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B5: 2.06-2.09

2.06 Spider in the Web
One of my primary pleasures on this show recently has been the parade of familiar guest stars. Here Ruthie from Carnivale negotiates with the one ambassador from that one episode of SeaQuest. Also, we see that Talia, whatever her misgivings about Psi Corps, is still keeping secrets up her sleeve.

2.07 Soul Mates
I quite liked the Londo plot here. I liked that one of the wives points out that she is what society and Londo have made her, and I love that Londo picked Timov, the apparently least pleasant one who secretly saved his life with a blood donation, "because with you I always know where I stand." That's how I was feeling about her by the end, too.

I continue to be bewildered by Delenn's transformation; this idea of her actually changing species is more scientific existential crisis than I can cope with, apparently, which was why I was so confused by that one Minbari's accusation that she wasn't Minbari anymore. That said, I was a bit "aww" about Ivanova agreeing to help her with her hair difficulties.

Also this ep: the giant from Twin Peaks!

2.08 A Race Through the Dark Places
A Bester episode is always the best episode. Yes. I said recently that Morden was the first thing about this show that made me sit up and take notice, but that was a lie; Bester was the first thing. Walter Koenig. <3

Also in this ep we get a neat revelation about Dr. Franklin that I didn't see coming and am rather intrigued by.

AND we get lovely further development of Susan/Talia friendship at the end, which I was all hearts-in-eyes about.

2.09 The Coming of Shadows
Oh, dear. This episode managed to hit all the really important notes. Andreas Katsulas and Peter Jurasik really knocked it out of the park - G'Kar's hope followed by grief, Londo's discomfort with what he's become a part of still not nearly enough to keep him from actively digging himself in deeper. I have to say I am really enjoying Londo's character arc, much to my surprise.

Also, Fred Lehne, aka the Yellow-Eyed Demon!

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