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Dear Darkest Night Creator

Dear Creator of the dark-theme fanwork of my dreams, I am sooooo excited about this exchange, I can't even tell you. It's ridiculous. Until I started digging into the tagset, I hadn't realized how much I've been pining for stuff that's darker, angstier, more screwed up. When fics and artwork go live, it'll be like Halloween has come early! \o/

I apologize in advance for how long this letter is. I just got really excited. Also, I ended up needing to say more about some canons than others, but I promise you, I would be equally excited about a gift related to any of them!

Fandom: MCU
Characters: Gamora (GotG), Drax & Gamora & Groot & Peter Quill & Rocket

I adore this movie to bits and pieces and I love the entire crew. I love the scope of their world, the zaniness, how gorgeous backdrops and Rule of Cool trumps everything. And I love how that zaniness means you can do anything you want - time loops and evil plants and really weird porn.

My tags are mostly grouped around either “horrible things happen to the team” or “horrible things happen to a member of the team and everyone else pitches in to help.” It’s fine if you want to focus on just a subset of the team, as long as it’s clear everyone else is still around somewhere, although I’d prefer the subset include at least one of either Gamora or Drax. In terms of horrible things happening to people, Peter and Gamora are my preferred woobies (probably not together?)

  • Gamora/Drax
  • Peter/Drax
  • OT5 poly arrangement of some kind
  • Gamora/Nebula, especially with glimpses of something real to build on underneath all the dysfuction. Incestuous vibes welcome but optional.
  • Gamora/Jane Foster, Gamora/Natasha Romanov, probably Gamora/any of the main ladies of the MCU. If you want to write it, I am there.
  • Peter/Gamora, but I’m picky about it – I’m totally down for them having sex because they feel like it, and if the sex leads to feelings then that’s cool, too, but the less romantic this journey is, the better for me. Basically I didn’t like how the movie set them up at all, but I really like them both as inviduals, so I’m down for shippiness that kind of ignores what we saw in the movie and started them from scratch.
  • Gen in all combinations! Like I said, prefer Gamora or Drax involved somehow, but beyond that go to town.

DNWs: Torture to eyes, hands, or teeth; porn involving Rocket; Yondu Udonta or his crew; non-canon ships from other parts of the MCU, eg Thor/Loki; Milano crew members betraying/doing bad things to each other by choice; sexism aimed at Gamora or other female characters; sexuality/identity crises; non-canon AUs; first-person POV.

Things I’m fine with: Sad/bittersweet endings, horror endings, happy/hopeful endings, fic of any rating, twisty story structures, second person POV, dubious content all the way into very, very dubious.

Art specifics: Again, feel free to focus on just one or two characters if you like! I adore the cosmic setting, the clothing of various space cultures, everyone's very distinctive visual designs, the gorgeous space backdrops, the spaceships – this movie has so much visual stuff to love. I'm also a sucker for characters in different clothes, especially fancy or costume-y clothes.

  • Cosmic Horror, Evil Plants, Architectural Horror - aka terrible things happen to the team! For that last one, I just really love buildings and structures that are malevolent, defy the laws of geometry and/or physics, or are somehow imbued with eeeeevil.

  • Fuck or Die, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Ritual Public Sex - aka bad things happening to a pair (or more) of people on the team! If you go with the Mating Cycles/In Heat one, feel free to push the body horror if you like. For any of them, awkward aftermath is as good as the main event.

  • Creature Inside, Forced Body Cohabitation, Body Horror, Vivisection, Xenotransplantation Gone Wrong - aka terrible things happen to a member of the crew, ideally Peter or Gamora. Infinity stone, evil scientistic, evil magician – use whatever means you need. Some of these would also apply nicely for Gamora pre-canon!

  • Mpreg - Peter gets knocked up somehow. This can be dark because of the circumstances, because of how the pregnancy progresses, because he didn’t know he could do this and he’s freaking out, because he’s carrying a monster – do what you will, here. :D No abortion, please; whatever the cause, I want Peter to have to go through with it. That can be part of the horror, if you want!

  • Prostitution - I’m imagining an AU for this? Something where Gamora or Drax or Peter is a prostitute and is visited by one of the others. Although honestly if you want to tell the story of prostitute!Groot (what does that even involve on his planet?) or Rocket, be my guest. For art, I would be VERY interested in knowing how the prostitute of your choice is dressed.

  • Alternate Universe – Villain Wins - I have zero preconceived notions on this, I just love canon divergence. Feel free to focus on just one or two of the crew if you want to. Go as dark as you feel.


Fandom: Hockey RPF
Characters: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Matt Murray, Marc-Andre Fleury

As far as dark themes in this fandom go, I'm here for angst, angsty worldbuilding, horror, and mpreg. Or possibly all four! I love the rest of the current Pens roster, too, if you want to include other folks as well.

Ships: Sid/Geno, Sid/Flower, Geno/Flower, Sid/Geno/Flower, Flower/Murray, Murray/Olli Maatta. Gen also very welcome!

