutual understanding? Was there the Saga universe's version of a poker night? Does Alana take the opportunity to polish Marko's horns (possibly leading to, ahem, other activities)? Or what about on The Will's ship – that's a pretty oddball quartet, The Will and Lying Cat and Gwendolyn and the slave girl – did they have a poker night? (I imagine Lying Cat would make it hard to bluff.) Lying Cat and the slave girl seem to be getting on; what does Lying Cat think about that? Anything with Gwendolyn would be wonderful. Anything involving reporters Upsher and Dolf interacting with the other characters. Or a pre-canon mission involving the Stalk and the Will (with sex? because I'm dying to know how that works). Or, if you're feeling really adventurous, I'd love a glimpse of how this story would go if Marko was the one who got pregnant. (Maybe that's why wings and horns don't have cross-species sex in the first place?)

Please note that I haven't read issues #17 and #18 yet, so I'd appreciate no spoilers for those.

FF - any
I have a lot of feelings about this comic, and they are all "AWWWW." I love this comic for how warmly human it is. Most of the problems in it are things like the moloids' well-meant jealousy and Bentley-23's need to prove himself and Darla's fear of letting people down. I love that the comic can kind of drop in to look at those struggles and then drop back out again – we're not ignoring them or fixing them, necessarily, we're just acknowledging that they're there.

Alternately, I love this comic because it's so much fun. :D I love Scott Lang and his earnest doofiness and his simple human grief for his daughter and his general failure as a human being and how he keeps trying anyway. I love Jennifer's competence and grumpiness and how she rocks that pink suit. I love how Darla is determined to not let anyone down, and how she really, really doesn't – I love that speech of hers, about who she is and her pop music awards, because she may not have powers or, maybe, what some comics people would call 'cool' accomplishments, but she's still awesome. I love that Tong was able to figure out who she was and express that.

This is another MOAR FIC situation - if you have a story you want to tell, I'd love to receive it. Again, a fill-in-the-blank, a new adventure, a wacky AU, a crack ship, porn, it's all good!

Suggestions: Something fun and light-hearted? Darla and Jennifer giving Tong (and maybe Onome and anyone else in the FF who wants) a girls' night? Ms. Thing and Mr. Man bonding over really weird movies? A heart-to-heart between Darla and Scott about Scott's ongoing struggles? A subgroup of the kids getting involved in shenanigans? I like Scott/Darla, but could also be readily convinced by Scott/Jennifer, Darla/Jennifer, or a big puppy pile of all three (including a surprised by gratified Scott, and possibly there could be femdom?). Really, pretty much ANYTHING YOU WANT is likely to please. I love unusual story structures, and this comic seems especially suited to them, so feel free to go experimental if you are so inclined. Also, I like basically everyone in this comic (except Alex Power and Doom, neither of whom I really have a feel for), so feel free to include whoever you like.

I don't really know anyone outside of their appearance in this comic, so I'd rather you didn't rely heavily on outside info about them.

Journey into Mystery - Sif
SIF. I have mixed feelings about the how the story treats her in the first trade, because it feels to me like it's scolding her for trying, but I love her. "That was fantastic. What are we killing next?" sums up half of what I love about her – she just loves what she does so much. She does it for Asgard, but also she just does it because she can, and she's good at, and she has fun with it. But then she is also so sincere, so unselfconsciously earnest.

Basically, I'd like Sif running around being bloodthirsty and disinterested in child-minding and "unpoetic in her desires" and, if on Earth, a bit fish-out-of-water. Anything about Sif kicking butt for the sake of Asgard, or going on quests for Asgard, or doing deep soul-searching for the sake of Asgard... I ship Sif/Asgard. I'd also be happy with Sif experiencing some random aspect of Earth - she certainly seems to have a thing for pizza. Or Sif in a team-up with some other Marvel character, say one of the X-ladies. Sif having shenanigans involving Beta Ray Bill are the best possible thing, with or without Ti Tasha Ra, and I'd totally be down with some shippiness there. Sif and Jane were also ridiculously adorable in this comic, so any kind of Sif/Jane or Sif+Jane would be wonderful. Can we say size kink? Or maybe some Sif/Gaea, speaking of size kink. ANYTHING SIF, is what I'm saying.

I'd rather not see Thor or Loki in the story; I'm much more interested in Sif away from Thor's gravitational pull, and I'm not caught up with what's been going on with comics!Loki lately.

