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2016 Yuletide Recs, vol I

Have been slowly working through the scads of YT fics downloaded to my Kindle. Here's the first batch of recs. :D

Imperial Radch
The Person with Weapons - Anaander Minaai, 1k
First-person musings by Anaander Minaai on how she brought about her final downfall, with all the complexities those pronouns imply.

Prayers for the Dead - Skaaiat Awer, 2k
Skaaiat grieves for Awn in her own way. Very nifty study of Skaaiat and their relationship.

Jettison the Proud Cargo - Skaaiat/Awn, 3k
Lieutenant Awn has a potential romantic partner. Her ship is determined to make sure that that potential partner is worthy of her. Of all the Imperial Radch fics this year, this is the one that, to me, most intensely captures the voice of the book and of Justice of Toren – the politics, the details of Justice of Toren's operations, its exhaustive knowledge of and attention to its captain.

Fact-Finding - Gem of Sphene/Translator Zeiat, 600 words
Zeiat is determined to find out how humans reproduce. Sphene doesn't really help. As utterly delightful as the summary suggests.

Sunshine – McKinley
Like Bitter Chocolate - Rae+ensemble, 4k
Five times Sunshine stuck to the recipe, and one time she didn't. Beautiful vignettes of Rae reconnecting with her people after the events of the book. Includes links to the recipes! :D

Sunless Sea
Ten Ways to Die at Zee - ensemble gen, 1k
A delightful little drabble collection of horror. Very satisfying and fun even if you only know Fallen London (as I do) and not the Sunless Sea game.

Cthulu Mythos
The Long Summoning - OFC, 2k
An enjoyable horrible little story of the daughter of a man willing to sacrifice everything and everyone to bring his father back. Especially satisfying on the body horror front.

On This 'Ane Night - Granny Weatherwax + Granny Aching, 2k.
Really lovely imagining of how an encounter between these two formidibles might go. There's a sense of comraderie and understanding here, despite them having never met before and no expectation of meeting again, that I really love.

Twin Peaks
A Beautiful Friendship - Harry/Coop, 1k.
Harry's not quite sure how he ended up here, in the station, having sex with Coop. This is just so darned cute and feels completely in-character for both of them. I greatly enjoyed the Lucy cameo, too.

Gladiator – Dami Im (Music Video)
would my heart be changed - female warrior/female princess, 10k
But the girl Min finds in the Shadow King's fortress is not the princess she had expected, and she does not understand it. I read this as original fic, and as such it was delightful, a neat adventure fic with intriguing, moody worldbuilding. It draws on Korean folk tales, per the author's note.

Fucked My Way Up to the Top – Lana del Rey (Song)
not gonna write you a love song - f/f, 9k
This is about a siren and a dragon competing for the top spot in Oberon's night club, and it is exactly as wonderful as that description implies. The setting is rich and beautifully realized, and the writing is just top-notch.

Guys and Dolls
The Dame's Only Doing It for That Doll - Sarah Brown/girl!Sky Masterson
The story of Sergeant Sarah's mission and her gal who keeps it funded, in delightful Runyon-ish prose. Very cute.

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