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The Fic of a Snick

Mostly Fic, Some of the Time

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This is my journal for the posting of fic and general fannish musings. Buffydom and SPN are the fandoms of my heart, and most of the fic here was written for one or the other, but discussion extends to other TV as well. TV blogged about at least once in the last six months: Due South, Carnivale, Agents of SHIELD, Orphan Black, Babylon 5.

I'm also now getting into comics, mostly Marvel. Recent favs that I'm likely to continue talking about include Young Avengers, FF, X-Men, Uncanny X-Force (mostly Remender), Hawkeye, and Image's Saga and Morning Glories. I also talk a ton about older books as I read them - again, mostly Marvel.

Spoiler policy: I try to cut for SPN spoilers, but I do talk about it a lot, so chances are there will be character spoilers and similarly vague references for all seasons. Same goes for BtVS, Ats, and Firefly, although I don't talk about those so much anymore. All spoilers for other shows I am watching and comics I am reading go behind cuts.

Feel free to friend and defriend as your heart desires; no need to ask permission. However, a comment to say hi and how you found me is always nice. In fact, comments in general are love, on new posts or old, on fic or meta or rambling. Talk to me! My contact email is snick$$fic$@$gmail.com, without the dollar signs. You can also reach me by either sending me a private LJ message or dropping me a comment someplace.

For those needing to know such things, I'm well over the age of 18.

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