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talking meme: comics I am excited about right now

This is kind of a gimme topic, because I am always happy to tell you about what comics I am excited about, but it's what dhampyresa asked for, so. Here are the comics I'm most excited to read each month:

Gotham Academy - Cloonan/Fletcher, Kerschl/Geyser - the first DC comic I've ever paid money for, but it is SO CUTE. So cute, you guys. Main character is a girl with traumatic backstory, going to school at a boarding school. Female friendship! Sneaking around! Possible ghosts! And whatever terrible thing happened to Olive over the summer. I recommend it REALLY A LOT.

Saga - Vaughan, Staples - I don't think I really need to say anything here? It's great in so many ways. I wrote a big ol' capslocked review of the most recent issue.

Copperhead - Faerber, Godlewski/Riley - I've blabbed about this recently already, but: single mom sheriff on backwater planet. Dusty and old-westy, but with rayguns and barely-assimilated aliens. I quite like the aesthetic, and I've enjoyed the first few issues quite a bit.

Tooth and Claw - Busiek, Dewey - Appears to be epic fantasy with animal people. I only have the first issue so far (which, $2.99 for a double issue!), and I didn't know a thing beyond the cover. I think it might be all a bit *more* fantasy than I wanted? But I'm going to give it a few more issues to decide how I feel. It's certainly very attractive. Also, fyi, that warthog on the cover of #1 is female, if that sways you at all.

The Wicked + The Divine - Gillen, McKelvie - It's pretty much Gillen and McKelvie doing Gillen and McKelvie things. I think it might be a tidge too self-conscious for me? But I do enjoy McKelvie's art, and I quite liked where the story left off in #5. I'll probably keep going through #10, after which I understand McKelvie is planning to leave the book.

Thor - Aaron, Dauterman - I adore Dauterman's art on this, along with whoever's doing colors. It's gorgeous. The story I am still witholding judgment on. I wish we'd hurry up and reveal who the female Thor is, and I want her interacting with the beginnings of a back-up cast as soon as possible. I give it another three issues to impress me.

Storm - Pak, Ibanez - The art on here is absolutely stunning. Ibanez draws the BEST faces, and I love Ruth Redmond's color work. No word on whether either of them are on the book past issue #5; here's hoping they are. I've also been enjoying Storm's characterization, as someone who's breaking out of her own and other's expectations for her a bit and letting herself feel and be outside of the role she's taken on. The actual plot is this latest issue, the first of a two-parter, I felt was a real let-down, though.

Ms Marvel - Wilson, Alphona - Another book that continues to be the MOST adorable. (It's tied with Gotham Academy. Apparently teen girls having adventures are my type. I know we are all shocked.) Alphona is a pitch-perfect fit for this book, Kamala is complicated but still lovable, ensemble cast is great. Even the back-up artist, Jake Wyatt, is a gem. There is no bad here.

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