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comics read: Ms. Marvel, Saga

Ventured out to find an LCS today. It wasn't terrible? It looked pretty well organized, but it felt not well lit enough, I was the only customer most of the time I was there, and the music was loud. I was not all that enthused. Next time I'll go find the other LCS, which I'm pretty sure is the one that had a table at GGC.

Saga #17-18 - Vaughan, Staples
The latest trade is what I went to the comic store for. I bought the first four issues of it to prep for Yuletide, so I had to reread those first, horrors. :)

I didn't have tons of feelings about the new issues. Gwendolyn really screwed things up royally, there. Prince Robot is MIA. The Will has a sister named Sophie (<333) who's androgynous and calls herself The Brand and introduced him to The Stalk, back in the day, HAH. Heist dead, aw, although I feel sorrier for Klara than Heist, who I never cared tons about either way. Lying Cat (whom Sophie and The Will both call Honest Cat, briefly?) has rules she goes by, and also she was the runt of her litter, awwwww. :(

Basically, after four issues of slow build and character development, we get one issue action and one issue denouement, and neither of them added as much as I wanted. Definitely time to get on with things. I need new issues and new developments.

Ms. Marvel #3 - Wilson, Alphona
This, OTOH, is still in the slow build stage. The art continues to delight, and Kamala continues to be both adorable and real, and really I have nothing substantive to say about it. This is a book that's doing a heck of a lot of things right.

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May. 1st, 2014 11:55 pm (UTC)
Gwendolyn did not seem to have a very good plan, yeah. I loved the Will's sister! And her space St. Bernard! And I found it weirdly endearing that she calls the Will Billy.
May. 2nd, 2014 03:28 pm (UTC)
Space St. Bernard! :D And I was so pleased to find that Slave Girl got named after The Will's sister. 'Sophie' seemed sort of random, but nope, not at all.
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