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Thursday recs: fics for meeeeee

My "to rec" tag is a real hodge podge right now, and also I've worked hard today and have yet to finish reading and commenting on all the recently-revealed exchange fic I want to, sooooo today I am cheating and reccing things people have given TO ME in the past two weeks. :3

at the breath of darkness by [ profile] saiditallbefore
Jane/Valkyrie, Sunless Sea fusion, 1k. This is a delightful romp in which Jane is a hapless scientist-captain and Valkyrie is her mysterious gunnery officer who always wears a sword for some reason. Hot and with great use of Sunless Sea backdrop for flavor. From We Die Like Fen.

Cookie Clicker
Cookies Aren't a Sometimes Food by [ profile] tuesday
OMC/OMC stuffing/belly kink porn, 1k. Technically written for/gifted to my obviously very sneaky sock. Look, if there is any canon ever that was crying out for fic written for this kink, it was this one, and the use of worldbuilding is absolutely delightful. Also from WDLF.

Oasis RPF - GUYS. Last year at this time this fandom had ZERO exchange presence, and in the past two weeks I have received THREE fics, by three different authors. I am so happy. ;___; And there's another one in the Unusual Bearings collection that wasn't even gifted to me!

You're Twisting My Melon, Man by [ profile] darkrosaleen
Liam/Noel, 1k. Weed with h/c and first-time incest sex. An excellent set of tags on this one. This was my smut4smut fic!

Turn My Face to the Wall by ~anon (look if this isn't who I think it is I will be VERY surprised)
Liam/Noel, 4k. A while after the breakup, Noel turns up pregnant, and then Liam turns up on his doorstep. Hot and funny and intimate, with sneaky bits of sweetness. Also pregnant sex. :3 From Unusual Bearings.

you and I are going to live forever by [ profile] StripySock
Liam/Noel, 2k. Cocaine and messy character dynamics and a first-time kiss. I apparently lured StripySock into the fandom by the power of my signup, which seems only fair, since that's how I got here, too. I am delighted by this development and also by this fic, which has a great narrative voice. From WDLF. Crossposted from Dreamwidth. Comments welcome over there. (comment count unavailable DW replies)
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