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Dear Chocolate Box Creator

Thank you so much for making a gift for me! I can't wait to see what you create. I have asked for SO MANY SHIPS, so you have many to choose from. For each ship I've tried to give you an idea of both how I see them and some things I'd enjoy seeing in fic or art, but I didn't get into specific prompts for a lot of them (because there are A LOT), so feel free to grab stuff from the general likes for prompts.

General things I like: psychological horror, existential horror, weird plants, creepy ruins, creepy weird landscapes, body horror, amnesia. Loneliness, lonely people finding they’re less alone than they thought. Kink negotiation, body appreciation, touching and teasing, xeno kink, women in charge. Female friendship, female relationships in general. A/B/O, tentacles, wingfic, steampunk vibes, mpreg.

General things I don’t like / DNW: relentless fluff; sexual violence or threats thereof; gore for the sake of gore; death of the POV character; trauma to eyes, hands, or teeth. Larger person physically dominating smaller one, comeplay, rimming, non-con, D/s-type punishment. Infidelity, first-person POV, crossovers.


Likes for this canon: FEELINGS, admission of feelings, creaturefic, loneliness, a/b/o (especially queered a/b/o), mpreg, weird or dangerous magic, team-wide poly, hockey as a cult (religious or not), crack taken seriously, sex first and feelings after. Happy or hopeful endings. If there’s kink or sex, I’m a big fan of the smaller guy topping. I am especially a fan of bottom!Geno.

For age difference pairings, I like to see how the characters navigate that age difference and how it's balanced out by other characteristics of their relationship; I'm not interested in the age difference being played as a kink or in the older character dominating or making all the decisions for the younger character.

Dislikes / DNWs : PWPs, everybody’s gay, Blackhawks, misogyny, crack that’s played for humor, non-hockey AUs, historical AUs, people acquiring or turning into pets, comeplay, rimming.

Kris Letang/Evgeni Malkin – Hot, angry, and full of SO MUCH SASS. Or maybe some angst, because they've been around a lot of years and had some rough times.

Patrice Bergeron/Sidney Crosby/Brad Marchand – World Cup lineys! There was a lot of matchmaking talk about Team Canada finally finding wingers for Crosby, and I'd love to see that played out with bonus marriage/royalty/etc implications. Or anything, really. :D

Sidney Crosby/Brad Marchand – Nova Scotia boys! Wildly different personalities, yet somehow good buds, apparently. Also Brad definitely has some Crosby hero worship going on.

Sidney Crosby/Olli Maatta – They go on dates! They're both super serious about hockey and also fantasy football! They both got into the NHL super young and have had a lot of pressure and also terrible injuries. (They had mumps at the same time. I am just saying.)

Brad Marchand/Tyler Seguin – Failboat bros of my heart who still talk on Twitter and presumably other places. Boston shenanigans, post-trade heartbreak, failboat magic – the sky's the limit. (No evil Bruins, please.) More in-depth prompts here.

Brad Marchand/Patrice Bergeron - They like each other so much! They're such a study in contrasts, I love it. What does Saint Patrice need that only Brad can give him? Is this the first time one of them has been with a guy? More in-depth prompts here.

Brendan Gallagher/Brad Marchand – The pestiest ship. Chirping, flirting, sex, surprise feels?

Kris Letang/Olli Maatta – Hot and cold, the veteran with a temper vs the young guy whose maturity everyone comments on.

Marc-Andre Fleury/Matt Murray - #1 narrative of the 2016-2017 season with a lot of thrilling injuries to go with all the emotional stress. And yet Flower's still supportive, and Murray was worried Flower would be mad if Murray got a goal first. Emotional complications. :D

Milan Lucic/Connor McDavid – The up and coming superstar and the aged warrior signed on to be his bodyguard (and maybe also score some goals sometimes).

Sidney Crosby & Evgeni Malkin – They think each other is the greatest, Sid talked Geno out of his post-Sochi moping, Geno wouldn't let the team make someone else captain while Sid was out with his concussion. Supportiveness (public and private), chirping, affection, competitiveness.

Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin – My fav of favs. I will always want more fic for these guys. Especial favorites include ~magical realism, a/b/o, mpreg, emotional complications.

Sidney Crosby/P. K. Subban – Hot hot hot. PK chirping Sid about his suits, PK singing and being generally ridiculous, Sid being into it because he likes guys who can pull him out of himself and make him laugh.


