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new Uncanny X-Force observations

Am rereading this and enjoying it possibly more the second time around, now that I have an idea of what's coming and can better interpret foreshadowing and follow plot twists.

Things I have noticed:
* The comic makes it explicit that Fantomex can summon E.V.A. - aka his "external nervous system" ins the form of a spaceship with an AI - at any time and that she pops straight out of his brain. Just. What?

* I'm sure I knew but had forgotten that Betsy's brother Jamie is not only the first person she cares about that she has to kill in this comic, but he's not even the first that she has to kill because someone else isn't willing to, but asks her to. Wolverine has a chance to kill Archangel straight up several issues before Betsy ends up having to, and he just. can't. bear to, you guys! To be fair, the team all thought there was still hope for Warren then, so from a Watsonian perspective it's not much like the cold-blooded calculation Brian Braddock makes later in basically forcing Betsy to kill Jamie, but from a Doylist perspective it certainly sets up a pattern of Betsy having to do the dirty work that other people aren't willing to do.

BETSY. *sob*

* Also, not exactly an observation, but what happens to Warren is so creepy and horrible. I'm not sure quite what Remender had in mind there, since post-Archangel Warren's development has all been in the hands of other people, but I was just reading the All-New X-Men issue where teen Warren meets the post-Archangel Warren who actually thinks he's an angel, and poor teen Warren is so freaked out, and with good reason. This is what he grows up to be? This naive, almost mindlessly optimistic person who has no memory of himself at all? IMO teen Warren has every reason to feel more disconnected from the person he's become than, say, teen Scott, even though Scott's the one who gets most on the on-page angst.

* I haaaated the Age of Apocalypse stuff the first time, I guess because it was so dark, and I continue to hate a) Jean's costume and b) Fantomex badgering Psylocke (although man, it sure does play to the Spike/Buffy parallels there, in the good ways and the bad). However, this time around I'm just really impressed with Jean. Her strength and determination to do right by her own world and the man she loves - who is now Apocalypse - is just really great. She won't let Logan talk over her or make her decisions for her, either. Just, this exchange, where he's being his usual heroic/alpha male self, and she's just like, no.

JEAN: Take the seed, Logan. Save your world.

LOGAN: Ain't gonna leave you straded with this, Jeanie. Not after all you've been through.

JEAN: Listen to me. This is our fight. I can see what you'd sacrifice for me, but--

LOGAN: No way in hell are we leavin' you alone while we have the thing that can drop this chump!

JEAN [using Phoenix force to lift XF team up into the air[: It's very noble -- but this isn't your fight, Logan.

LOGAN: No -- stop! PUT ME DOWN. Don't you dare make this call for me!

JEAN: I won't leave my world to what my husband has become. I can hear your teammates' true desires. They want to go back and save your world. So do you.

LOGAN: No! I won't let you die again! I'm not going to abandon you, Jeanie!

JEAN: You are going to abandon me because I'm not your Jeanie. I'm his.

JEAN [sends everybody home in a white light - via Gateway, I assume, although I kind of lost track of him in those last few pages]

Now, it's fair to ask why Jean didn't seem more concerned with keeping the seed there in her world and using it to kill Apocalypse!Wolverine, but maybe she just wasn't willing to kill him yet? IDK. It's not obvious what means she hopes to use to subdue him. Who knows. However, I really appreciate that she absolutely did not allow our Wolverine to bulldoze her (or, maybe, I appreciate that Remender didn't make her).

* That said, I still don't really follow the timeline of what was supposed to have happened in the Age of Apocalypse. The previous Apocalypse was defeated (by a group that included some 616 characters, I'm pretty sure - I think this must have happened in a run of some other comic), and everything was okay for a while, but then the Akkaba group, which are Apocalypse's acolytes and lackeys, planted a death seed in Jean's husband AoA!Wolverine, and now he's the new Apocalypse. Fine, I get that part. It's suggested that AoA!Wolverine got involved partly by choice, too, which I guess I'm okay with although I'm really unclear about how much free will a person has once they're possessed/whatever by Apocalypse. And, thanks to the two apocalypses, most humans are now dead, because Apocalypse is all about ascendance of mutantkind over humanity.

But then why all the sentinels? Are they operating under Apocalypse's orders to kill humans? Because that's a neat trick, if he got them to do that. And why is the whole planet - or the whole city, anyway - such a disaster area? Has Apocalypse been actively destroying it? Because that seems like a weird thing to do if you're wanting your mutant race to rule the planet. What's left to rule?

AUGH. Probably this is a place where reading prior stuff about Apocalypse would be helpful, but I don't wanna.

More thoughts no doubt forthcoming as I continue to read.

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Sep. 21st, 2014 12:57 pm (UTC)
I was so confused with what happened with Betsy and her brothers. Like, I thought after the fact someone said the whole thing was like a big test they set up for her, but that didn't make sense because her brother really died, right?
Sep. 21st, 2014 01:21 pm (UTC)
Oh, maybe! I haven't got that far yet in the reread. Will report back.
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