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an update on all my comics

Thanks to Rachel and Miles (it's a great podcast, you should try it), I am now reading comics again after a mostly-hiatus of six months or so. So, current state of affairs:

Saga - Ummmm? This arc felt kind of all over the place, with too much stuff going on for me to get invested in much of any of it, except for the quest for dragon sperm, which I adored until I didn't anymore. (*sob*) IDK. The quest aside, I haven't been EXCITED excited about this book since #18 or so. :\

Copperhead - Still fun, still art I enjoy, still navigating a bunch of explosive topics without making me mad, although the villains' repetitive sexism about "the bitch sheriff" in the last issue got old. In general I still can't tell whether this writer is really smart about these race and sex issues or really super lucky about not putting his foot in his mouth. Time will tell.

Bitch Planet - STILL GREAT. Def my favorite KSD work to date. It isn't subtle in its aims, but the characters still feel like real characters, and of a type we don't usually see. There was a panel in #3 that just about gave me shivers. And I love the art sensibility - kinda David Aja circa Hawkeye, kinda pulpy?

Ody-C - I ragequit this book. I ragequit it so hard. Um, separate post forthcoming on that (wherein I will probably basically c/p the rant I had about it on ffa several months ago).

Tooth & Claw - I tried an issue because the cover was so pretty, but it looked too serious business fantasy for me, talking animals or no talking animals.

Jem and the Holograms - The Campbell art was great, but the first issue seemed really slow, and I think I might have reached my teen book quote for now. I might look it up again when the first trade is out.

Gotham Academy - It was cute, but then I've had several issues sitting around unread for like three months, so I think I just lost investment. I'm going to read the run from the beginning - so like, six issues - and once I'm caught up, I'll see how I feel.

Loki - Still subscribed, am like eight issues behind on reading. I love Ewing, but I think all this constant reincarnation stuff Loki has going on may be beyond me.

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers - This, on the other hand, was GREAT. The run finished just before Secret Wars began, but it was so fun, despite getting hung up with YET ANOTHER CROSSOVER at the beginning (Axis, this time). I especially loved the arc of the Blue Marvel and his sons, continued from the previous run. If you read one Marvel book that you haven't been reading, read that one.

Black Widow - This is just so dull. Still. Issue #19 was a bit better, IMO, if only because Marina is clearly significant to Natasha long-term. (I know this because Natasha named her cat after Marina's cat, which, I mean.)

Storm - I felt like this kind of wandered a bit and never quite found its footing. However, I just watched Rachel and Miles rave about the run, so I'm going to go back and reread the whole thing; maybe I will like it better in aggregate. The art was gorgeous throughout, though; Ibanez (and his need to dress Storm in all the best civilian outfits) is a treasure.

Ms Marvel - I'm probably five issues behind on this one, too, which is starting to look like a pattern. I think maybe I'm just not in the mood for teen books right now.

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Jul. 21st, 2015 07:41 pm (UTC)
I'm behind on a lot of comics, too. I got backed up on Marvel Unlimited way back during finals and now I can't even remember where I left off on some things.

I got the first volume of Gotham Academy from the library and I didn't really click with it. Nice art, but I think I'm hitting my quota on younger audience books, too--I had a similar problem with Lumberjanes, which I had heard a lot of good things about.
Jul. 23rd, 2015 12:14 am (UTC)
Yeah, I think for now I'd rather focus on comics about adults. :\
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