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Dear NPT Author

This is my first time participating in this exchange, because this time last year I had no fandoms that qualified, and between then and now I have fallen in love with comics and hockey rpf, and CA:WS happened, too! So know, dear author, that I am caught up in the first flush of excitement for all these fandoms and cannot wait to see whichever fic you choose to write for me.

General Likes: Creaturefics, dinosaurs, space AUs, Pern fusions, werecreatures other than werewolves or werecats, dragons, fairy tale AUs (selkies! dryads! etc), alpha/beta/omega dynamics, mpreg, arranged marriages, generally CRACK OF ALL KINDS. Christmas. Unexpected moments of grace. Romance between people who might be messes, but are better when they're messes together than apart. Interspecies romance. Five things fics. Canon divergence AUs. AUs of all kinds as long as they maintain the key characterization and relationships from canon. A strong sense of place. Grumpy characters with hearts of gold. Xenophilia. Nonsexual kink. Watersports. Enemas. Kink negotiation. Experimentation. Awkward/not-perfect-the-first-time sex. Women taking charge in bed. When it comes to sex, I like explicit consent, lots of communication, and people having fun and enjoying themselves, and I care more about the feelings than the mechanics. Fade-to-black is also fine!

General Dislikes: explicit torture (especially bad things happening to hands, eyes, or teeth), emotional or situational power imbalances in a sexual/romantic relationship (boss/secretary, teacher/student, etc), gaslighting, possessive/abusive/manipulative behavior framed as romantic, rape, character death, dark endings with no hope, character studies without any plot or interaction with other characters, first-person point of view, crossovers.

Captain America Movies - Steve, Natasha
One of the things I loved about this movie was that it paired Natasha, defected spy brimful of secrets and cynicism, and Steve the idealist, as honest as the day is long, all compounded by the betrayal from within of the organization they've both pledged themselves to. SUCH a great combination, and I realize the movie needed to be about other things, too, but I'd have been ecstatic if we'd gotten two hours of just that.

So. Something with Steve and Natasha that teases some more at those issues of loyalty and trust and idealism. Could be a missing scene, could be an AU that puts them on the run for a lot longer, relying on each other when they're all they have. I would be equally happy with shippiness or gen here, I think.

Alternatively, I would be ecstatic about tropier Natasha/Steve – arranged marriage or a/b/o or mpreg or what have you. Just please no non-superhero AUs. If you'd like some prompts, here are a couple:

* A/B/O with omega!Steve and alpha!Natasha. A mission goes south, and Steve and Natasha are stuck out in the field. Steve goes into heat, Natasha helps him through it, he ends up pregnant, and they are STILL stuck in the field, far away from any official allies, although maybe Natasha knows some unofficial ones they can turn to.

* Much to everyone's surprise, Steve and Natasha soulbond. Now they have to figure out how to live with that, and preferably also make it work FOR them on missions, instead of against them.

Hockey RPF
- Sidney Crosby
This is actually kind of my catch-all Penguins request, so if you matched on this one, you have many, many options! Sidney not even required!

Hockey and hockey fic is my shiny new love, and it is an enthusiastic love indeed. I got into it by way of fic, so tropes and Space Toaster Sidney are perfectly all right with me, but I've also watched a ton of games in the past two months and have become fascinated by the sport and the lifestyle that would come with playing it professionally, so more realistic explorations of that would also be totally welcome. I want ALL THE FIC, basically.

Some likes/dislikes specific to hockey rpf:
* Brief sex scenes of any rating are cool, but no extended porn, please. Nonsexual kink is still A-okay, though!
* I love AU elements introduced to the NHL context, but am not interested in non-hockey AUs. So "Sid is captain of the Pens and also telepathic" is great, "Sid is the captain of a long-haul space freighter" is not. (Usually I would be all over that! But not in this fandom.) Canon divergence AUs ("Ovie gets drafted by the Pens") are very welcome, though.
* Please, minimal use of non-hockey real people, especially wives, girlfriends, and family members.

* Sid/Geno. I cut my teeth in this fandom on this pairing, and I still adore it, especially when it gets into how Sid is a total dork and Geno is also a total dork and they both seem to have spent their first few years with the Pens being super awkward, although for different reasons.

* Sid/Alex Ovechkin. Sidney, very private and kind of uptight! Ovie, the world's biggest extrovert and sort of Sid's nemesis! I ship them hard. Angst and rom-comminess are both fine, as long as there's a happy ending. Accidental soulbonding, arranged marriage, stuck doing a bunch of promotion together, FWB becoming something more, pretty much any silly thing you can think of. Or a canon divergence AU – like, what if the Pens really did trade Geno to the Caps for Ovie, like that one blogger suggested? (That premise could also work very nicely for Sid/Geno or Sid/Geno/Ovie.) Just no hatesex, please.

