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I went shopping for goodies at my LCS yesterday. I enjoyed it muchly. And here are the results!

New things:
Thor #1 - Aaron, Dauterman
This is what I went to the store for, but also the purchase I ended up feeling least excited about. Partly it's that this is a set-up issue, in which the ground is laid for the female Thor revealed on the last page. (Well, "revealed"; we still don't know who she is. From the set-up in the issue I thought I knew, but consensus says no.)

Partly it's that Odin's back from wherever he was, and he's odious in this, completely undermining Freyja and dismantling the All-Mother triumvirate, which I am really sorry to see go. It's fairly clear that Aaron knows Odin's being terrible, but that doesn't make me enjoy it more. Blargh. Yuck.

Partly it just feels a lot less adventurous and more hidebound than the other comics I bought. Superheroing, check. Unambiguous bad guy, check. IDK. I'm not sold yet (which feels weird to say, because I'm on-board with the concept and with female-centric comics generally - possibly I will be much more convinced when we see more of actual female Thor).

Oddly enough, one of the parts I did enjoy a lot was Thor Odinson, who spends half the issue mourning over Mjolnir, which won't let him wield it anymore. IDK, I felt for him. Also he was very attractively drawn. I'm just saying.

Art in general is very enjoyable. I linked to that panel of Thor on the goat, underwater, swimming away from the frost giant, and really, if you ever need my attention in a comic, something alive and REALLY BIG is a surefire way to go. In general I like Dauterman's clean lines.

Copperhead #1 - Faerber, Godlewski/Riley
Space western, in which single mom comes to backwater town on backwater desert planet to be its sheriff, alongside her non-human deputy. I don't know this creative team and am not 100% confident they won't end up treating their protag in ways that make me unhappy, but for now I am on board.

This is largely because of the artwork, which I like quite a lot. The preview here gives a good sense of the things I like about it - the washed-out, deserty colors, the mix of human and non-human character designs, and the way our protag looks like a real person.

I will keep you posted.

Gotham Academy #1 - Cloonan/Fletcher, Kerschl/Geyser
AKA Snick Buys Her First DC Comic Ever. I picked this up on a whim because Kelly Thompson at She Has No Head was super excited about it and because, look, female friendship at possibly haunted boarding school! There is no way I will ever not be down with that.

And I enjoyed it a lot! Our main character Olive Silverlock has some mystery about her, mostly related to some kind of trauma suffered the summer before. She's tasked with mentoring new student Maps, who happens to be her boyfriend's little sister (although Olive's been trying to work up the nerve to break up with him, for reasons not yet divulged). There's some outsider angst and a ton of really adorable Olive-Maps interaction, and also some action to move things right along.

Not to say that this isn't a good comic, because I think it is, but I enjoyed it mostly not for being good, but for telling a story I wanted to read. This is something I've discovered more as I've gotten older - often the objective quality of a work, however one measures that, means a lot less to me than whether or not it is interested in telling the kind of story I want. I've also mostly gotten over feeling like that makes me a lesser or less intelligent reader. So. Yay?

A word about the art: it's super cute, mostly. I love the pencils; they're very fitting. However, I feel like the colors are often... ill-advised, shall we say. Look at this cover - who thought yellow browns mixed with purple were a good idea? In general this comic has more green than I think is really good for it.

Also worth noting is that it's co-written by Cloonan, as in Becky Cloonan, so if you're on the lookout for comics by female creators, that might be an extra reason to look at this one.

The Wicked and the Divine #4 - Gillen/McKelvie
More of the same, which is to say, extremely stylish, somewhat mysterious, with Lucifer being particularly enigmatic in an existentially tortured sort of way. More, pls.

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Oct. 4th, 2014 01:02 am (UTC)
Hmm, weird, I feel like I've been overwhelmed with reviews for this particular comic. I think CBR had four separate articles about it, including at least two on its content, and Fantastic Fangirls had a review, too.
Oct. 7th, 2014 01:34 am (UTC)
I tried to find Gotham Academy at a comic book store today and they didn't have it.

Oct. 7th, 2014 09:18 am (UTC)
I have the impression that the launch was a pretty big deal. Your comic store must have sold out? Bummer.

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