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Hockey Recs #18

Pens fic
Let's Go For It (Just for Tonight) by iBear
Sid/Geno, 14k. Hockey player Sidney Crosby talks sometime-sex therapist Geno Malkin into helping him with sex. Do they both get more out of this than the bargained for? (Spoiler: yes.)

Say My Name by RainyForecast
Sid/Geno, 1.5k. In which Sid is the one who can't read the menu, and Geno is the native speaker who takes pity. Just as cute as it can be.

Motherland by sevenfists
Sid/Geno, 61k. Sid comes out, and it takes Geno on a long, unexpected journey. Look, this is more than 60,000 words long and I read it twice in the first week after it posted. I LOVE this fic. I love everything about this author's Geno characterization: his warm affection, his intentional, self-aware flare for absurdity and overstatement that often doubles back into a kind of self-deprecation. I love how she handles his language struggles, the development of his relationship with Sid, everything. This is an instant classic, IMO.

love ain't nothing (series) by jediseagull
Sid/Geno, 11k. I recced the first installment of this psychic wolves AU a while back, but now there's more. Come for the great porn, stay for the pack politics and Geno's emotional flailing.

but baby how we spoon like no one else by bluejayys
Bennett/Bortuzzo, 5k. Or, Beau Bennett's guide to growing up, moving on, and finally (finally!) getting the guy. I have such a soft spot for this pairing, and this is very sweet. I like the prospect of Beau finally letting himself have something with Bortz after he moves on from the Pens and finally starts feeling like he's getting somewhere.

The Meat It Feeds On by ionthesparrow
Maatta/Schultz, 3k. I love Olli and Schultzy and I love horror, so I liked this fic a LOT. One of those that leaves itself open to multiple interpretations.

We'll Make T-Shirts by downjune
Crosby/Rust, 3k. Another one where "industrial soulbonds" would apply. Another one with utilitarian sex but very genuine caretaking, and a lot more feeligns than either party expected. ;_;

Other fic
Out of the Blue by Idday
Eichel/McDavid, 20k. Delightful You've-Got-Mail-flavored identity porn. Good for what ails you. :)))

in the dream I don't tell anyone by escherzo
Nick Foligno/Marcus Foligno, 2k. Post-game incest, which is automatically angry because someone had to lose. Hits a lot of incest kink buttons for me.

56 Strikes by crispierchip
Barrie/Landeskog, 2k. Kinkfic where the captain gets spanked for losses. Not my team, not my kink, and yet I really liked this.

Streetlights, People by pantsoffdanceoff
Larkin/Sheahan, 6k. I don't know much about the Wings, but I enjoyed this soulbonding fic a lot. I really felt Dylan's melancholy as he watches Riley move out and seem to build a life without Dylan.

A Goddamn King (the lavender's blue remix) by frausorge
Pearson/Toffoli, 7k. A remix of a fic tagged "Industrial Soulbonds," which is the greatest phrase ever, IMO. This is a pretty fucked up universe, and I really liked this portrait of a character growing up in it and how he finds love and a chance for happiness despite everything.

Don't Bleed by Dark_Eyed_Junco
Jones/Toffoli, 19k. The story of the aftermath of the breakup of Martin and Jones, who are sharp with each other and all angles, because that's easier that vulnerability. This one really lets the reader do some of the work of interpreting what Jones is feeling, which I appreciated.

A Temporary Fix by hapakitsune
Martin/Amanda Kessel, 2k. Sexy flirting and then hot sex.

that thing I've been looking for by lilcrickee
Giroux/Konecny, 3k. I'm not usually into this kind of power imbalance, "captain takes care of rookie" thing, but for some reason I really like it here? I think it's partly because what instigates the whole thing is Travis's own private heartbreak, unrelated to anything going on in the room on the ice.

take a sip of my secret potion by bluejayys
Galchenyuk/Gallagher, 6k. Brendan’s gonna get to know Alex-- maybe even work up the courage to ask him out on a date. Even if he has to get cursed over and over to do it. This is very fun and very cute, and features devious matchmaker Brad Marchand, which was a thing I NEVER KNEW I WANTED.

rising water by hicsvntdracones
Lucic/McDavid, 3.5k. a/b/o where Connor goes into surprise heat, and Looch helps. I am just such a sucker for these kinds of utilitarian sex caretaking scenarios. <3_<3

descent by savedby
Lucic/McDavid, 1k. This captured so many of those conflicting power imbalances I love in this pairing - the young superstar and his veteran bodyguard.

and I've just let these little things slip out of my mouth (series) by crispierchip
Skjei/Vesey, 35k. In which coming out is hard, takes time, and is a different process for different people. I enjoyed both fics in this series a LOT.

A Week with Paul by Tintinnabulation_of_the_Bells
Kariya/Selanne, 7k. One never booked a return ticket with Paul Kariya. A very sweet fic in which Teemu knows what he wants and is willing to be patient.

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