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GotG2 rewatch thoughts

I just got back from watching it the second time. You guys, I liked it the first time, but I LOVED it the second time. It’s so dense with character moments but also silly moments but also this goshwow cosmic stuff that is MY JAM. GotG1 and Winter Soldier used to be tied for my favorite MCU movie, but I think GotG2 just moved into first place.

Some things I particularly loved this time:

* “I don’t know why they’re after us. What a mystery this is.”
* QUANTUM ASTEROID FIELD lololol this movie is totally bonkers
* That half the opening action scene was just Groot dancing while stuff happens in the background.
* “If he ends up being evil, we’ll just kill him” - Gamora, the emotional support we need and deserve
* The whole conversation about why Groot doesn’t like hats. I about died both times.
* “Well, of course not.” ;____________;

And also, on second watch I think I fell in love with Peter? He irritated me sometimes in the first movie and entertained me in others, and I ended up feeling sort of neutral about him, but I really love him in this movie. He never really gets invested in the story Ego tells him. He cares way more about the idea of a dad than about this phenomenal cosmic power stuff Ego tries to sell him on, and he doesn’t ever seem really tempted by it. “And what’s wrong with that,” he says - not like someone who’s learned a valuable lesson, but someone who never really doubted in the first place.

Canon notes:

Peter first piloted the Milano when he was 10.
They use inches to measure things!
They say “Oh my god” and “Hell” (”Hel”?)
Drax and his sensitive nipples lol
So what’s the deal with Mantis’s outfit, anyway?

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Jul. 12th, 2017 03:03 am (UTC)
“If he ends up being evil, we’ll just kill him”

And then...that's EXACTLY what they do!!! I love all those moments in the film where characters say the truth without realizing it, same with Drax saying "I thought Yondu was your father."

I definitely want to watch the second again...well, I'd watch the second film about every day if I could...but I watched the Mother's Day Q and A thing with James Gunn and I understood Peter and Yondu a LOT more. Plus, he revealed still more stuff I didn't catch...even though I saw it basically every week in May.

Anyway, Gunn was really honest about Peter's faults and everything so I watched the first film again and I really saw Yondu's PoV...Peter was kind of being a little shit but then he loves him but he can't love him too much because the team is giving him shit but then what if Peter turns into his father or what if he makes too much of a name for himself and Ego finds him anyway?

Ugh, I love this film. It's so freaking rare to have a sequel that actually makes you realize what you thought you knew about the first film was misguided or just plain WRONG! Not just with Yondu and Peter but also Nebula and Gamora.

Personally, I think he learned at age 10 because he was easier to track that way but then, Peter was have learned about the tracker later and started taking it off.

Were you able to watch either time in 3D? I totally understand if you're unable to, but this movie was actually deserving of 3D. Oh yes, the "bonkers" was perfect.

And if it wasn't 2 am, I'd look up an illegal stream of the "Come a Little Bit Closer" scene, oh yes..

P.S. I find myself comparing every film I see now as...Yeah, but was it GOTG2 good?

Edited at 2017-07-12 06:04 am (UTC)
Jul. 19th, 2017 12:21 am (UTC)
I think one of the things I love about this sequel is it does such a good job of building on the relationships of the first movie. Like, a lot of sequels end up feeling kind of superfluous, like why did you even bother making another one. But this one felt really character-rich, and like you said, it helped us get to know the characters and it fleshed them out.

I watched in 2D both times because I just don't like 3D. I've never seen a movie in 3D where I felt like it added anything, and it's more expensive.
Jul. 19th, 2017 02:18 am (UTC)
Exactly! Like that's the mark of a true sequel...does it make the previous films matter more or make us think about them in a different way that we know more about what's going on? Instead of just a rehash of the old formula or whatever...

I can't wait for Volume 3 and have to keep reminding myself that they're in Infinity War first. I'll just have to survive on fanfic for now.

Normally, I agree with you about 3D. I watch a lot of films that look borderline stupid in 2D because you can tell they only cared about the 3D audience.

However, my mom and I accidentally saw Rogue One in 3D...it was the only showing that worked for our schedules and it had the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2. It was the only time that we saw a trailer in 3D and were so blown away that we were both like, We NEED to see this in 3D. It's a very fun environment to be immersive in for starters. Then, you have this standard pratfall that almost every film seems to have...REALLY DARK SCENERY!

Like you have a 3D film and you're going to waste it on cinematography that we could barely see anyway? But as you recall, the palette is VERY BRIGHT for GOTG2 so that the colors literally pop...I had to giggle just then because the colors literally pop during the "My Sweet Lord" scene and "Father and Son" but then they also swirl during "Mr. Blue Sky". That scene also had...do you remember when Groot was dancing and there's a brief moment where he actually looks down below the platform where they're fighting?
The times I watched in 2D, that shot was meh, like okay, we're high up but in 3D, it's like holy shit! I also enjoyed that there were aspects that were definitely ride-like such as the mining craft and Rocket's Ravager plan. I admit that I like having my feet on the bar so depending on the bass, there's some 4D action there. Now the people who love paying 20 bucks per ticket for that motion thing, there basically wouldn't be any difference between how they saw GOTG Vol 2 and the Star Wars ride at Disney. *We don't pay 20 dollars per ticket. We are cheap people. The most expensive tickets we've done were those special "FATHOM EVENTS!" tickets. 3D matinee was just $10 or 11 each, which is fine for a once a year or less thing, but I understand if that still isn't your price range.

It was the best film I've ever seen in 3D...although I know some would fight me because I never saw Avatar. I thought Avatar looked stupid. Then, my nephew put it on for us to watch and I fell asleep about halfway through.
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