Snick (snickfic) wrote,

Drabble: What She Knew

Title: What She Knew
Character/Pairing: Riley/Dru ('mong others)
Words: a cool 100
A/N: for that_september's Three-Sentence prompt "Spike/Buffy," "old loves." (There may, ah, have been some creative reinterpretation of the prompt.)

It's addiction and he's still psych major enough to see it, but that’s why he stays in the abandoned hut at jungle’s edge and lets the hostile drain him, ounce by ounce, every nerve ecstatically afire, until the day this woman Sam walks in, shoots his hostile goddess faceless, and saves him.

He loves her now, that’s not in question, and he never loved the vampire whore, neither of which explains why the dark eerie whispers of gallant dark knights lost to electricity and Slayers in dark throes have sent him back to Sunnydale, just to check. Just to see.
Tags: ch: dru, ch: riley, entry: fic, fandom: buffyverse, length: drabble, pairing: rare
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