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Dear Femslashex Creator

Yaaaay femslashex! I've never done this exchange before, but I am super excited about it! In particular I'm super excited to receive fic or art for any of my f/f ships here. I can't wait. <3

General Likes: psychological horror, existential horror, weird plants, creepy ruins, creepy weird landscapes, body horror, amnesia. Loneliness, lonely people finding they’re less alone than they thought. Angst with happy/hopeful endings. Kink negotiation, body appreciation, touching and teasing, xeno kink, women in charge. A/B/O, tentacles, wingfic, steampunk vibes. Drabbles, nonlinear storytelling, experimental structures, found documents fic. Fallen London fusions.

DNWs/Dislikes relentless fluff; sexual violence or threats thereof; gory wounds; death of the POV character; trauma to eyes, hands, or teeth. Larger person physically dominating smaller one, comeplay, rimming, non-con, D/s-type punishment. Infidelity, first-person POV, crossovers. Non-canon AUs (ex: coffee shop AUs, as opposed to canon divergence AUs, which I am very fond of).

Likes for this canon: Spaaaaaace. Post-movie fic, canon-divergent fic, space hooker AUs (please oh please), weird space kinkiness, sexual/kink discovery, found family feels, xeno (including surprise xeno), crack treated seriously, cosmic horror, body horror, architectural horror, cool settings, cool alien species, weird alien worlds or buildings, evil plants, people slowly and cautiously learning to be emotionally vulnerable, non-canon AUs as long as they’re still in space (for example: space spies yes, modern American coffee shop AU no) or are Fallen London fusions (oh please oh please). I love basically all the more-or-less-good guys in both GotG movies, so feel free to include any of them as secondary characters. I'm a lot more interested in space or Asgard/Jotunheim/etc settings than in Earth settings.

Dislikes specific to this canon: Fluff, torture to eyes, hands, or teeth; non-canon ships other than the requested ones; sexism aimed at female characters; sexuality/identity crises; first-person POV, character death (unless they come back!). Also please no noncon, although dubcon of the sex pollen or sex ritual kind is very welcome, as long as all parties have approximately the same level of consent.

Art Specifics: I would really like something that is explicitly shippy, with handholding or kissing or exceedingly fond looks or dancing or what have you. I adore the cosmic setting of GotG, the clothing of various space cultures, the gorgeous space backdrops, the spaceships – these movies have so much visual stuff to love. I'm a sucker for characters in different clothes, especially fancy or costume-y clothes. I also really love everything about the GotG women's visual designs.

Gamora/Nebula - So deliciously fucked up. The pseudo-incest is a feature, not a bug! I was fascinated in Vol. 2 by how differently they viewed their childhood relationship. I love Nebula's visual design and all the body horror and body issues that come with it. (Porn about that very welcome!) I'm intrigued by how Gamora actually has a family she remembers and a group she calls family now and yet still seems pretty repressed and shut off – it's like Nebula got enough feelings for the both of them.

I would prefer fic that deals with them as adults, rather than backstory fic. Canon divergence, porn, post-movie plot, feelsy domestic fic – I am up for anything. Nebula getting de-aged?

Gamora/Ayesha - Ayesha being the very angry golden woman in Vol. 2, of course. I'm thinking something about diplomacy here? A canon divergence AU where Thanos decides to treat with the Sovereign and Gamora is the diplomat (lol)/muscle/offered bride. Or maybe Gamora shows Ayesha some of the sensations, if not the precise mechanics, of old-fashioned biological reproduction.

Nebula/Aleta Oogard - The thing Nebula needs most in all the world post-vol 2 is someone to work with with whom she has zero emotional baggage. Aleta's handy with weapons and easy with her ethics: she's perfect. Or maybe Aleta is that one-night stand from years ago when Nebula snuck off that one time. Maybe now they meet again?

Gamora/Jane Foster - Gamora is capable, deadly, closed off, and so freaking gorgeous. Jane loves space, and anyway she needs to get away for a while. They're both still getting over the after-effects of being used by infinity stones, and they're starting to think they never will get over them. Sexual discovery, xeno, dreamsharing (infinity stone veterans!!), finding what they need in each other? Or a space hooker AU, I would be very into that, too.

