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Yuletide recs, vol II

I have something like 60 more fics still to go on my Kindle, but I don't expect I will get any further on them before reveals, so here are some more recs.

Morning Glories (Comic)
love type thing - Zoe/Casey, 6k

Hail Caesar! (2016)
Saps and Swishes - Burt Gurney/Hobie Doyle, 31k.
I would not have thought I would be into this ship, but this longfic full of canon-type shenanigans and genunely sweet slow burn totally sold me on it.

don't let the stars get in your eyes - Hobie Doyle/Carlotta Valdez, 2k.
A series of snapshots of them through the years post-canon that also feels like a love letter to Hollywood as a community of that time, rather than just a source of movies we've all seen. Just really lovely.

Pickle - Lito/Hernando/Daniela, 2k.
Another completed project means another wrap party, with someone pretending to be your girlfriend on your arm, while everyone tells you how good you are. None of this is working for Lito at all. A very cute post-canon scene with adorable, spot-on Lito voice.

Jeeves & Wooster
The War of the Worlds and All That - Jeeves/Wooster, 7k
In which one Bertram Wooster encounters a newt, saves the world from utter destruction, and discovers fond and heart-rending feelings for his valet. A+ Bertie voice and just delightful all around.

Shia LeBeouf (Song)
Zombie Cannibal Shia LeBeouf - 1k
Silly gruesome horror, so, a very fitting sequel to the song. If you liked that, then you will probably like this.

Queen's Thief
The Dolphin's Promise - Helen+ensemble, 21k
Helen's piratical adventures, featuring a very fun OC and a lot of political machinations on par with those in canon.

Well Loved - Gen/Costis/Irene, 3.5k
Gen finally convinces Costis to sleep with his wife. A sweet, gentle kind of seduction.

the last - Helen, 1k
Lovely, haunting character study of Helen as she considers what the gods have revealed to her.

Agreements and Arguments - Gen/Irene, 2k
An unblissful wedding night that captures all the political and personal tension between them in the best hurty kind of way.

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