* Something about Marc-Andre Fleury, because he's hot and funny and has a delicious accent and that whole goalie mystique thing going on. Does he have secret goalie powers? Does he call the goalie network every time one of his teammates has a telepathic break? Alternatively, more serious fic about the pressures of being #1 draft pick goalie, about his relationship with rookie Zatkoff, about his unfortunate performance the past few playoff seasons would all be welcome.

* Genfic of all kinds! I am fascinated by the pro sports team dynamic and the rigors of being a pro athlete, and I would be happy with any cracky or serious exploration of that. So for example, I hear Sid has been mentoring Olli Maata some, one (former) teenage rookie to another; tell me more about that. Tell me about team shenanigans for any of this year's Pens roster. Tell me about the rookies, bonding and getting over their awe of Sidney Crosby and trying to make a career for themselves as Pens. Give me hurt/comfort related to this season's endless parade of injuries. I'd also be interested in friendships between Pens and players from other teams; Sid+Toews and Sid+Ovechkin come particularly to mind, but I'm pretty open here. Or for something completely different, maybe hockey is a for-real cult with 30 sects and goalies as prophets, Consol is the temple from which the Pens venture only to play games for the favor of the hockey gods. Or all teams in the league are mystically tied to their mascots, so for example, if you play for the Pens long enough you start to get penguin characteristics, if you play for the Avs you develop snow powers, etc.

It would be difficult to go wrong with this request, is what I'm saying.

Marvel (Comics) - Natasha Romanov
I read a bunch of Natasha earlier this year, including almost all of her solo series and minis. I've also read the first ~50 issues of Brubaker's Captain America vol. 5. If you're looking for a particular canon to set a fic in, I'm fondest of the Name of the Rose arc, the two early 00s Natasha/Yelena minis, and the new Noto/Edmondson ongoing. I really hated Morgan's two minis, though, and would prefer to ignore their existence.

Things I would like:
* Anything Natasha/Elektra or Natasha+Elektra. Those panels in Name of the Rose were sizzling. And two assassins with fairly different approaches to loyalty and allegiance and ethics? Yes please. I'm also reading the new Elektra solo, so feel free to include stuff from there if you like.
* Natasha/Yelena. The Breakdown arc fascinated and horrified me, and I would love follow-up. Alternatively, pretty much anything that involves them working against or with each other, however uneasily. Gen interpretations also welcome!
* Natasha/Bucky. I kinda hate them in Brubaker's hands, but I really love them in theory, all that shared history, and her still around on this side of the Cold War to be someone who knows where he's been and who's done some of the same things he's done. The one aspect of Morgan's run that I found interesting and wouldn't mind keeping was the brainwashing aspect, because it gives them shared post-brainwashing trauma, too, but you can take that or leave it as you like. I am NOT interested in stories dealing with Bucky’s choice to have Natasha’s memory wiped. (Especially since I have read very little of that comic.)

I'd be super interested in seeing him and Natasha meet up again prior to the events of the Winter Soldier arc. Maybe his programming breaks then and she convinces him to defect, or maybe his memory's been completely wiped and so she knows who he is but he doesn't (think Bourne Identity here :D). Or just a fic about her helping him be in the world again after the end of the Winter Soldier arc would be most welcome. Brubaker cruelly deprived me of traumatized!Bucky, and I would like ALL THE TRAUMA, plz.

* Or if none of those options appeal, Natasha gen is also always welcome. Female friendships with other Marvel women especially appreciated, but if you've got some other gen character exploration you've been wanting to do with Natasha, I bet I will love it, too.

- Elizabeth Braddock
I'm going to keep asking for Betsy until someone writes her for me, darn it! So, prompts:
* Anything Betsy/Fantomex during that complicated, tumultuous period in the latter half of the book would be great. I was really intrigued by her relationship with Fantomex relationship as it developed in Remender's UXF, especially once Fantomex got too busy being put on trial/kidnapped/abused to be an ass to her, and she had to repeatedly ride to the rescue. Those last panels between them were cheesy as heck, and I was nonetheless SO HAPPY.
* Bonus: The above somehow involves The World, because it's one of my single favorite bits of Marvel 616 worldbuilding (heh) ever.
* Post-book Betsy/Fantomex, possibly to include Betsy/Cluster or Betsy/Fantomex/Cluster (OT3!!!). This can also be fixit fic for the Betsy/Fantomex/Cluster issues of Humphries run, although you are also free to ignore them entirely, because they were terrible. I'm also reading Spurrier's X-Force, so feel free to use elements from it as well.
* Something focusing on the aftermath of Betsy losing her ability to feel sorrow would interest me immensely. Like. How does that work. Feel free to make this a Betsy+Ororo or Betsy+Deadpool prompt.
* In fact, either of those friendship in general would be fab, because Betsy+Ororo BFFship makes me happy, and Betsy+Deadpool drinking and angsting and taking their angst out on a dartboard would also make me very happy, if it existed.

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