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Not Prime Time reveals

Behold, I have written hockey fic! 16.5k of it, all at once! I feel like anyone who knows me even moderately well who happened to read this fic would know it was mine, because it is so much bound up in my particular a/b/o preoccupations. And indeed, both Brutti and June guessed it ahead of time. Brutti sent me a PM that was basically, "Soooo, I'm pretty sure you wrote this fic..."

* For the record, I did not sit down with the intention of writing a minibang for this exchange. It... kind of took over my life a little bit? I envy you all who can sit down and write 15k in two weeks. I envy you a lot.

* First time writing m/m of any length! Yay!

* I feel like at this point, my a/b/o oeuvre is all the evidence you need that you can't just ask "How does X work in a/b/o?" Because in my Danneel/Jensen fic there's no mention of special smell abilities, and this fic is obsessed with smell - which works nicely, since smell is one of my favorite things to incorporate in fiction anyway. I feel like I missed some opportunities here to convey how well these a/o people can smell everyday things like concrete and still water and spaghetti stains, but, eh. I did have an awful lot of fun trying to incorporate smell more into the metaphors and language of the fic - like when the narrative voice used smell as a metaphor where we would use sight.

Also different from my other a/b/o: self-lubing asses. I figured, I'm writing m/m, why not.

* Another missed opportunity: I think there must be female alphas playing in the big pro sports in this universe. Maybe not as many as guys - the average woman is still smaller than the average man - but still, they exist. If I write the little short mpreg sequel (you knew I was thinking about an mpreg sequel) to this fic, at least one or two of the more recent player acquisitions is going to be female.

* There's a heck of a lot about communication in this fic. That wasn't really planned, but between the scent language and the hockey language and Geno's English struggles, it's a lot. The fic was actually titled "Other Tongues" for quite a while, although I thought in the context that might be misconstrued. :D (The actual title comes from perfumery and is courtesy of ghostyouknow27, who, by the way, did SO MUCH HANDHOLDING for this fic, both writing-wise and in terms of moral support. She wins everything.)

* I really enjoyed writing Geno and Talbo. I'm always a sucker for, uh, I guess we'll call them minority friendships - when Sid and Pat Kane are the only women in the NHL, or whatever. So, that was fun. Also June has in the past expressed interest in platonic sex between friends, which left me free to write their (mostly off-screen) heat orgy, which is my headcanon for what most single omegas do for heat most of the time in a/b/o universes.

* Writing non-AU RPF is hard, you guys. First there's the personalities, where I don't want to be radically untrue to their RL personalities (although, for the record, I was definitely aiming more for tropey fanon than 100% RL realism in this fic) but I also would feel creepy trying to psychoanalyze the real people in order to better characterize my fic.

Then there's things like how what I thought was just a random six-day break in January was in fact the break scheduled for the All-Star Game, which meant those scenes during that break with Sid had to be rewritten, because Sid wasn't even in the state. Likewise, it turns out that Geno wasn't even in the country to accept the Calder; he'd already gone home to Russia and didn't come back, so Therrien accepted it for him, and I therefore had to go back and justify the last scene. (Bless Shelly Anderson, btw, Post-Gazette Pens beat writer, who was apparently the only person on the entire internet who bothered to document why Geno wasn't at the NHL awards.)

And then again at some point you ask yourself the question of why you even care about the specific dates of specific games while writing a universe where Geno goes into heat and is capable of having babies. Like. The AU/non-AU line is a very peculiar one to walk.

All that said, I totally made up an extra game against the Coyotes in which they beat the Pens by a goal. It was narratively necessary. OTOH, the Pens played a totally for-real 8-2 game against the Leafs that turned out to be even more narratively useful, so. You never know what you're going to get.

* Speaking of fanon, I am pretty well persuaded that Mario Lemieux does not in fact have a guest house, but OTOH a number of Sid/Geno scenes would have gotten a lot more complicated if they'd taken place in the main house. So. Guest house it was.

* In sum: I had a blast writing this fic, it ate my life, and I'm super proud of most of it (although I don't feel like I ever quite nailed the ending). And downjune likes it, too, which is of course the most important part. :)


Base Notes (16505 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, Evgeni Malkin/Maxime Talbot
Characters: Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby, Maxime Talbot, Sergei Gonchar
Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Pittsburgh Penguins, Scents & Smells, Romance, Language Barrier

In which Evgeni Malkin comes to America as one of the few omegas in pro hockey, lights up the NHL, and spends a lot of time wondering why Sidney Crosby is so damn weird.


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