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Dear White Dwarf Rabbit Hole Author

June 3 - Hello dear author, I suck, I thought we had a couple more days before assignments went out. If you were hoping for more guidance than was in my requests, I am planning to get a full letter up this weekend. However, I said all the really important stuff there, and if that alone was enough to inspire you, then feel free to go full speed ahead and never mind the letter; I am confident I will love it.

General things I like: psychological horror, existential horror, weird plants, creepy ruins, creepy weird landscapes, body horror, amnesia. Kink negotiation, body appreciation, touching and teasing, xeno kink, women in charge, watersports, enemas, stuffing/belly kink (those last three are my kink trifecta; feel free to consider any of them as prompts for any of these fandoms!). A/B/O, tentacles, wingfic, steampunk vibes, mpreg.

General things I don’t like / DNW: sexual violence or threats thereof; gore for the sake of gore; death of the POV character; trauma to eyes, hands, or teeth. Larger person physically dominating smaller one, comeplay, non-con, D/s-type punishment. Infidelity, first-person POV, crossovers (exceptions noted).

Book of the New Sun - Gene Wolfe (any)
I love this canon, and would be delighted with ANYTHING you would like to do with it, involving canon characters or OCs. It's the world that enthralls me as much as the characters, and any way you wanted to explore that would be fine by me.

Okay, bear with me, it's been a while since I've read these except for the first one (which I reread last fall)! If I describe something and get the details not quite right, please don't hold yourself to them - go with the canon.

I'm not sure how helpful this is on the idea front, but I'm just going to talk a little bit about my favorite bits, and maybe that will inspire you. I just really love this world, how layered and complex it is, how horrible it is. I like how central space travel seems to have been to the culture, long ago.

My favorite books are the first and third. My absolute favorite part of the first book is the garden that Severian explores, and all the side gardens he doesn't have time for. What other treasures and terrors lurk there? What might happen to a person there? And I like basically everything about the third book, but especially the trip he takes up the tower that sees the future. What a weird, disorienting piece of architecture - how does it work? Why? What about the guy who mans it - I'd like more of his story.

Kraken - China Mieville (any)
I want to know more about the Church of God Kraken. At one point Mieville describes it as being "high church," saying it has "not yet gone through its Reformation," and that medieval Christian structure built up around a distinctly non-Christian core fascinates me.

I would be delighted with fic about Dane or about original characters, or fic composed of sacred documents, or a police report, or... I'm really open here! If you'd prefer to write Dane, then something about coming of age in the church, of holding his faith close while interacting with the wider world – anything like that would be great. I'd also be really interested in seeing his relationships with other members of the cult; if you felt like doing a compare and contrast between his faith and others', I'd be very interested in that, too. I'd also be fascinated to see the cult from a female member's perspective.

I'm cool with any flavor of Dane/OC(s) if you want to go that way, but please no Billy/Dane. It occurs to me now that I would also be very interested in ritualistic sex (group or otherwise) that involved tentacle imagery somehow...

The Left Hand of Darkness - Le Guin (Genly Ai, Estraven)
My first thought when requesting this was fix-it fic - either fic about them on the ice field stumbling right past that final barrier into a physical, sexual relationship, however that might work when one of them is only interested in sex once a month, OR fic where Estraven DOESN'T DIE, DARN IT. Or both!

I'd also love just anything else set during that time during their trek, though. Winter survivalist stories are so my jam. (This book was so good to me.) Genly telling Estraven more about life among the stars (which Estraven cares about so passionately), some moment of unexpected physical or emotional intimacy, anything like that. Shippiness not required!

The Scar - Mieville (any)
Another Mieville! I adore Armada, and I would love fic set on it, exploring any aspect you're interested in. Bellis is my arrogant cold-hearted fave, and anything with her would be grand, but Shekel, Angevine, Tanner Sack, Carrianne - I'd love fic about any or all of them. What becomes of Tanner Sack and Angevine and Armada, after? Is the Hedrigall we find at the end really from an alternate universe?

FYI I love cosmic horrors of all kinds. Also megafauna.

I also love existential horrors, fwiw! And languages! And basically everything about the Armada setting.

Mars Trilogy - Robinson - (Ann Claybourne, Sax Russell, Nadia Chernyshevski)
These three are my favorites, and I'd love anything involving any one of them. I've reread Red Mars most recently, so if you write fic set in that era I will remember the canon better, but feel free to set it somewhere else if you please! Ann and her romance with Mars fascinates me, Sax is my nerdy fave, and Nadia is so refreshingly practical. I ship Ann/Sax but would also read the heck out of Ann/Nadia or Ann/Sax/Nadia if you felt like going that way.

Man, I really would love anything with any or all of these three. A day in the life, some brings in a new flower seeded in Martian soil and Ann is horrified, Nadia fixes something and Ann may or may not be grateful, any or all of them is isolated somewhere (huddling for warmth? :D?). I am easy, here.

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