Likes for this canon: Post-movie fic, canon-divergent fic, hooker AUs (please oh please), weird space kinkiness, femslash sexual/kink discovery, found family feels, xeno (including surprise xeno), crack treated seriously, cosmic horror, body horror, architectural horror, mpreg, cool settings, cool alien species, weird alien worlds or buildings, evil plants, people slowly and cautiously learning to be emotionally vulnerable, terrible things happening to Peter and the team taking care of him, non-canon AUs as long as they’re still in space (for example: space spies yes, modern American coffee shop AU no).

Dislikes/ DNWs for this canon: Fluff, torture to eyes, hands, or teeth; non-canon ships from other parts of the MCU, eg Thor/Loki; sexism aimed at female characters; sexuality/identity crises; first-person POV; tropey rom-com m/m.

Art specifics: I adore the cosmic setting of GotG, the clothing of various space cultures, everyone's very distinctive visual designs, the gorgeous space backdrops, the spaceships – this movie has so much visual stuff to love. I'm a sucker for characters in different clothes, especially fancy or costume-y clothes. I would also love fusions of characters drawn in the style of other canons. (Calvin and Hobbes!!!)

Drax the Destroyer/Gamora (MCU) – The quiet ones on the ship. He's brute force and she's lithe skill; her father killed his family and he's vowed to get revenge. A lot of emotional complications here. Hurt/comfort or commonalities found or something quiet or them discovering how much they enjoy sparring?

Gamora/Jane Foster (MCU) – Jane loves the stars! Gamora is from stars! Gamora's trying not to look behind at her past and Jane is fascinated by everything in her future. (Gamora hooker!AU :D?)

Gamora/Natasha Romanov (MCU) – A whole lot of "used as a weapon" angst here for both of them. Maybe they bond over it? Or maybe they bond over never, ever talking about it.

Gamora/Nebula (Marvel) (MCU) – Something post-canon or canon divergent, please, where one or both makes a different choice, or they find each other again somehow.

Jane Foster/Nebula (MCU) – I… have no idea? I saw it in a tag set last year and I've been intrigued ever since. I know one thing: this ship would be very, very pretty.

Thor & Gamora (MCU) – Again, I saw it in the tag set. Angst over wayward siblings? Sparring? They encounter each other while fighting space monsters?


Likes for this canon: Creepy canonverse stuff! Casefic! MOTW encounters! HORROR. Creep me out. Psychological horror, existential horror, body horror. Strong sense of place (regional-specific stuff is <3), wilderness settings, canon-divergent AUs, twisty story structure, horror, ghost stories, enclosed spaces, moodiness and atmosphere, weather, weird architecture, the Endverse, monsters with layers and complicated motivations, stuff fitting the tone of canon.

Dislikes / DNWs for this canon: non-canonverse AU, fluff, straight-up romance, sexual menace, non-con, canon after season 8.

Castiel/Amelia Richardson/Sam Winchester (Supernatural) – IDEK, but they'd be so lovely. (Amelia is MY FAVORITE.) They can all be messes together! Castiel gets to know the dog! How long before Amelia figures out that there's something weird about this guy who keeps coming around to visit Sam? How long until he ends up in bed with them? How's the sex?

Castiel/Jo Harvelle/Dean Winchester (Supernatural) – Comrades in arms (and in foxholes), Jo the leavening that lightens the Dean/Cas angst, hunting together. Curses, weird magic, mpreg? :D? Maybe Jo's the one who got gripped tight and raised from perdition.

Castiel/Ruby (Supernatural) – They've both (as far as Castiel knows) turned against their kind, and maybe there's bonding? Or something Endverse, however you can swing that. Or something goes wrong and Lilith dies before Lucifer can be summoned, so Ruby's a permanent outcast with no mission.

Jo Harvelle/Ruby (Supernatural) – I am fascinated by whatever it would take to get Jo to the point of this ship. Apocalypse? Trading sex for information? Seduction for some other purpose? Just surviving?


Likes for this canon: my teen OT3!!, Nancy/Barb, Nancy-centric anything, Joyce, Hopper, the creep factor, the Demagorgan, the Upside-Down, body horror, monstrous horror combined with growing-up horror.

Dislikes / DNWs: casual homophobic and misogynistic language (it's fine if it's part of the plot or emotional arc, I just don't want it for ~atmosphere), Nancy/Jonathan or Nancy/Steve romance that doesn't take the third person into account.

