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Dear Chocolatier

Dear Chocolatier, thank you so much for creating a gift for me! I had a great time with this exchange last year and am excited to get to do it again. I’ve written this letter by stealing from other letters written in a variety of formats, so if one section seems wordier than another or just organized slightly differently, that’s probably why.

General Likes and Dislikes/DNWs

General Fic likes: I like stories about complex characters who have both flaws and strengths, who learn to care for each other despite obstacles (external or internal) that would get in the way of that. I love internal character conflict and people having to figure out who they are and what they care about. I love people having complicated feelings about themselves and each other. I enjoy when a character has a romantic/sexual history or has their own specific reasons for not having that experience. I don’t mind references to prior canon relationships or prior relationships with OCs. I like both endgame romance and sexual/romantic relationships that don't feel like endgame, but that offer something in the moment to the parties involved.

I LOVE canon-divergent fic and what-ifs. Team-ups between unexpected characters. Moments of unexpected/unwanted vulnerability. Kink, rough sex. Body appreciation, touching and teasing, cunnilingus, breast appreciation, kissing, sexual/kink discovery. Character-driven porn, porn with feelings. Characters making poor choices re: sex; characters being dysfunctional about sex. Comfort sex.

Unusual formatting – epistolary, poetry, documents fic, drabble series, etc. Nonlinear fic and other experimental structures. Fics of all lengths, from drabbles to longfic. Fics of all ratings. Canon divergence and what-if scenarios (I LOVE these). “X didn’t die” fics. Third-person POV, second-person POV, outsider POV.

Angst, with or without hopeful ending. Fucked-up characters doing the best they can with what they’ve got. Ghosts, timey-wimey shenanigans of all kinds, autumn, winter. Richly detailed settings, stories with lots of atmosphere.

I love horror, spookiness, and melancholy. If you’re into that vibe, I have a whole list of general likes here. I’m particularly fond of cosmic horror, body horror, architectural horror, and biological horror.

I'm also feeling in a very wintery mood, so if you're casting about for ideas, put my requested ship surviving in the snow or huddling for warmth or celebrating some setting-appropriate winter holiday, and I will be all yours. Winter coziness, winter bleakness, winter out in the wilderness, wintery h/c – they're all good!

SPAAAAAACE. Biopunk. Timey-wimey shenanigans of all kinds. Weird space kinkiness, cool settings, cool alien species and cultures, weird alien worlds or buildings. Xeno. Space whales, megafauna of all kinds. Mpreg (about which you can read allll my thoughts here. Ritual sex. ELDRITCH ritual sex. Magical soul bonds, dreamsharing, empathic abilities (especially unwilling ones!). Competence kink, identity porn, arranged marriage, crack treated seriously. Magical soul bonds. Huddling for warmth. Hurt/comfort; hurt/comfort where the people don't like each other or have past conflict. Forced intimacy. "We need to have sex for reasons" scenarios, the more awkward the better (as long as no one is genuinely upset by the situation); aftermath of those scenarios.

Art likes: Characters drawn in really different styles than canon (art nouveau, medieval illuminated manuscripts, Calvin and Hobbes pastiche…). Vibrant colors. Simple line art with no colors or just a tiny bit of accent color. Spaaaaaace. Characters in different clothes, especially fancy or costume-y clothes. For shippy art I love kissing, clothed intimacy like a hand casually resting on other person’s hip/butt, breast touching, cunnilingus, fingering, het with a fem-dommy vibe where it feels like everyone's into it and having a good time. Art dislikes: chibi art, dicks as the focus of the art.

