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Buffy/Drusilla: a mini manifesto

Someone asked me about my Buffy/Drusilla feelings recently, and I went on long enough that I thought I'd paste it here.

I expect it will be dark and dysfunctional, obviously. I feel like you could get interesting thematic stuff about Buffy out of it without bogging down in the feminine power vs male violence paradigm that tends to crop up with Buffy/Spike and Buffy/Angel. You've got all the same Slayer/vampire pushes and pulls, plus you have Drusilla, who knows much more than she's able or willing to express. I think she understands Buffy in a very twisted sort of way; if she cared to, she'd know crannies of Buffy's psyche that Angel and Spike probably would never even guess existed.

So I'm imagining some kind of thing where Dru kind of haunts Buffy - see, for example, Drusilla appearing in Buffy's dream in Surprise (which I consider one of the more underrated dream sequences of the show). I think I recall thinking, because of some stuff Dru says later, that that was actually a shared dream between her and Buffy. If that's a recurring thing, then Buffy might respond in all sorts of interesting ways, especially if Dru didn't directly threaten Buffy. Dru mesmerized Kendra in order to kill her; maybe she takes a similar approach with Buffy, the cobra mesmerizing the prey, but on a much larger scale. And then maybe the results (and Buffy) surprise her, and she finds there are much more interesting things to do with Buffy than kill her.

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Apr. 8th, 2014 07:47 pm (UTC)
I meant to answer this post this morning but RL got in the way. Interesting manifesto! As I was saying in one of my posts Drusilla makes me really sad sometimes. She's a great character and to me she's almost like all those women who lost themselves because of a violent man. She was supposed to have a totally different life and she changed because of a bastard. And I guess that the parallel with Buffy is still there, but I think that Buffy was much more lucky and strong and ultimately she didn't let Angelus define - that much - her.

if she cared to, she'd know crannies of Buffy's psyche that Angel and Spike probably would never even guess existed.

Very good point!

Apr. 11th, 2014 05:38 pm (UTC)
Drusilla's story is definitely a tragedy in ways that the narrative rarely seems interested in exploring. She gets the flashback scenes in Becoming, but aside from that she's straight-up villain in ways that even Spike isn't.
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