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I have a theory (it could be bunnies)

You know how Vez, the lady who commissions The Will to go after Alana and Marko and Hazel has white hair and a unicorn's horn?

And how Velour, "the person Gwendolyn lost her virginity to," also has white hair and a unicorn's horn?

How likely do you think it is that those two are relatives and that Velour's how Gwendolyn found out about The Will being commissioned in the first place? Gwendolyn claims she works for the Secretary General of Wreath High Command, but we've seen her claim authority she doesn't have before, when dealing with Mama Sun about Sophie, so...?

Certainly she's capable of haring off to do precisely what she wants, especially when there's romantic feelings involved. Whatever responsibilities she had on Wreath, she abandoned them to go on a mission of indefinite duration, looking for ways to cure The Will. To find out that she sought The Will out on her own volition in the first place wouldn't surprise me at all.

This book is full of situations like these, which might be coincidences or might be planned. Vaughan has a LOT going on in the background, but I don't yet have a good sense of how much of these background goings-on he plans to every clarify or address. A Vez-Velour connection might remain pure speculation.

Another, barely tangential question: how did Wreath learn about Hazel's possible existence in the first place? Landfall seems to have had no inkling until Hazel was born.

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