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Dear Rarepair Fest Creator

General things I like: psychological horror, existential horror, weird plants, creepy ruins, creepy weird landscapes, body horror, amnesia. Kink negotiation, body appreciation, touching and teasing, xeno kink, women in charge, watersports, enemas, stuffing/belly kink (those last three are my kink trifecta; feel free to consider any of them as prompts for any of these fandoms!). A/B/O, tentacles, wingfic, steampunk vibes, mpreg. (I really love mpreg.)

General things I don’t like / DNW: sexual violence or threats thereof; gore for the sake of gore; death of the POV character; trauma to eyes, hands, or teeth. Larger person physically dominating smaller one, comeplay, non-con, D/s-type punishment. Infidelity, first-person POV, crossovers (exceptions noted).

As clearly evidenced below, my favorite mode of SPN ship right now is Castiel/women, Castiel/man/woman threesomes, and stuff with Jo. Other things I love for this fandom: creepiness, horror, women working together, My Fave Lives AUs, canon-divergent AUs of all kinds, Endverse, stuff that plays with worldbuilding, SPN+ (like SPN canon + a/b/o, for example), complicated loyalties, complicated morality, stuff fitting the tone of the canon, endgame or long-term poly. And did I mention I really like mpreg?

Things I’d rather not have for this fandom: fluff, deathfic, sexual menace, dwelling on canonical deaths of female characters, crack, fluff, non-canonverse AUs (coffee shop AU, space AU, etc), Charlie, anything requiring canon knowledge after S8, poly ships that are actually pairing + afterthought third character, one-night-stand threesomes.

Some specific notes:
Castiel/Claire - Pseudo-incestuous pairing of my heart. Alternatively, the girl/incomprehensible being of the beyond pairing of my heart. Underage is cool here, AU where Castiel never leaves her, canon divergence AUs of all kinds. Unfortunately I haven't seen the S10 episode where she returns (or anything past S8 for that matter), so while you're welcome to draw themes from there, I'd rather you didn't focus on any of the canonical events of that ep.

Castiel/Jo - The closest I come to fluff in this canon. She thinks he's great! He enjoys impressing her! They're the adorablest. But fic where they're adorable in a horrible canon-divergence dystopia is fine, too.

Castiel/Jo/Dean - Adorable, leavened by the epic Dean angst. Very important to me that everyone gets equal weight here - no third wheels, please.

Castiel/Ruby, Jo/Ruby, Castiel/Sam/Ruby - IDK how any of these would work, so sell me on it, please! IMO a great place for complicated morality and canon divergence I mentioned enjoying. I'm primarily interested in Ruby 2.0 characterization.

Castiel/Dean/Meg - One of those places where everyone has a relationship with everyone else, and they're all very different, and in this case one of them is antagonistic. How does this work into a poly ship? How does Dean deal with Meg? How can Castiel ever coax any of those vulnerable or friendly, easy moments out of Meg when Dean's right there?


Hockey RPF
Things I love for this fandom: Awkward sex, awkward feelings, feelings in general, conflict and angst with hopeful endings, unexpected kindness, kink negotiation (I’m perfectly happy with 90% negotiation and 10% actual kink, if you want to write that), relationship negotiation, people revealing things about themselves (“I’m gay/pregnant/a werefrog/an omega/etc.”), people being ashamed of some aspect of themselves (bodies, kinks, background, sexual experience, whatever) and being comforted, loneliness, lonely people finding they’re less alone than they thought, ships where dysfunctional people are weirdly functional together, ships with sex first (whether a one night stand or emergency heat sex or whatever) and feelings afterwards.

I also love hockey + trope AUs, as long as at least one of the players still plays in the NHL. So, soulbonding, telepathy, arranged marriage, mpreg, a/b/o (although I’m more interested in the social/biological aspects than the kink, and I’d rather there be no gender essentialism – “X is like that because all omegas are like that” – or D/s elements combined with the a/b/o – please no collaring, kneeling, etc). Any of those tropes combined with one of the pairing not being a hockey player would also be great!

Things I'd rather not have for this fandom: PWP or extended sex scenes that are about the sex instead of the characters, pure fluff, non-hockey AUs, bottom-only!Sid (switching and bottom!Geno are both fine), fics focused on people acquiring or turning into pets, downer endings, crack that's played for humor, fic that deals with RL players’ non-hockey-related health issues (ex: cancer), infidelity, misogyny. FYI I am fine with non-endgame pairings (ex" Geno/Ovi in a Geno/Flower fic) appearing BRIEFLY in the fic, so long as they don't get a lot of focus.

Some specifics:
Brad Marchand/Tyler Seguin - This is a new ship for me; I recently fell in love with Marchy's nose. Would be interested in stuff set when Tyler was in Boston, or stuff afterwards but focusing on Boston and Marchy, and Tyler coming to visit, that sort of thing. I'm not really into the Stars. Tropes welcome. Pining, brofucking turning to romance, young idiots miscommunicating - all the human disaster plots, I want for these two.