General Dislikes / DNWs:
  • Trauma to eyes, hands, or teeth.
  • Noncon, sexual assault. (I'm fine with as backstory, I just don't need it on-screen.)
  • Relentless fluff – ie, scenarios where everyone is happy and they're doing something happy and maybe domestic together, and there are no other emotional tones to the story. Add a little bit of bittersweet or make it creepy/weird fluff and I'll love it, though!
  • Rimming
  • Infidelity
  • First-person POV
  • Unrequested crossovers
  • Non-canon setting AUs (like coffee shop AUs, high school AUs, etc)
  • Female characters being sexually menaced by male characters
  • Genderswap or rule 63
  • Characters in shipfic being written as asexual
  • Trans headcanons
  • Grief porn, where the fic is all about someone’s response to someone else’s death.
  • Alpha/beta/omega fic unless requested
  • Unrequested noncanon ships.
  • Character death of anyone in the ship that the work is about.


MCU-specific DNWs: Blanket DNW for any canon related to Infinity War or Endgame except where explicitly requested. Reliance on canon from Spider-Man, Agents of SHIELD, or the Netflix shows, because I haven’t seen any of them. Fic featuring the Avengers as a group. Regarding my "no eye trauma" DNW, for Thor's eye I would just like no graphic descriptions of the wound.

Regarding non-canon ships, I am fine with mentions of prior Grandmaster/Loki, Hela/Valkyrie, and Valkyrie/any or all of the other Valkyries. References to prior relationships with OCs is also fine.

Likes specific to this canon: Thor: Ragnarok, with its cosmic setting, its colorful vision of space and aliens, its mix of comedy and tragedy and character growth, and its hopeful ending (ignoring the mid-credits scene, because I live in a land of denial re: IW and Endgame).

I love anything about the Asgardians’ big cosmic road trip to Earth, but I would also love to read stuff about what they do after they get there – do they settle into Norway (and if so, hooooow did a bunch of space Vikings figure out how to build and surve as a fishing village?)? Do they team up with Wakanda and/or Tony Stark and build a space station or floating island, like in the comics? Or do they end up settling somewhere other than Earth, after all?

I also really love stories about small-scale politics. How does Thor govern? Does he have an advisory council? Who’s on it, and what are the internal politics? What are the concerns of a ship of refugees, and how do they conflict?

I’ve also got prompts for earlier in the timeline, and in particular I LOVE canon divergence AUs and Different First Meeting AUs. In general, I love space worldbuilding. I am extremely down for scenarios where Asgardians have non-human genitalia (because why is always the Jotuns that are weird!). I also love “weird shit someone has to do to get supplies for Asgard.”

I’m deep in my Loki feelings at the moment, so a lot of these ships involve him. I find him most compelling in Ragnarok, where he’s mellowed a little re: his earlier angst and where he makes a series of actual good decisions, like coming to rescue the Asgardians and then sticking around afterwards. <3 I feel like he’s a person who rarely if ever knows what he wants or what he’s trying to accomplish, but who has, by the end of Ragnarok, maybe found a place for himself that he cares about arrived at a kind of peace about being loyal to his brother the king. The Thor+Loki brotherly relationship is really important to me, even though I don’t ship them just by themselves. I LOVE fic that digs into Loki’s issues with his Jotun history; if you can get Loki to change into Jotun form for reasons, I am 100% there, regardless of ship. I’m also really interested in fic that involves Loki using the Tesseract or the Casket of Winters. I know in the comics, Loki’s gender is ambiguous or changes depending on the situation, but for the MCU I prefer a Loki who identifies as male.

I also really love Thor and feel so hard for him as he’s gone on this journey from untroubled youth to king, and all the heartache that happened in between. I love Thor being smart and impulsive and a little bit of an ass; Thor having a sense of humor and dealing with the burden of kingship.

I'm very interested in Heimdall being a one-man surveillance state and the effect that’s had on his personal relationships; Heimdall having vulnerabilities and a sense of humor. I find it very plausible that Thor and Loki don’t really know Heimdall, despite growing up around him, or that they only know one side of him, and are startled to realize that he has vulnerabilities and feelings, too.

