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fic: Hey There, Mr. Bluebird (Carol/Yon-Rogg)

I posted another fic! OUTSIDE any exchanges! Did you know they let you do that? Seems fake.

I've had this mostly written for at least eight months, and by mostly written I mean all I added last night was two lines at the end and some expansion on the sexy bits, for about 200 words total. IDK why it's taken me this long to do that last little bit, but brains, you know? Anyway, I wrote this because obviously blood is a Thing with Carol and Yon-Rogg, and of course he'd want to eat her out while she's bleeding. :')

Hey There, Mr. Bluebird (3106 words) by Snickfic
Fandom: Captain Marvel (2019)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Carol Danvers/Yon-Rogg
Characters: Carol Danvers, Yon-Rogg (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Menstrual Sex, Menstruation Kink, Semi-Public Sex, Cunnilingus, Post-Captain Marvel (2019)

“I told you about this. It’s an Earth thing? Once a month, with the blood?” Carol'd never had a period when she was with Starforce; something about the Kree diet or the vitamins that maybe weren’t vitamins or who the hell knew why. Now she got them again, though, which probably she should have been grateful for. Meant all her internal processes still worked, even after the power-up.

Except, you know, for how her periods were blue now, like she was an ad on TV. Yeah, not used to that yet.

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