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* Another 3-point game for Sid. That puts him on pace for 246 points for the season. Ain't math great?

* Okay, I approve of this Hornqvist dude. I say we keep him. Both Thursday and tonight he was so active down low, it was fantastic. And he had a career-high SOG tonight, which bodes well for the "He's no Neal, but until Neal got to Pittsburgh he wasn't Neal either" theory.

* Speaking of Neal, here's my possible favorite commentary on the game: After Fleury freezes a puck, Clarkson tries to agitate Hornqvist by punching his shoulder. Hornqvist just smiled and skated away. We have doubts James Neal would have had the same composed reaction.

As a friend said, making fun of James Neal is always good.

* Goal for Geno! Two assists for Geno! He's looking much better than he did on Thursday (after which he gave this downer intervew).

* Playing the Leafs means we get a Steve Dangle reaction video tomorrow. Have you met Steve Dangle? He is a treasure.

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Oct. 12th, 2014 05:29 pm (UTC)
Another great game!!

I missed Geno's goal unfortunately, but I saw it in gif form, and it was lovely. I also enjoyed him snarking at Potash. But everyone seems to love snarking at Potash.

Hornqvist and Erhoff (sp) are both a little generically blond and European for me so far, but they are also very solid, and Hornqvist (I heard his nickname is Horny, though I can't remember who said it. Sutter?) is lighting up that first line with Sid. He totally seems more solid than Neal--I mean, who knows what'll happen in a season, but this is a really promising start. Also, I read that he leapt to Flower's defense when Duper jokingly yelled at him in the locker room on Thursday, which endears him to me almost as much as his goals and how much he puts himself by the net.

After their practice in Toronto today, Sutter said that he thought they played much better in this second game than they did in the first, which I guess, they did allow two fewer goals, but the Ducks game was so much to watch! And I guess maybe he was talking about his line specifically? Which he and Duper did great scoring-wise, but defensively maybe they needed some work. And Geno still needed to get himself together.

All-in-all, :D:D

Oct. 12th, 2014 07:58 pm (UTC)
I think Sutter might also have been talking about the penalty kill, which looked rather better than on Thursday, although still not good. Not that I have a great sense of what a penalty kill is supposed to look like, but it's not supposed to allow as many goals as our has so far!

Letang also tagged that instagram photo of his with "Horny," and someone on a meme said he already had that name on the Preds. And that locker room anecdote was very endearing, yes. :D

Hornqvist and Ehrhoff are too blond and European to tell apart, you mean? If it helps, Hornqvist is much beefier in the face and also hairier, and Ehrhoff is about has German as German can be.

Potash does seem to have that gift for building camaraderie with people, doesn't he? A very handy skill in his profession. :)
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