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some Monday GotG thoughts

* There sure is a lot of cute GotG fanart on Tumblr that's been cadged from DeviantArt, presumably without permission. Obviously this is an ongoing problem on Tumblr, but I think I feel weirder about it because I'm finding this stuff in the tag itself, rather than having it reblogged to my dash, so then I would feel more conspicuous reblogging it. Blargh.

* But let’s be real, the actual reason I didn’t reblog the Bob Ross/Groot fanart mashup titled “Happy little tree” was because the Groot fanart the person had stolen and photoshopped in was watercolor, and Bob Ross was all about the oils.

* It turns out Valerio Schiti has been the main artist on the main Guardians of the Galaxy title (the Bendis one, with Kitty Pryde). Good for him, he's fantastic. Although based on his first volume of GotG, more of the awesomeness of JiM featuring Sif was due to colorist Jordie Bellaire that I had previously realized. Whoever’s coloring GotG has a much weaker sense of palette.

* I now understand why I’ve had so much trouble being excited about the MCU. It’s because I don’t care about a) SHIELD, b) Earth, or c) m/m pairings in this fandom. Gimme women in Asgard or space, and I am THERE.

* I think Peter and Groot and Rocket are probably the strongest of the group on-screen, but in fic I am all about Gamora. Rewatching, I’ve also developed a ton of affection for Drax that I didn’t have the first time, and I want more fic with him, too. I have a hard time even imagining writing from his POV, though. That seems really difficult. Definitely no metaphors!!

* I’ve rewatched this movie four times in the ~3 weeks since I’ve bought it. Granted the last several times were for canon details, but man, it’s been a really long time since I could watch a canon on repeat and enjoy it every time. I love this movie so much – the team building, the strongly unified aesthetic. And I cry EVERY TIME, usually in about three different places.

* I can’t believe there is still NOT ONE SINGLE OT5 SOULBONDING FIC on AO3. What is fandom coming to?? After that big flashy holding-hands, purple-hued finish? Do not tell me there weren’t some repercussions from that.

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Jul. 21st, 2016 07:55 am (UTC)
Zipping over from comicstore_news. Hi?

The two times I cried during my last (fifth? but spread out over a couple of months) rewatch, surprising myself just a bit:

- "Take my hand, Peter." (okay, so that scene was a tearjerker, and I confess that I've skipped the first one at least two times because I was in the mood for happy adventures in space)

- the Nova Corps joining their ships together to form a linked shield in order to stop the Dark Aster ... and failing. It's just - I don't know, but it's kind of like that moment when the Guardians are joining hands at the end, except 100 (1000?) times better/worse.

I feel like someone (which is to say, obviously: someone else) could do some really fun things with Drax the walking thesaurus who is also Drax-over-whose-head-nothing-goes-because-he-would-catch-it. (There's a connection between those two things, right? Maybe?)
Jul. 21st, 2016 12:57 pm (UTC)
Hi! *waves* Glad to have new people to talk GotG with - it's a pretty quiet fandom, and I worry about boring people with my sudden new enthusiasm for it.

My three consistent tear-jerker moments are the "We are Groot" scene, the big infinity stone scene, and Rocket crying over the Groot twig at the very end. But I also have started skipping over that last scene, because yeah, I only need to watch a kid's mom dying so many times!

I had never even made that connection between the Nova Corps linking vs the Guardians joining hands - that's so cool!

Ooh, I like your Drax thoughts. I guess if you don't do metaphor, you would need a larger vocabulary in order to say what you mean. I'm going to have think about that some more! For some reason this suggests fan poetry to me, but geez, writing Drax in verse would be even harder than in prose, so maybe not. :P

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