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1/29/2017 activism/politics links

If you read only ONE thing from this roundup, read this:
* Republicans Begin to Break With President Trump (Time).

Activism / Resources
* Outside the US, it's easy to feel powerless in the face of Trump's #RefugeeBan. A few resources for the UK and Europe: (Twitter/storify)

* $$ Flip this seat! Special election to replace Trump's anti-Obamacare health chief is huge opportunity (Daily Kos). Please note I have done zero research on the other two Dems running for this seat.

* Spreadsheet: What your senators and governors have been saying about the ban

* Geometry of Redistricting: Summer School - five-day course for math PhDs on topics needed to become an expert court witness on gerrymandering

* $$ Spreadsheet: Rapid Response Giving. IDK anything about most of these; be sure to investigate before you give them money!

* Hate the phone? Voicemail full? Fax the bastards for free online! (Twitter)

Good News
* Trump administration issues waiver to let green card holders avoid travel ban (Washington Times)

* Airbnb is providing free housing to refugees and anyone not allowed in the US. Stayed tuned for more, contact me if urgent need for housing (Twitter, Airbnb CEO)

* Court says Wisconsin GOP must draw new Assembly map after ruling current map is illegal gerrymander (Daily Kos)

* Campaign for New York Health - NY state introduces single-payer health care plan. Further context explained by a nonnie here. NYC folks, call your reps if this is something your for!

* NEW: @ACLU now says it has received 290,000 online donations totaling $19.4 million since Saturday morning. Average per year is $3-4 million (Reuters via Twitter)

* Breaking: In new fed case, Judge Dolly Gee (CD Cal) requires the *return* of a [specific] person deported under the Trump EO (Buzzfeed via Twitter)

* California politicians speak out against Trump's actions on immigration, Gov. Brown delivers State of the State address (LA TImes). Sen. Feinstein introduces legislation that would a) rescind the Muslim ban executive order and b) "prevent a president from unilaterally banning groups of immigrants. "

* Uber vs. Lyft: Rideshare Companies Dragged Into Immigration Debate (NBC). This stuff matters, you guys. Forget the right side of history; there are a whole lot of companies and corporations out there who desperately do not want millions of Americans lumping them with Trump.

* Today, at Detroit Metro Airport, protesters made room for Muslims to pray. They used protest signs as prayer mats. (Twitter)

* 10 Senate seats that could flip in 2018 (The Hill)

* Malevolence Tempered by Incompetence: Trump’s Horrifying Executive Order on Refugees and Visas - scathing review of the Muslim ban, not just as a policy but as a document, by someone who professes himself to "believe in strong counterrorism powers" and be "positively enthusiastic about American surveillance policies," aka not exactly your usual quarter for denouncing something like this.

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