Requested ships: Nancy/Steve/Jonathan, Nancy/Joyce, Nancy&Joyce

FIC prompts:
- OT3 getting together
- OT3 with first-time Steve/Jonathan
- OT3 h/c where one of the guys is injured (*cough* or pregnant? Monster-pregnant?)
- OT3 in the Upside Down
- Nancy and Joyce work together on a project (mundane or monster-related)
- Nancy and Joyce grieve together, whatever form that takes
- Nancy and Joyce are kind of fucked up by the events of canon, and somehow they're the only two that understand
- Dark canon-divergence AU
- Stuck in the Upside down and trying to survive

ART prompts:
- OT3 cuddling/kissing
- Shooting practice
- An ode to Nancy's plaid
- in bed, someone's having a nightmare
- OT3 in the Upside-Down together
- Nancy/Joyce, kissing or anything porny


As of the writing of this letter I've only read the first 12 issues, but will be reading through #16 by the time fics are revealed. I'll make a clearly marked edit here if that next trade affects my requests in any way.

Likes for this canon: Creepiness, taking care of monsters, "Am I human or a monster" identity issues, the beautiful watercolor art, the rural heartland aesthetic, the way everyone feels so human even though at least half of them aren't, Emmy's unorthodox method of dealing with haints (I'm thinking of Priscilla especially here).

Dislikes / DNWs for this canon: torture, gross-out gore, female characters competing with or sniping at each other.

Art specifics: AFAIK basically no fanart exists of this comic, so I am reeeeally easy here. I love the woods and farm and rural feel of the comic, Crook's character designs of all the haints, the rich colors, the way the horror is in lighting and character design and the ideas and not in things being actively gory or ugly-looking.

Emmy Rose & Her Haints – I love how Emmy manages to be friends with most of her haints. Feel free to write about one we've already seen (the Abandoned? the one in the mud pit talking about bone sauce? the skinless boy?) or make up a new one or two. Maybe she finds one that really does not want to be friends. A five things fic could be fun here, too.

Emmy Rose & Pa Rose – He's (kind of) her creation, but also her dad, but also he tried to kill her. This is a very complicated relationship! Something about them rebuilding after the events of the first trade, maybe? Something that looks at some of the weird tensions in their relationship.

Emmy Rose/Bernice or Emmy Rose&Bernice – One's a reincarnated witch, and the other might also be becoming a witch of a sort. Comparing notes, reconnecting after the Kammi incident, showing each other the magic they know, saving one another (which leads to kissing)…

DECOYS (2005) - FIC
Likes for this canon: xeno mpreg, tentacles, morally complicated aliens, alliances, alien politics.

Dislike for this canon: Luke. :P Also please no character death for anyone in the ship and no torture. Also I have never seen the sequel and would rather it not be used.

Constance Snowden & or / Alex (Decoys) – After Roger's death? Pre-movie? Do the other aliens know about Alex's mission? Why did she decide to go the nerdy girl-nextdoor route when she could presumably look like any of the sorority girls? Would love to see them teaming up for some purpose, possibly also with sex and/or a lot of wariness. Kinky nonviable oviposition welcome.

Constance Snowden/Roger (Decoys) – SO CUTE. I would love: a Roger-doesn't-die AU, fluffy mpreg, tentacle porn, exactly what the aliens make of the human savior of their race and how Constance and Roger navigate that. I am so easy for these two. No character death in the fic, please. (Would also be intrigued by Constance/Roger/Alex, fyi.)


Likes for this canon: Crazy space worlds! Crazy space species! Lonely people finding each other and becoming less lonely. People taking part in something vastly bigger than themselves. People discovering who they are and/or who they can be. The power of personal choices. Learning to understand other people; forgiving/accepting the parts you don't understand. Also xeno, mpreg, oviposition (I want so much weird kink for this fandom), body horror, horror of all kinds, plot, mission fic, dire circumstances, ritual sex or sex for some plot reason, spaaaaaace, sense of wonder, the mundane everyday aspects of a galaxy-spanning civilization.

Dislikes for this canon: a/b/o, Kylo Ren (I don't mind him appearing as a plot point, I just don't want to read fic focused on him), torture, character death, the prequels, fluff, humiliation/embarrassment played for comedy.

Phasma/Rey (TFA) – Big buff woman/tiny buffy woman, y/y? I don't really know what I want here, but I am Intrigued. Maybe Rey is somehow Phasma's contact when Phasma decides to defect, or maybe they end up stranded together on a desert island planet after a skirmish and need each other to survive.

