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Got around to watching this, at long last. COME TALK TO ME, FRIENDS.

I knew I would like it, and yep, I did! I liked it a lot. Thoughts:
* Lito is the best in every scene he's in. Except in the scenes when he's with Daniela or Sun, when there is equal awesomeness all around. (Hernando's pretty great, too.)

* I feel like I shouldn't enjoy the Lito/Will part of the orgy or Will's squirminess about it afterwards nearly as much as I did, but that ain't stopping me, apparently.

* Seriously, the Lito/Hernando/Daniela storyline: THE BEST. I loved them so much. Lito got to do his movie hero thing. He got to do his angsty thing. He was ridiculous but also so warm and sincere and happy, and I love him SO MUCH. And also Daniela and Hernando. *hearteyes*

* Also, Sun. OMG, Sun. Badass and tragic and honorable to a fault. Put her sad angry face in my eyeballs forever.

* The scenes where they shared each other's powers: absolutely the best part. "I can't do that." "I can." When Wolfgang and Lito help each other out, when Capheus drives because Nomi doesn't know how and when he jumpstarts the ambulance at the end, just, all of it. Every scene was perfect. And the moral ambiguity of Sun expressing her rage at her brother through Capheus, killing all those men. And Wolfgang playing chicken with the helicopter - still one of us despite what he's just finished doing.

* The platonic friendships in this were so great. I loved every one. Unlikely allies are my kryptonite, and that they all have this brand new, built-in group of people that cares about them and is invested in them? YES PLEASE.

* Amanita: hottest person on the screen, no contest, despite very respectable competition. For that reason I kinda wish she'd gotten more development than "spunky, eternally supportive girlfriend" - after all, Hernando got to be nuanced. Oh, well. Maybe next season.

* I'm intrigued by Wolfgang as the most morally gray of the cluster. On a show where most everyone's very much a Good Person, he stands out, and I like that about him even though I don't like him much. I feel he presents the most potential for interesting storytelling in S2 out of the cluster because of that contrast, that inherent conflict.

* I was really underwhelmed by Wolfgang/Kala. Ugh. There was literally no aspect of it I liked at all. I can't say I was enthused by any of Kala's story, either.

* I enjoyed Will a lot. I liked looking at Riley, but I hope she gets to move on a little more next season from her horrible past - her tragic waif thing can only carry her for so much story. Capheus was lovely. I have trouble imagining his life has been greatly improved by the most recent events; I feel what I really want is for him and his mom to take some of Mr. Kabaka's money and the Van Damn and go somewhere new where they'll be safe.

* I feel a little cockblocked re: shipping because by the end, 3/4 of the cluster is kind of spoken for (unless we have seen the end of Kala/Wolfgang), and I can't say I'm really feeling Sun/Capheus (yet). I really just want a lady to ship Sun with tbh.

* I was a little surprised by how open-ended the ending was. Like, we are still in fairly immediate danger! Will Will ever be able to be conscious again?? Oh, dear!

* But that last shot on the boat, ALL of the cluster? That was. That was really stunning.

* I feel like the show wanted to have its cake and eat it too in terms of how it represented the cluster talking to one another. The thing where they're side by side and talking to each other drove me nuts, especially when the settings kept sitting back and forth and ESPECIALLY when Riley might be sitting in one setting and standing in the other. Also the thing where Will is looking at Nomi's laptop over her shoulder while he's driving, wtf.

But the real killer was when we watched Kala put together that bomb for Wolfgang while he watched her. She can't manipulate things in his environment! Later we watched her get medicine for Will and we saw that Will was doing it, but no such thing with the bomb. She just went around getting everything while Wolfgang looked on. FOLLOW YOUR OWN RULES, WRITERS.

* On the whole, this was a lot less... emotionally nuanced than I was expecting? Most of the conflict was external, and what internal conflict there was was nearly all related to characters' individual circumstances, not related to the actual premise. But maybe that's because this is the first season? The fact that Netflix shows like Orange is the New Black have gone on for lots of seasons gives me hope that we are just warming up.

* That said, it was an extremely sincere, genuine show that wanted to say stuff about love and hope, and while I can be very D: about overt discussion of those things in fiction, the sincerity makes the difference here, I think?

* In conclusion: MORE PLEASE.

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Jul. 10th, 2016 12:31 pm (UTC)
Three episodes! You can do it!


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