A note on canon familiarity: The Name of the Rose and the two Greg Rucka minis are my favorite Natasha canon. I'm also familiar with all of the Edmondson/Noto Black Widow, the Waid/Samnee Black Widow, and the Yelena mini, so feel free to include stuff from there as you like. I've read the Richard K. Morgan minis but I reject them and everything about them. I'm not very familiar with general Avengers canon.

Likes for this canon: Plot, hurt/comfort, working together for some greater purpose, Yelena having Natasha's back and vice versa without ever articulating what this means, moments of softness in amongst all the roughness.

Dislikes specific to this canon: Any of Yelena's canon from the Richard K. Morgan series, the Secret Avengers series, or after - I am firmly in the "still a spy, still human, stilll alive" place of denial. Torture to eyes, hands, or teeth. Character death (unless they come back!). Non-canon AUs (like coffee shops).

Natasha Romanov/Yelena Belova - I love these complicated Russian assassins so much. I love how Natasha comes to genuinely care about Yelena but also shows it possibly the most fucked way possible. I love Natasha's humor towards Yelena and Yelena's utter lack of humor. I'm fascinated by how obsessed Yelena is with Natasha – it looks like the classic "Be her or do her?" conundrum to me.

The Breakdown arc fascinated and horrified me, and I would love follow-up. Alternatively, pretty much anything that involves them working against or with each other, however uneasily. Hurt/comfort very welcome, especially Yelena taking care of Natasha (however unwillingly). What if Yelena had run across the Dark Room (from the Waid/Samnee run) when Natasha did, and how would she have felt about it? What if Natasha and Yelena ended up temporarily in charge of one or more of the child assassins?

Likes for this canon: The creep factor, the Demagorgan, the Upside-Down, body horror, monstrous horror combined with growing-up horror, aaaaangst, canon divergence AUs. You can set fic/art around the time of the canon or a couple of years later when Nancy's of age – I'm fine with either.

Dislikes specific to this canon: Casual homophobic and misogynistic language (it's fine if it's part of the plot or emotional arc, I just don't want it for ~atmosphere). Sexual violence, character death, bad things happening to eyes, hands, or teeth. Non-canon AUs (like coffee shop AUs).

Art specifics: Very into into kissing, people stripping each other's clothing off, people getting eaten out, lying in bed with one person on the other person's belly, plaid, someone waking up with a nightmare, target practice where someone's hand is very intimately placed on someone else's hip, huddling together in the Upside Down. Have I mentioned plaid? :D

Nancy/Joyce - There is no fic for this ship, but I am so intrigued. They've both been through a whole lot, they're both pretty fucked up about it, and maybe that leads very unexpected places, like eating each other out. *_* But action-y plotty stuff is also relevant to my interests! I'm pretty much here for the angst and for the "us against the world" stuff. Maybe they end up in the Upside Down again, together?

Sexuality freakouts are welcome as long as they're not the main point of the fic. Age difference freakouts are also okay (ie, that time they were fucking and Joyce casually mentioned her stretch marks).

Likes for this canon: Body horror, body discovery, sensation play (Keaton has a frozen arm, for goodness' sake!), survival narratives, Keaton being a badass smuggler type, Keaton: Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Victoria's sheltered upbringing being a strength as well as a weakness, moments of vulnerability between them.

Dislikes specific to this canon: Character death, sexual menace, non-canon AUs (like coffee shop AUs).

Art specifics: I would love to see this pairing in some state of undress, maybe with some of their many outer layers strewn around to remind us that this is a temporary reprieve. I am also into kissing, hands gently cradling faces, cuddling. Have I mentioned Keaton's frozen arm? :D

Keaton/Victoria Bonham - I'd love something post-comic where they meet up again. Maybe 5 Times They Met Up Again, and One Time Keaton Didn't Leave? Maybe some sexual exploration? Pillow talk about their childhoods? Maybe something brings Victoria's father's death back to the fore, and they have to address that at a deeper level.

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