Patrick Kane/Phil Kessel - I ship Phil Kessel/grumpiness and Phil Kessel/happy endings (no these are not incompatible), and now Kessel/Kane, largely due to this comment thread of awesome. Behold the evidence, and then write me fic. Please. *bats eyelashes* I just love grump/hyperactive extrovert in general, and this ship seems primed to give me that.

Sidney Crosby/Tyler Seguin - Worlds fic that builds on this: "I would read the fuck out of Sid enthusiastically taking Seguin up on his flirting and Seguin being shocked, shocked that anyone would take him seriously and try to touch his dick." I mean.

Sidney Crosby/Claude Giroux - What I want most in all the world for this pairing is some kind of slow burn thing having to work together for something (some kind of Metro Division publicity thing? Something for You Can Play after they both come out and then everyone figures they want to date each other? IDEC) and grudging allies turns into something else. Or something tropey, where they get matching soulmarks and then have to deal with the fact that they're destined to be together but also hate each other. Hate -> grudging respect -> romance is my FAVE.

Sidney Crosby/Marc-Andre Fleury - Flower is my FAVORITE, and Sid+Flower, BFFs is canon IMO. I would love something tropey here, or something Sid is a closeted weregoat and Flower finds out, or queered a/b/o (omega/omega?), or just something where Sid is a baby rookie and Flower has a vast two years experience and Sid practices French with him. I think I'd rather something earlier in their careers, say when they won the Cup or before. If you need some inspiration, here's my Sid/Flower tag.

Evgeni Malkin/Marc-Andre Fleury - Geno is my other favorite, so this is the ship of my favorites, basically. Flower is impish and pulls pranks; Geno has a sly, deadpan sense of humor. I'm thinking something where they prank each other into bed? Something with hints of Geno's volatility and Flower's heart? Also TROPES. Or just something involving Flower wearing eyeliner. (Behold, my Geno/Flower tag.)

Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin/Marc-Andre Fleury - I don't even know. I'm interested in long-term poly rather than a one-time threesome, and it's important to me that everyone get equal weight, but beyond that? ????? I would LOVE a three-way soulbond or some kind of unorthodox a/b/o arrangement or really taking any of the big tropes and reworking them for poly.


My fic preferences for this canon are kind of ill-formed; mostly I want to flail my arms at you and say "ANYTHING." Seriously, anything - angsty or fluffy, plotty or five-times or a vignette. I picked about half of these ships because I saw them in nominations, so I have no ideas for them and am hoping that whoever nominated them will tell me.

Things I'd rather not have for this fandom: most non-canonverse AUs (coffee shop AUs, HS AUs, etc). The exceptions are noir and steampunk-in-space, which I would read the heck out of. Art of that would also be fantastic!

Alana/Marko - I love them and how they are with each other and how neither they nor their relationship is perfect. Little moments anytime between when they first meet and when they get separated would be great, or some kind of five times fic, or porn, or Marko showing Alana some kind of magic thing, or Alana showing Marko some skill she has. That one time when Alana dressed Marko up and they went to a goth club together. IDK!

Alana/Gwendolyn - Maybe Marko's gone and they're all that's left, or maybe they get stuck somewhere and sex pollened, or maybe it's some kind of hatesex. IDK. You tell me!

Marko/Prince Robot IV - This is an exception for my infidelity squick, so you can write this when they're on the ship looking for Alana and the baby robot, or after they've given up looking, or some other time. Some grudging bonding over their war history and respective wounds.

Gwendolyn/The Brand - I mean. There they are, tromping over hills and looking for giant komodo dragons. Sitting beside campfires. Don't tell me they didn't give it a try sometime, trying to be quiet so they didn't wake Sophie. (Trying to avoid her questions the next morning, because Lying Cat is RIGHT THERE.)

The Brand/The Stalk/The Will - What a glorious idea. I have no idea what it would look like. Please tell me.

The Stalk/Gwendolyn - I figure probably this is in the Will dies/stalk lives AU, but you do whatever you like! I love xeno, btw. In case you were wondering. Porn A-okay for this prompt.

The Stalk/The Brand - Porn welcome for this one, too, or whatever you like. Did I mention the xeno? I don't have many headcanons, but I am 100% certain these two banged, back before The Brand introduced her ex/one-night stand to her brother.


X-Men (Comicverse) - Ororo/Logan/Kurt
I requested this because I saw it in the tagset and went OOOOH. BFF threesomes with elegance (Storm) and brute grumpiness (Logan) and fun (Kurt) sounds like the best. I would be delighted with something set fairly recently, maybe during Aaron's Amazing X-Men run, or something set back during Claremont's 80s stuff. I haven't read all the canon for either of those, but as long as you don't focus too heavily on the events from specific issues, I should be fine.

I am fine with sexytiems for this, or a date night, or their first time all three of them together, or whatever you like. Please no deathfic or focus on grieving, though, either for any of them or for, like, Xavier. Fic that made use of one or more of their powers would be fun, too! I love weather, FYI.

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