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Check it out! Comics report!

Bitch Planet #1 - Deconnick, De Landro
Near-future dystopia in which non-compliant women get sent to the all-female prison planet. I rarely get on well with Deconnick's work, but I leafed through this at the store anyway and ended up buying it, and... I actually really liked it. It is unapologetic about having Issues it Wants to Talk About, and yet the energy of the story and the art kept this from feeling like a lecture. Right out of the gate, this is probably my favorite Deconnick ongoing project I've read.

Ody-C #1 - Fraction, Ward
It's here, the psychedelic genderswapped Odyssey IN SPAAAACE. I am not kidding about the psychedelic part, either. That's not a specially-chosen splash page. The entire comic is like that to varying degrees: bright, scenes bleeding into one another, lots of symbolism.

The writing, too, is clearly aiming for epic in the technical sense. Repeated phrasings, meter, some rhyme. A lot of kennings, so it really felt more to me like we were borrowing from Beowulf than the Odyssey, but then I'm much more familiar with Beowulf, so that might be why that's what it reminded me of.

And the imagination, wow. As I wrote on Tumblr, if someone reached into Cordwainer Smith's corpsified skull and pulled out a comic book, I think it would look something like this, with story spun like myth, its spaceship that runs on harmony, full of shiftcaptains and dire mechanica.


Copperhead #4 - Faerber, Godlewski
This continues, somewhat to my surprise, to be everything I want it to be. Little bit slower issue, but we start to get some insights into Boo, which pleased me, and as an aside there was a page towards the beginning involving the mayor that had me chortling out loud. (If you read the comic, you'll know the one I mean.)

Thor #3 - Aaron, Dauterman
This, meanwhile, continues to be less than I want it to be. This was, I kid you not, two pages of frost giant backstory and eighteen pages of one. fight. scene. NOTHING HAPPENED. We didn't find out who's under the Thor mask, we didn't get any plot developments that meant anything to me (although to be fair, I hadn't been reading Thor: God of Thunder, so I may be missing some stuff).

And per the last panel, now we have a Thor vs Thor battle coming up, which I expect to be dull and may also feature Thor being a sexist ass. You can see how excited I am.

Basically I am reading this because I find Dauterman's so appealing. I've shown you this bit before, but come on, look at it:

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