I love Valkyrie for being a badass and a hot mess with a lot of complicated feelings about Asgard and her rediscovered loyalties. She’s so hot, and she’s funny, and I can see her taking a while to figure out where she fits in in this Asgard she’s made her way back to. Her name situation is kind of weird, and I'm fine with whatever direction you want to go – calling her Val, Valkyrie, 142, or the name her parents gave her, whatever name you choose go with there.

I tended to put ideas below wherever they seemed to fit, but feel free to mix and match! If you see a Valkyrie-related idea you like for one ship, feel free to use it for another ship, and so on. Or skip all this and write what you feel; these ideas are just here for you if you find them useful!

Also, here are some spooky-type prompts that I would enjoy for any of the ships.
- The tesseract attracts cosmic horrors
- The tesseract has VERY WEIRD EFFECTS on people in its vicinity when not secured properly
- In Ragnarok, Loki stole the Casket of Ancient Winters in addition to/instead of the tesseract
- Thor's weather magic goes wrong
- Heimdall's seeing power goes wrong.
- Loki's Jotun body/powers start going haywire. Loki loses the ability to stay in Aesir form. Loki has to use his ice powers for some reason, which means changing to Jotun form, and he gets stuck that way. Loki has to reveal his Jotun form for some reason and is super unhappy about it.
- Hela dying has a physical/magical/emotional effect on Valkyrie or Thor or the universe.
- One of the ships has to have ritual sex for reasons
- Somebody didn’t even know soul bonds existed, and now they have one
- Somebody falls from their own universe into a canon divergence AU (or vice versa)
- The infinity stones are creepier/weirders/less predictable than in canon

Heimdall/Loki: Heimdall sees (almost?) everything and yet has failed to see a lot of key things in Loki’s life, like his survival in the void. Maybe Loki has a lot of complicated feelings about the person who’s always looking; does he want that attention, or doesn’t he? There’s also the age gap combined with the prince/subject relationship; how do those conflicting power imbalances shake out?
  • How much did Heimdall know about Loki’s parentage? How does Loki feel about this? Maybe some sexual experimentation with Loki’s Jotun form is in order.
  • Heimdall gets Loki pregnant, to everyone’s surprise. Maybe it was a one-night stand, and Heimdall offer to keep the baby if Loki chooses to have it, and then romance happens, or maybe it’s an established relationship, and now they have to decide how or if a baby fits into it.
  • Heimdall’s injury in the bridge fight turns out to be magical, and he needs Loki’s healing magic to save him. Now if only Loki can remember what his mother taught him about healing magic…

Bruce Banner/Loki: You know how in Ragnarok, Loki's sitting there in chains and he says, "Hallo, Bruce," all sultry? That's my reason for shipping this ship. BUT ALSO I find them really interesting, because Loki is terrified by the Hulk (not so much by Bruce), and Bruce is pretty alarmed by Loki, and I would just really love to put them in a box and shake them until something happens, like very conflicted kissing. :D Maybe they also bond over science/magic, or maybe they have enormous fights over it. I would prefer a space setting for this, set post-Age of Ultron or later.
  • They have to work together on the Statesman. Maybe between the bitching (they would be so bitchy at each other) they find some common ground in their respective traumatic backstories, or maybe they just find some mutual sexual relief.
  • Some kind of "stuck on a planet and one of us is injured" scenario.
  • Some kind of "stuck on a planet and now we have to fuck for reasons" scenario.
  • Instead of Sakaar, Bruce ends up in Asgard after Age of Ultron. Of course Loki recognizes him; now he has to figure out what to do with him.

