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first lines meme

It hasn't been quite a year or 21 fics new fics posted yet, but nonetheless I was in the mood to do this meme again. I am startled by how much more directly these enter into the action, and there are almost none with explicit time cues, versus, well, MOST of them last time. All in all, I think I actually prefer these. That's called improvement, right?

Geno was having a bad game. - Switch Hitter

Marko left the ship for something - food or just to catch sight of something new; Klara knew that feeling well enough. - second star to the right

Klara lay awake for a good two hours before she got back up and slipped out the door. - Meet-Cute

Luke went down hard. - I Dated a Tentacle Babe from Outer Space

He dragged his ass into short-term parking. - If Wishes Were Fishes

It's not her first boat, not by a long shot, but with its moon pool, its decks upon decks of bunks and labs and diplomatic chambers, its tubes of seawater set aside specifically for the damned dolphin to swim through, the seaQuest is by far the largest sub Katie Hitchcock has ever been stationed on. - Size Matters (this feels like a bit of cheat, since it's a three-sentence fic and the first one is the longest)

Steve and Sam were off searching all the likely places. - wherever you go, there you are

“Consol is cursed,” Sidney said over the phone. - When in Doubt, Set It on Fire

Meg heard Castiel before she saw him. - bright wings

It’s damp; it smells of rotting wood and standing water and stale blood, and fuck her sideways for even knowing that last one. - Enough to Make a Girl Feel All Gooey

Hell is a disaster. - The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

She has to tell Sam. - worn for sleeping

Tonight, Evgeni thought. - put your lips together and blow

Willow waited in the double entry between the inner and outer doors, her palm hot with the banked fires of the unity orb Giles had helped her bind this morning. - Banked

Sidney picked up his phone on the third ring. - Amphibious"

There was a moment, shortly after Evgeni first heard of Sidney Crosby but long before either of them was drafted, when Evgeni cherished a small, bright hope that Crosby would be an omega. - Base Notes

Wet fog rolls across the ground, boot steps approach at a run, and Natasha Romanoff lies unconscious at Yelena’s feet. Blood curls from a cut at Natasha’s temple and down into her ear. - Trapdoor

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Mar. 15th, 2015 07:48 am (UTC)
That was fascinating! I had to go back and compare with the last time you posted this meme, and my general impression was: both times all your first lines were perfectly competent first lines, but the ones in the last meme felt very slightly self-conscious. They were more obviously First Lines, whereas your more recent first lines simply convey an important action or idea, for the main part.

I'm glad you are happy with the development.
Mar. 15th, 2015 02:51 pm (UTC)
Self-conscious, yes, that's a great way to describe it. And less self-consciousness is, I think, generally the way forward with writing. So yes, I am very pleased indeed!
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