Uncanny X-Force - Elizabeth Braddock, Fantomex
This is a comic I have a LOT of feelings about, particularly Remender's run of it. Specifically: Betsy is my poor, damaged queen, Fantomex is fascinating and also an ass. I would welcome fic about either or both of them. I ship them in all their flawed glory, but fic about just Betsy somewhere in/after UXF would be great (perhaps with Storm or Spiral or Bishop or even X-23?), and exploration of how Fantomex even works as a person would also make my heart sing. I also ship Betsy/Cluster, and Betsy/Cluster/Fantomex is my endgame OT3, so feel free to play with either of those as well.

I fell for Betsy during Remender’s run – she gets put through the ringer over and over, losing people left and right and struggling with her sense of ethics while outsiders condemn (her brother Brian) and her team dismisses her concerns (except for Deadpool, lol). I’m mostly excited about Betsy with other people – Betsy+Fantomex and Betsy+Spiral, as you’ll see below, but Betsy and Storm also seem to have an awesome and supportive relationship, and something to do with that would be lovely, and there’s some interesting Betsy+Bishop material to mine, as well, given that she wandered around in his mind a bunch and also adopted his demon bear. Or Betsy+Wade, where they really do share some of those ethics concerns, or maybe they kick back with beers one night after the end of Remender’s run, and Wade manages to amuse Betsy despite herself. However, I'm also really interested what this whole "can't feel sorrow" thing is supposed to mean. Like, how does that work? What does that mean for her, long-term?

Fantomex fascinates me. In Remender’s run he’s got that whole three brains things going on (which, HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK? and since Eva is his ‘external nervous system,’ does that mean she houses his brains, too? what?), and now of course he’s been split into three people. Anything you feel like writing about how his sense of personal identity worked then and/or now is fine by me, including relationships between any of the three present Fantomexes. OTOH, if you’re feeling plotty or worldbuild-y, I am forever and always fascinated with the World, so if you want to include that somehow, feel free.

I also ship Betsy/Fantomex embarrassingly a lot, even though he spends a good part of Remender’s run being an ass to her. His character development in the second half is a little underdeveloped understated, but nonetheless I appreciated where it took him to, and I liked where they ended up. Also there was a lot of delicious Fantomex pain and Betsy pulling him out of the fire, and I’m all for that. I don’t need to see Betsy/Fantomex (any Fantomex) as a deep forever thing, although if you feel like writing them being complicated and sometimes good for each other twenty years down the road, I would be totally be down with that.

And now we have three Fantomexes and all the push and pull there, romantically. I was deeply disappointed with how Humphries handled that angle; I thought for sure I was going to get a canon threesome, and I NEVER DID. WOE. Plus nothing that happened during that arc made any emotional sense, IMO, and I need ALL THE FIX IT FIC. Anything Betsy/Fantomex/Cluster you feel like writing would be fab (other than, “This is horrible idea, we should break up”). But basically anything Betsy/a Fantomex would please me muchly.

I’ve read both the previous run of Uncanny X-Force by Remender and the current incarnation by Humphries, and you are welcome to play in either sandbox. I should warn you that while I love the character work of Remender’s run, I find his actual plots basically incomprehensible, especially the stuff to do with Apocalypse (so, most of it). Also the less said about the whole revenants plot in Humphries's run, the better. I AM HERE FOR THE CHARACTERS, BASICALLY.

Archie comics - Jughead
I requested this because I suddenly realized I wanted ALL THE AUs for it. Alpha/beta/omega, spaceships, spies, dragons, do what you will. Something in the screwed-up, zombified world of Afterlife with Archie would also be most welcome. If you go the AU route, feel free to focus on whoever you like, whether Jughead or someone else. Gen is great, but if you're feeling shippy, I'm mainly interested in Betty/Veronica, Betty/Reggie (did anyone else read that brief crossover event in the 90s where they were dating and it was cool and then suddenly they both came to their senses? I have never gotten over it), or Jughead/Veronica. No m/m here, please, unless it's in the background.

Alternatively, a more canon-compliant fic involving Jughead would be great. He is my most favorite of all my favorites. Jughead pulling pranks on Reggie will always be one of my favorite things (it probably says a lot about me that my fav Archie comics artist is and will always be Samm Schwartz), but anything involving Jughead and one or more of the girls would be nifty, too. I feel like it is well past time that the Riverdale gang went to a con, don't you think?

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