Heimdall/Loki/Valkyrie: Because it's hot, okay. :P But also I ship all the pairs in this OT3 and would love to see how all those different tensions play out together and rub against each other.
  • Magical ritual sex for reasons (and the aftermath? The aftermath is always my favorite part of people needing to have sex for reasons)
  • Soulbonding, yes please. Accidental or something they choose, temporary or permanent. Again: dreamsharing, sexual tension, maybe some creep of magical powers between them… :D
  • Anything where Loki has to be in Jotun form for some reason. Odin’s enchantment to make him look Asgardian is wearing off? They get stranded on an ice planet? He stole the Casket of Winters as well as/instead of the Tesseract, and now they need him to use it? In any case, he is super unexcited to be blue. :D :D :D

Gamora/Loki/Nebula: They all have BUCKETS OF ISSUES; imagine all those issues leaking out onto each other. :D Maybe Gamora and Nebula were already fucking when Loki showed up, or maybe he’s the catalyst. While these are all very dangerous and damaged people, especially in the pre-Avengers period, I’d prefer a scenario that allows for a little bit of tenderness, even if none of the parties admit to it.
  • After taking Loki apart, Thanos leaves it to Gamora and Nebula to put him back together again so he can be of use. They’re not very gentle about it (but still maybe a little gentler than one might expect).
  • Somehow Loki persuades Gamora and Nebula to escape Thanos and take him with him, or maybe somehow they come up with this idea on their own. And then angsty sex on the run? Maybe Gamor and Nebula already fucked sometimes, and it feels natural enough to include Loki. I LOVE the possibility that Loki met one or both of Gamora and Nebula in his pre-Avengers period with Thanos, and would like to see the fallout of that possible meeting, either at the time or later.
  • Some kind of AU apocalypse has happened, and they fall in together (again?). Together they’re safer from any of the universe’s dangers than they would be apart, except they might not be safe from each other… I just really love us-against-the-world scenarios, the more unlikely to grouping the better. :D
  • Thanos takes Loki from Jotunheim as one of his children, and he’s raised with Gamora and Nebula. (Feel free to handwave supposed canonical ages here however you want).

Loki/Minn-Erva: I'm not looking for romance here, I just love the idea of these two encountering each other over the years and maybe bonding over how they hate everyone. They would be SO CATTY together, it would be glorious. Maybe they hang out at the edges of boring parties and quietly mock everyone, and then fall into bed later. Maybe they end being a little fond of each other despite themselves. I think Valkyrie pretends she doesn't give a fuck, but Minn-Erva ACTUALLY doesn't give a fuck, and I feel like Loki would find that appealing. I would love Minn-Erva's perspective of Loki's culture, or vice versa.
  • Minn-Erva's sent to Asgard's court as the bodyguard of some Kree representative, is bored out of her skull. Fortunately the younger, sharper-eyed prince provides some entertainment.
  • Post-Ragnarok, the Asgardians encounter Minn-Erva on some port. Maybe they need her for something, or maybe she needs them.
  • If Thor went to university, surely Loki went too, right? He and Minn-Erva meet each other there and have a lot of hot, extremely casual sex.

Carol Danvers/Yon-Rogg: Their canonical relationship is so interesting to me, because it feels so much more complicated than I would generally expect from a relationship between characters of these types. For one thing, Yon-Rogg seems to really believe the lines he's feeding to Carol about the greatness of the Kree empire and the necessity of the empire's actions (including, one assumes, regarding Carol), and for another, he seems genuinely fond of Carol (and amused by her despite himself). For Carol's part, she clearly leans on Yon-Rogg for emotional support, possibly the only such support she has, and we never really see her work through the emotional implications of what it means for Yon-Rogg to have lied to her all that time.

In conclusion: very messy! I'm really interested in fic that embraces that messiness, that doesn't excuse Yon-Rogg's actions but maybe provides some context for them, but which also leans into the fact that Yon-Rogg is an extremely hierarchical sort of dude who is used to being humiliated by a guy who looks like himself. All of which is to say that I would love any kind of situation where Yon-Rogg's loyalties start to get more complicated, and Carol gets to figure out what it means to have one of the Kree's most elite and formerly devout military officers emotionally compromised for her sake and maybe looking to her for orders (and also like, life direction).

I'm very down for casual femdom here – nothing in the way of formal D/s, just Carol being the one taking the lead, and Yon-Rogg being into it (even if he also chafes at it sometimes). On another note, I am fascinated by Hala and would enjoy any Kree worldbuilding you felt like doing! I've also read a little bit of fic that has Yon-Rogg interacting with Carol's Earth crew, and would greatly enjoy more in that vein.

