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From this interview at CBR:
The fact that I could be on a mainstream Marvel book, I think, is pretty crazy. That would not have happened fifteen years ago. I would say maybe Joe Quesada started it at Marvel by hiring less obvious artists on superhero books, but for a while now they're way more open to more diverse stuff. I think it's way better for mainstream comics. I also think that more women are way more likely to be reading books that look like the way Marvel are doing books right now, because a lot of women aren't into that traditional, generic superhero style that men have mostly been into. In my experience, women are into a wide range of stuff, whereas a lot of guys our age were raised on that established "superhero" look. You kind of learn to get into that Jim Lee school of -- and this is no knock against Jim Lee; he's amazing -- but I find that a lot of males really got into that style, and developed tunnel vision as regards what "comic art" should look like.

The whole interview is great; Shalvey talks a LOT at various points about stereotypes about (lack of) women in comics, about how more women in comics makes for better art, and other similar topics which he seems to have basically introduced to the interview himself, as it doesn't seem to have been on the original agenda.

Also I see he's dating Jordie Bellaire, which is neither here nor there except clearly he has excellent artistic taste in the people he dates.

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