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Firefly fic recs

Okay, so I lied. I have one more recs post before the the vast silence (in terms of fic recs, anyway). I don't actually go out looking for Firefly fic, but sometimes it comes to me. Here's a handful of pieces that did.

She'll Fly True, by ubiquirk
post-BDM (Big Damn Movie)
"After Serenity, River and Zoe deal with pilot chairs and plastic dinosaurs." Lovely, with a great River-voice. Bonus points for titling the story after my very favorite line from the movie.

Chien, by zooey_glass04
Another story about Zoe and grief and new beginnings. Some lovely character moments.

The Nameless Seeker, by izhilzha
No spoilers, really
As I told the author, I don't really care for either Shepherd Book or faux fairy tales, and I liked this very much even though it consists almost entirely of those two things.

Ten Passengers Serenity Never Had, by jedibuttercup
crossover with BtVS and Ats; spoilers for all of all three series, plus BDM
What it says on the tin. Mostly funny, perfectly voiced. Great fun. I think the Oz segment is my favorite.

Given Name, by Azar
Crossover with BtVS; no spoilers, really
I recced a River and Spike friendship fic awhile back. Here's another. Sad, with a whiff of hope.
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