Some prompt possibilities:
- Something causes Carol to start figuring things out about herself earlier than in canon, in a different way, and Yon-Rogg finds his loyalties unexpectedly conflicted. Maybe the Supreme Intelligence tells Yon-Rogg to put Carol down (or try to), and he finds he can't do it?
- Carol and Yon-Rogg develop an unexpected and inconvenient soul bond.
- Yon-Rogg starts spying for Carol after the movie. Maybe when he gets caught, Carol goes to rescue him? Any kind of alliance between them is 👌👌👌.
- Any kind of post-canon situation where Carol rescues Yon-Rogg from something – torture, sex slavery, all those good wholesome things. ;) And then of course he needs some care while he heals, which neither of them is very comfortable with. (If you want my absolute iddiest prompt, the Supreme Intelligence could decide Yon-Rogg was only good for breeding Kree babies, and Carol rescues him, pregnant, from a pre-natal facility.)
- Hurt/comfort in general. I'm a huge sucker for people trying to figure out how to care for one another (and maybe being really bad at ). Maybe Carol and Yon-Rogg are working together, and she manages to sustain some kind of injury despite her powers – and is, predictably, the world's worst patient.

The Terror (TV) – fic, art

Likes specific to this canon: ICE, SNOW, MISERY. Life on the ice. Horror. Bonus supernatural elements (ghosts? The aurora borealis start to sing? IDEK). Fix-it fics. Canon divergence. Porn (especially stuff besides PIV). Also feel free to draw on any of the AUs I prompted for AU Exchange.

Dislikes specific to this canon: I know teeth breaking and/or falling out is canon, but please none of that in the fic. Silna leaving the Arctic. Kid fic or pregnancy fic (unless you want to finagle mpreg somehow, in which case be my guest). Violence against Silna beyond what happens in canon. The Tuunbaq dying during the fic.

Art likes (in addition to those at the top of the letter): ice and snow! Cuddling! Silna's furs and Goodsir's facial hair. Face touching. Kissing. Hurt/comfort. Anything with Silna and Tuunbaq.

Francis Crozier & James Fitzjames, Francis Crozier/James Fitzjames: I adore stories about people who go from mutual disdain to mutual respect, so the Crozier and Fitzjames arc in this show was very good to me. I'll be honest here, I don't even know what I want, I just really love them and want more of them. Maybe working together on some small project as captains during canon – perhaps after Carnivale, when their relationship really seemed to develop that mutual respect? An AU where conditions on King William Land are just a little less harsh, with a little more food, and they manage to survive somehow? Maybe Fitzjames survives the show with Crozier, and they both hide out in the frozen north, or maybe they even end up venturing somewhat south to live in the part of Canada that has trees. Or I am always, always a sucker for first times – first kisses, first sex, first time having a particular kind of sex, all that good stuff.


As you might guess from the rest of my requests, one of my favorite parts of the show was Silna. She fascinated me on the show, and I wanted so much more of her. She goes through so much—losing her father, being terrified of the Tuunbaq, trying to bond with the Tuunbaq and being rejected, getting captured and dragged around by the English—and the show doesn't really give us time to see how she's feeling about any of that. But her relationship with the English is never strictly an antagonistic one, either, because she goes to them for care when Tuunbaq rejects her, she hangs around afterwards until Crozier sends her away for her own safety, and she clearly respects and cares for him and Goodsir. She just has this whole very complicated relationship with English presence in her land for those two years, and narratively she functions as a representative of her entire people and the effect the English have had on them but also as herself, with her own fears and desires and affections and weaknesses. I'd really love fic about any of that.