DNWs:First person POV, mention of the Blackhawks or the Capitals, James Neal, Mario Lemieux, comeplay, fic where it seems like everyone's gay, non-NHL AUs, genderswap, RL wives/girlfriends, misogyny, infidelity.

Things I'm fine with: Horror endings, happy/hopeful endings, second-person POV, dubious consent all the way into very, very dubious.

  • Emotional Hurt, Loneliness, Fear Toxin - basically various degrees of people being sad or freaking out. With bonus comfort after if you want!

  • Dubious Business Practices - the NHL is sketchy as fuck. Tell me more! I'm interested more in iddy/fantasy interpretations than in believable RL sketchiness. Feel free to combine with slavery/indentureship, players getting prostituted out to convince free agents to sign with the team players getting knocked (whether they want to or not) to produce the next generation, etc. Please no player/management sex.

  • Forced Bonds, Forced Marriage - Forced relationships! Especially great when the principles are not at all excited about this turn of events (ie, no pre-existing pining, please). Feel free to combine with NHL's dubious business practices above.

  • Hearing Voices, Imposter, Capgras Syndrome - my horror-ish tags! I would love more horror in this fandom. Slow creeping horror is my fav.

  • Mating Cycles/In Heat, Sex Pollen - would love to see this played more as something scary or out of control rather than porny happy fun times. Magical effects or animal instinct-type stuff welcome here, too.

  • Succubi & Incubi - One dude is a hockey player, the other is a succubus (and possibly also a hockey player). Obviously this will probably involve porn, but it's the mindfuckery that I'm really interested in, here. Maybe the succubus eventually has some regrets/hesitations about what he's gotten the other guy into?

  • Magical Pregnancy - Man, give me weird, out-of-the-ordinary, unexpected mpreg, please. This isn't a world where dudes get pregnant, and yet, boom, pregnant. A curse? Previously unknown recessive seahorse gene? Body horror welcome here. No abortion please.


Fandom: SPN
Characters: Jo Harvelle, Cassie Robinson, Meg Masters

I love this canon for all its creepiness and horror possibilities. Creepy canonverse stuff! MotW! HORROR. Creep me out. I love strong sense of place (regional-specific stuff is <3), wilderness settings, canon-divergent AUs, twisty story structure, horror, ghost stories, enclosed spaces, moodiness and atmosphere, weather, weird architecture, the Endverse, monsters with layers and complicated motivations, stuff fitting the tone of canon.

Sam, Dean, and/or Castiel are welcome in the fic, too, as long as the focus is on the requested character. I also love lady hunters hunting together. There are elements of the later seasons I don't care for, so I'd prefer fic set season 5 or before (unless you write the suggested Jo/Amelia or Jo/Sam/Amelia), or in an AU that diverges by that point.

Ships: I'm super into gen in this fandom, but I also like Jo/Tamara, Jo/Anna Milton, Jo/Castiel, Jo/Cassie, Meg/Castiel, Jo/Amelia Richardson, Jo/Sam/Amelia, Jo/Ruby. Could also be persuaded by most Jo/early seasons minor character ships. (No Jo/Meg, please.)

DNWs: non-canonverse AU (like coffee shop AUs), straight-up romance, sexual menace, first-person POV.

Things I'm fine with: Character death, every single kind of ending, deeply flawed characters doing seriously sketchy things, second-person POV.

  • Curses, Dark Fairy Tale Elements, Folklore, Ghosts, Architectural Horror, Existential Horror - aka casefic type stuff! Combine with any other caseficcy elements you so desire. For that last one, I just really love buildings and structures that are malevolent, defy the laws of geometry and/or physics, or are somehow imbued with eeeeevil.

  • Animal Instincts, Blood Magic, Body Horror, Forced Body Cohabitation - aka What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into Now. Creep me out, fuck me up.

  • Mirror Universe - I guess this is an exception to my no non-canonverse thing, because wow, I would be so fascinated to see something that swaps our good-ish guys with our bad-ish guys.


Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Characters: Abbie & Jenny & Ichabod

I loved the vibe of the first season – the Ichabod+Abbie adorablness, the complicated and prickly Abbie+Jenny relationship, the vaguely historical veneer, the New England setting, and especially the cases that didn't have much or anything to do with the apocalypse plot. I'd love something that tapped into that a little.

Other stuff I like that'd fit great here: Strong sense of place (regional-specific stuff is <3), woodsy/nature settings, twisty story structure, horror, ghost stories, enclosed spaces, moodiness and atmosphere, weather, weird architecture, stuff fitting the tone of canon.

Ships: Just gen for this, please!

DNWs: Sexual menace, the apocalypse plot (mentions are okay, just not as a main part of the story), any canon after the first season, character death, non-canon AUs, first-person POV (unless you want to do an epistolary fic of some kind? I could be very into that for this canon!).

Things I'm fine with: Twisty story structures, second-person POV.

  • Curses, Folklore, Dark Fairy Tale Elements, Ghosts - aka casefic type stuff!

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