Poe Dameron/Finn/Rey (TFA) – They're all kind of lost ducklings, but now they can be lost together! Would love some of that weird porn here. Surprise tentacles? Or maybe they end up on Hoth and have to huddle for warmth. Maybe one of them is in trouble and the other two have to get them out of it.

Rey & Luke Skywalker (TFA) – Rey as Luke's apprentice. Rey as Luke's Force mpreg baby (oh please oh please). Rey and Luke dreaming about each other in the Force, aware of each other long before they meet.


Femslash! \o/

Likes for this canon: Xeno, worldbuilding, cool space places, women helping women, women saving each other, politics and negotiation, alliances, other kinds of alliances (especially unexpected ones), sexual discovery, kink discovery, emotional maturity, cynicism surprised by sincerity, sex for some utilitarian purpose (a ritual? to seal an agreement?) and feelings after, crazy space worlds.

Dislikes for this canon: Noncon (sexual menace, unwanted handsiness, etc is fine for Leia/Oola, given the canon, but please no further than that on screen), character death.

Leia/Oola - Leia and Oola rescuing each other! Leia and Oola taking comfort in one another away from prying eyes! Would be very interested in something porny or xeno, or something quiet and sweet. If Oola does get off Tattooine with Leia and the crew, what does Leia do with her then? She joins the resistance, right? :D

Art specifics: Again, would love something porny, or Oola teaching (or ~teaching) Leia a dance move, or something involving fancy clothing (and perhaps one of them getting the other out of it?). I am very into the xeno aspect her, fyi.


FROZEN - fic, art
Likes for this canon: Canon settings, canon divergence AUs, post-movie fic, incest, snow, snow magic, magic used in creative ways, Scandinavian vibes, reindee, kissing, angst, Elsa angsting about her powers, us against the world, wilderness survival, desolate landscapes, hot tubs / saunas.

Dislikes / DNWs for this canon: AUs for settings other than canon (ie coffee shops, Hogwarts), not-related AUs, Olaf, character death, dubcon/noncon, PWP, issuefic.

Art specifics: I love the whole look of this movie - the Scandinavian-flavored clothing, the reindeer, the Norwegian Fjord horses, the snow and ice and winter, the vast mountain vistas. Would really love either requested ship enjoying themselves in a sauna.

Elsa/Anna: Elsa with all her insecurities and self-loathing, Anna with her warm generous spirit and her hurt feelings for always being shut out, magic and fear thereof, tenderness and uncertainty. First time? The slow, years-long process of the court forgetting that Anna is Elsa's sister, rather than her consort? A canon divergence AU with Anna and Elsa on the run together?

Elsa/Anna/Kristoff: I'm into this in lots of ways as long as Elsa/Anna is part of the configuration. Maybe Kristoff helps Anna rescue Elsa and they all flee together. Maybe Elsa and Anna are already together, post-movie, when Elsa realizes Anna would be happier if Kristoff joined them. (Maybe Elsa knocks Kristoff up with her ice magic.)


So yeah, definitely angling for some femslash on this one, as you can tell by the requests. :)

Likes for this canon: Women working together, emotional complicatedness, women saving each other, arranged marriage, a/b/o, political alliances, other kinds of alliances (especially unexpected ones), sexual discovery, kink discovery, emotional maturity, cynicism surprised by sincerity, sex for some utilitarian purpose (a ritual? to seal an agreement?) and feelings after.

Dislikes / DNWs for this canon – non-con, teenagers that act like stereotypical bratty TV teens (traumatized or mature-for-their-age teens are A-okay), sexual menace from men.

Congresswoman/Congresswoman – Poltical negotiation! Mutual respect! Bonding over the old boys' club even if you have no political views in common! Alternatively, fighting together for some political achievement. Feel free to turn this into RPF about real-life congresswomen of your choice.

Female Royal of Kingdom A/Female Royal of Kingdom B – Arranged marriage?? Getting one another out of very fancy dresses (or not even bothering)? Or any of the requests from the ship above, except in a royal setting.

Female Alien/Female Human – Political alliance? One rescues the other in space? Xeno?

female ghost/female human – Gothic romance, ghost sex, seduction (in either direction!), creepiness, sadness. No noncon, please.

Female Mob Boss/Female Advisor – I'm kind of leaning towards competency kink here, maybe with a side of loyalty kink? How did the mob boss and the advisor meet? How willing are they to get each other out of trouble?

Female/Female With Sexually-Transmitted Monsterism – Angst, body horror, body discovery, magic, mentoring the new female monster in her monsterism, seduction.

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