Francis Crozier & Silna, Francis Crozier/Silna: I found their growing mutual respect for one another really interesting, and then that final incident, where she saves his life, just really fascinates me. I would be really interested in fic that explores their relationship more. I would love some kind of canon divergence where they stick together after the death of the Tuunbaq, or where Crozier finds her again after the events of the show and convinces her not to leave him this time. Maybe, against all odds, she encounters another animal spirit. Or maybe a scene or five things fic earlier on in their history, when things are less dire? It'd make sense to me that Crozier would drop by to see her sometimes while she was imprisoned.

Harry Goodsir & Silna, Harry Goodsir/Silna: The clearly reciprocated affection that grows between these two is so lovely. He's so sweet and earnest and has such a tender heart, and I love how Silna can see that, despite her experiences with the English as a whole. The scene where he's sobbing with grief and she comforts him is my favorite for them. I would love any kind of canon divergence where Goodsir survives (with or without other Englishmen), any moment of Silna and Goodsir teaching each other things, the afore-mentioned porn, a soulmate AU where they haltingly discover they're soulmates (and maybe that doesn't change much of anything at all, or maybe it does), or really anything Silna-focused involving these two.

Silna & Tuunbaq: Nearly everything between these two happens off-screen. Tell me more! I would love canon divergence here where Silna is able to bond with the Tuunbaq after all – what is that experience like for her? What does it mean for the English afterwards? Are women even allowed to be shaman, generally? Maybe she forms some kind of telepathic connection with the Tuunbaq – what would that be like? Does she derive any joy from it? Would love to see this combined with the Goodsir request above. Or for canon compliant fic, anything about her trying to bond with the Tuunbaq, her feelings about it, how they're tied up with her feelings about her father, it's all good.

Oasis (Band) - fic

I fell face-first into this fandom late in November, and I'm still in that honeymoon stage full of heart-eyes when I want ALL THE THINGS. I will be excited about fic set anytime from the early days of Oasis all the way to the present day. Liam is my favorite, in all his highly-strung, illogical, larger-than-life glory, and I tend to feel a little defensive of him, since I think he kind of ended up with the short end of the stick, post-Oasis (partly due to his own actions, but partly just because I think Noel is much better at navigating the real world than Liam, who seems to find it befuddling a lot of the time and just seems to operate on a different wavelength from everyone else). I'm fascinated in how intense they were about each other during the band years, and how intense they are now in a different way. Their dysfunctionality is what drew me to them in the first place (well, that and all the incestuous homoeroticism), and I'm into both fic that wallows around in that and fic that tries to build something a little more functional (but still intense and incestuous!) out of it.

I know it's a lot to ask with these two, but I would prefer fic that ends on some kind of hopeful note, or at least not a total downer note. The exception is if it's for one of the horror-type prompts, where you can go as sad/dark as you want. I'm not looking for happily ever after, but content-for-now is A-okay.

Feel free to include whatever other band members you feel like.

DNW notes: I'm waiving my no-infidelity DNW for this request, but I'm also fine with an AU situation where Liam or Noel or both are unattached during the fic. Please no bashing of female partners. I know Liam has a long-running feud with Noel's wife IRL, but I would prefer no mention of that in the fic. Please no non-canonical major illnesses (cancer, etc) and no deaths of real-life family members, like their mom, even as a very minor part of the fic. Also please no underage sex. I'm not really interested in their childhoods or pre-Oasis history at all, though I don't mind inclusion of some flashbacks or whatever if you need them. And finally, please no first person OR second person POV for this request.

Liam/Noel: I'm happy with any degree of shippiness for this, as long as they retain their RL weirdly sexualized vibe or some kind of previous sexual history.

- Reconciliation fic! I'm so hungry for fic where they start talking again in present day, motivated by whatever plot device you can come up with. Time loops? Kidnapped by faeries? Maybe Noel, much to his annoyance, finds he needs something from Liam. Maybe they accidentally trigger an extremely late-onset soulbond. I'm equally happy with fic where they end up shagging in the present day (maybe they never did during the glory years and NOW is their first time, in middle-age?) and fic where they used to back during the cocaine days and don't anymore but have that as a permanent piece of their history.

