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Posting Meme: Formative Fannish Influences

five formative influences on your fandom experience (ie, what got you into fandom in general, formative canons, etc.) for [personal profile] theladyscribe.

So this basically turned into a basic history of me and fandom, which was kind of fun to write out. It turns out a lot of my formative fannish influences have been fics, actually, rather than canons. To my surprise, the really important fannish influences in my life that I could think of turned out to number exactly five. Presented in chronological order.

* Buffy the Vampire Slayer aka THE REASON I AM HERE WITH YOU ALL. There was an evening in early 2008 when I was like, man, I'm tired of vampires. And then for some perverse reason I went and looked up Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Hulu (which was free then) and watched the first episode. I was busy avoiding some RL stuff that spring, so I kept watching, and I was mildly entertained. And then sometime in the summer I watched 5.07 Fool For Love, and friends, it blew my mind. It's a damn near perfect piece of TV, in my opinion. On first watch you get all this new information, capped off with all these feelings (THE PORCH SCENE) and then you go back and rewatch and it's so beautifully structured, and the subway fight intercut with Buffy and Spike in the present day is just thrilling to watch. Guh.

At that point I was hooked on the show and on Spike. I'd been vaguely aware of this fandom thing before, and when I'd finished the show, I was VERY disgruntled by Buffy and Spike's last exchange and went looking for fic. I think the second thing that popped up on google was All About Spike (still with us to this day <3333). I spent that summer reading several millions of words of Spike fanfic, in November I posted my first fic, and the rest is history.

* longsufferingly | poor_choices | [ profile] Chash is the author whose J2 fics gently lured me into slash fandom (and also RPF fandom, I guess, although that feels less momentous). Chash is just about the best intro to gay romance I could have asked for. They wrote literally hundreds of J2 fics, most in the 1-3k range, all of them from a feminist, sex-positive perspective about good people just trying to get along.

This is all very sweet but also hilarious, because I discovered Chash via THE MOST on-brand method imaginable: I was searching for mpreg on LJ, using the terrible LJ search engine. Yes, really. WHAT IS MORE, that first fic was also my intro to a/b/o. It's a beta/omega romance, clearly written in response to a genre I was not familiar with, and when I'd finished it, I could kind of see the porn logic to the alphas and the omegas, but I was fiercely curious about what narrative purpose the betas served in this universe. And seven years later, here we are.

* spnkink_meme, the place I started really spending time on sometime mid-2012, which totally and permanently fucked my baseline for kink in fandom. Look, if there are no diapers, no dogs, and everyone's an adult, is it really kinky at all? There was a lot of low-key (and sometimes high-key) sexism, a lot of people posted logged in (sometimes with icons of their children?!), sometimes there was bottoming wank in the comments to a prompt, approximately 85% of the fills were of no interest to me whatsoever and probably 30% actively grossed me out, and I had a fantastic time. I could prompt whatever the hell I wanted, and I explored a bunch of kinks that, six years and several fandoms later, have finally turned up on my AO3. The SPN kinkmeme taught me YKINMKATO down to my bones, and I will be forever grateful.

* Fastening Your One Heart on Every Falling Thing by [ profile] thefourthvine, the fic that single-handedly dragged me into hockey fandom. I had no idea who these people were or what they looked like. All I knew was that Evgeni Malkin in this fic broke my heart and I NEEDED more of him. And then I looked around and realized that actually everyone cared about Sid instead. ;___; But then I started watching games and interviews, and I discovered to my shock and delight that RL Geno was a pretty great favorite to have. Also I became a sports fan. I read Fasten One Heart in February and posted my first fic in June, and now it's looking pretty likely I'll still be in the fandom for my five-year anniversary next year, which frankly blows my mind. SPORTS. Who saw it coming? ([personal profile] flamebyrd did.)

* Thor: Ragnarok, aka the movie that finally dragged me into the MCU a solid four years after I first watched GotG and started dabbling. I watched this in the theaters and enjoyed it a lot, even wrote a Thor/Heimdall fic, and then I rewatched it in June of this year and lost my fucking mind over it?? Specifically I fell head over heels for Loki, about whom I had zero feelings before this, and then in the process I got even more Thor feelings, and also Heimdall and Valkyrie are both REALLY GREAT in this movie, and basically my summer fling fandom of several years became my new obsession. I don’t have enough distance at this point to tell how long this will last or what will come out of it, but Thor, specifically circa/post-Ragnarok, is definitely my shiny new fandom of the moment.

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