- Time loop fic! Either one of them can be stuck in the time loop, or both of them together. Maybe being stuck in a time loop is what finally gets them to have sex for the first time. Maybe it forces them to work out some issues?? (How many repeats would THAT take?)

- Fear of the supernatural seems to be a recurring theme in Liam's life. There was that time he thought his house was haunted and asked Gwyneth Paltrow to bring her Kabbalah friend to help deal with it (this may be my single favorite Liam story of all time), and then there's Noel's story about the band repeatedly pranking Liam by convincing him his hotel room was haunted. So what if Liam is actually clairvoyant, but nobody really realizes it, not even him? Oh, Liam's seeing things again, that’s what happens when you take drugs, kids. Does he see ghosts, auras, the future? What does it take for him to realize what's going on, or for Noel to finally believe him? Feel free to take this in a horror direction if you feel like.

- Hurt/comfort. Neither of these guys is exactly the caretaker type, so bummer for the one who needs the comfort, probably. What does it take for one of them to try to offer physical or emotional comfort to the other one? What does that comfort look like, in a Gallagher context? I'm a huge sucker for people trying to figure out how to care for one another (and maybe being really bad at it, but still managing some degree of success).

- Someone makes a literal deal with the devil to get Oasis their success. (Noel? Alan McGee? Liam seems like he'd be opposed, but maybe not; consequences have not ever been his forte.) What is the cost? Is there any way out of it? Does the responsible party even WANT out of it?

- Outside POV fic. I'm an absolute sucker for this. I'm thinking of one their band mates finally cottoning on to the fact that all the on-stage groping and the incest jokes in interviews are not… entirely… for show. Or maybe the bandmate notices a lot of little incidents and never quite puts the pieces together! I'm most familiar with the early iterations of the band (through the Be Here Now tour), but feel free to go with a later incarnation if you want. Tony McCarroll might be an interesting (if not unbiased) choice, since from his book we already have his perspective on them both. (I have a soft spot for him because his was the first account I read from someone close to/in the band who actually liked Liam and remembered him fondly.)

- One time Liam got asked if he'd ever done yoga, and he said, "Yeah, once. I think I got stuck." (here, at the very beginning). For some reason this really humored me. So, something that starts with yoga (definitely Noel's idea, probably to aggravate Liam with) and ends with porn. :D

- First-time fic in general. first kisses, first sex, first time having a particular kind of sex, all that goodstuff.

- OR any other factoid or incident from Liam and Noel's history that you feel inspired to write about! You've get a lot of years to choose from. 😊

Crossover - fic

Ship: Jonathan Sims (The Magnus Archives) / Kyle Murchison Booth (The Bone Key).

DNW: Jon coercing a statement from Booth.

This is my Archivists in Spooky Archives crossover ship. <3 Jonathan Sims is one of my favorite fictional characters in YEARS. I love how hard he's trying to be a good person, even as circumstances keep taking that goal ever farther out of reach. His entire journey, his current struggles, they're all just id catnip to me. Especially in the most recent season, I just wanted someone to treat him as a person who needs help and care instead of always just a monster who needs to be contained.

Booth is a more recent discovery for me; he's so painfully shy and lonely, and I desperately want him to, if not get a boyfriend, at least be seen and appreciated by someone. I also absolutely adore the general spooky, melancholy vibe of The Bone Key.

So obviously these two need to meet, discover a kindred spirit, and maybe bang. They're approximately the same ages in their respective canons but separated by almost a century. I would rather some kind of universe fusion/AU rather than time travel or an explicit multiverse "I stepped out of my universe and into yours" kind of situation. I have a slight preference for an AU where Jon is working for the Magnus Institute contemporary with Booth, in the late 20s (?? TBK is pretty vague, timeline-wise). Maybe he encounters Booth during his big world tour during season 2, or maybe it's set more recently in the TMA timeline and he becomes one of the problems Booth thinks he might need to solve (except maybe what Jon actually needs is a sympathetic ear). Maybe they need to work together on something. Maybe Jon has some insight on wtf is actually going on with the Parrington's stacks! Feel free to mix and match elements and events from both canons as you please! And definitely don't feel like you have to exactly reproduce TMA's system of powers and inter-powers politics.

I am also fine with whatever degree of shippiness you want. I'm aware that just getting them in the same room might be a lot of work, and they are neither of them at all proactive in a sexual or romantic sense, so even them finding a moment of understanding in one another would be great.

Fallen London – Fic

Ship: Player/Character of Your Choice

I'm always a bit shy of requesting this canon because I've been playing it so long that I've forgotten a lot of the early plotlines, and in general I don't have a great head for the characters. So, this feels like the perfect ship for me to request! I would be happy with any player/character ship of your choice here. I only ask that if the character you write is a canonical one with a canon story line, you provide enough context of the character to jog my memory/and or let me know who they are, if I haven't encountered them before. (I've only played the Vake ambition and a little bit of Light-Fingers, and I've never done SMEN.) I would be equally happy with the character of your choice being an OC, though! Honestly, I would also be just fine with both members of the ship being OCs – you're welcome to keep the "player" conceit, but you're also welcome to just write an OC/OC ship if you want to, or even an OC&OC ship. I AM VERY EASY HERE, please give me more of this setting, which I love. <3

In general, I LOVE this game for its general aesthetic of Victorian steampunk loopiness combined with creeping and cosmic horror. I love the mix of humor and horror and just straight-up weirdness, and how the citizens of the Neath are unfazed by those things.

In terms of the factions, I'm a little more fond of the University, the Church, Hell, the Great Game, the Rubbery Men, the Tomb Colonists, the Clay Men, and Polythreme, but honestly I love pretty much everything about this game and would be happy about any part of it. A forbidden romance between a tiger and a keeper in the Labyrinth of Tigers? A surprise romance between a university lecturer's assistant and the assistant of the procurer of illegal artifacts for the lecturer's research, bonding over complaining about their respective bosses? A noir-ish FWB relationship between a constable's deputy and a particularly alluring Rubbery Man? Yes please!

Other things I like for this canon: Horror, worldbuilding, setting/atmosphere, weird porn, xeno, bittersweetness, Lovecraftian influences, people treating things as totally normal that are NOT NORMAL TO US AT ALL. Epistolary fic, logistics porn. Affection, weird people being weirdly functional together, mpreg, friends with benefits, sex first and feelings after. Hijinks, mayhem, and capers. Verbal sparring, Neathy politics (the weirder the better). Weird food and weird effects of eating it. Body horror. Bits of the game and game mechanics sneaking into the narrative, like comments about scandal and bizarreness that make sense in context but have a little extra zing if you've played the game.

Things I am fine with for this canon: Almost everything!
- Second person POV is welcome. Third person also fine!
- I would rather the canon characters not be given proper names if they don't already have them, but instead keep their titles from the game. I kind of prefer OCs to have titles as well, rather than proper names, but go how you feel there.
- If you're writing porn, feel free to go AS WEIRD AS YOU WANT. Nothing is off the table in this canon as long as it's consensual. Snuff, vore, poisons, sex facilitated by sorrow spiders, consensual brainwashing—go to town. For marginally more conventional porn, I love all kinds of belly kink, including stuffing and oviposition. The Apicus Club is an extremely underutilized setting in my opinion!! Ditto the Parlor of Virtue, for that matter.
- If you're writing horror, feel to go literally anywhere except noncon/sexual assault or focus on trauma to eyes, hands, or teeth. For example, character death, cannibalism, mind break, body horror are all fine.
- For the player character pairings, feel free to treat the player characters as OCs and customize as you like.

Dislikes/DNWs for this canon: Focus on bad things happening to eyes, hands, and teeth. Non-con.

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