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Anya final stand, S7

a bunch of exchanges happening

- 100 Word Flash, a multi-fandom drabble exchange, has noms/signups closing EARLY tomorrow! Very low word commitment! I have enjoyed the heck out of every drabble exchange I've ever done. Come join us!

- Marvel Femslash Ex is running its second round, with noms closing the 15th and signups closing the 21st. I don't have time for this one this year, but I really enjoyed it last year!

- [community profile] littleblackdressex is an exchange where you nom your favorite characters that you ship with (almost) everybody, and your creator makes you a gift featuring that character in a ship of their choice. You can DNW a handful of ships. I would 100% do this one if I didn't feel so snowed under right now. Noms close May 15th.

- [community profile] multifandomhorrorexchange has noms through May 14th, with signups to follow. You match on fandom, character/ship, and one or more of the horror genre types. This sounds super cool, and I look forward to reading the results.

- Finally, [community profile] justmarriedexchange is running their second round, with noms closing the 12th. Despite me not doing exchanges rn (the drabble one doesn't count! drabbles don't count), I'm suddenly really tempted by this one. IDK.

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Anya final stand, S7

FIC: Marvel Femslash by me!

I wrote two fics for the Marvel Femslash exchange, and I am excited to finally get to talk about them! I have some recs coming too, but I think I'm going to bundle them all together for Reccing Thursday.

First, my assignment, which I am really freaking proud of. I set out to write one scene of Minn-Erva/Nebula sparring that leads to sex, and then it kept growing to something much more ambitious than I intended to write. It's got porn! An emotional arc! A big late-game reveal! I've been feeling uncertain about my ability to write long things that aren't RPF, and then this fic just kind of... happened. I'm really grateful for [personal profile] lucymonster, whose requests were like my dream assignment and gave me free rein to write as much messy angst as my heart desired.

The Good of All Kree (6604 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain Marvel (2019), Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Minn-Erva/Nebula
Characters: Minn-Erva (Marvel), Nebula (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Pre-Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Angst, First Time, Fighting As Foreplay, Rough Sex, Painful Orgasm, (Past) Non-Consensual Body Modification, Past Minn-Erva/Proxima Midnight, Vaginal Fingering, Disillusionment, Hopeful Ending, Minn-Erva Lives

When Thanos and Ronan and Sanctuary itself get to be too much, Minn-Erva retreats to the training room in the ship's bowels. The thing is, Nebula's always there, too.

And this was a treat! I really wanted to write, like, four treats, but it didn't quite happen. Anyway, this is a different take on Valkyrie than I've tried before, leaning more into the humor of her character. I think it worked? I also got to write the Grandmaster again, and he is just really fun. :D
Three Objectives (2041 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies), Thor (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Brunnhilde | Valkyrie/Gamora (Marvel)
Characters: Brunnhilde | Valkyrie (Marvel), Gamora (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Pre-Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Cunnilingus, Sakaar (Marvel)

“You know what I like best after a good brawl?”

“What?” Gamora said, her voice flat with disinterest.

“Guess.” 142 raised her eyebrows, and then she gave Gamora a looking-over, in case the eyebrows failed to properly communicate her intentions.

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Anya final stand, S7

exchange doings

I'm making some progress on my Marvel Femslash assignment, and I have some words for the MCU exchange, but I think it's likely those will get discarded. I just got that assignment, though, so I have lots of time to go.

I signed up for [community profile] justmarried, the marriage tropes exchange, because I love arranged marriage AND ALSO I realized there were mpreg tags I could request. 😂 That means I'm going to have overlapping exchanges, but I'm feeling more chill about them than I was earlier in the year, so yay.

In less than a month I plan to open nominations for my cosmic MCU rare ships exchange, which will probably be called MCU Space Ships, because how could I not?

I'm thinking about maybe doing AUex, the AU exchange; tbd. I wouldn't say I'm into AUs as such, but I can enjoy a lot of AUs with canon elements, and I love canon divergence AUs. It'll depend on finding two more fandoms besides the MCU that I'm confident I want to request/receive, although on the requesting end I suppose I can just keep requesting my Unusual Bearings requests with mpreg freeforms. XD

Later on, I definitely want to do Trick or Treat. I'm considering skipping Yuletide this year for the first time in a while, and maybe writing a treat or two if I feel so inclined. Or maybe I'll feel a lot more excited about rare fandoms in a couple of months; it's hard to say. But if I don't do Yuletide, I could do Multifandom Tropefest, which I've been eyeing for a while, or maybe some spooky Halloween-y type fest, since I've been thinking I'd like to try my hand at some horror.

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Anya final stand, S7

general fannish update

- [community profile] fancake is doing a bunch of mini-themes this month. The first theme, through tomorrow, is Xeno/Alien Biology, and I have never in my life encountered a rec theme so relevant to my interests. I've clicked on over half the recs by other people, and I've recced a bunch of stuff myself as well. You also should go and rec things! So I can read them! :D :D :D

- The Marvel Femslash Exchange ([community profile] marvelfemslashevents) has signups open right now! I wasn't sure I'd have time for this, but after psyching myself out about Fandom5k and deleting my signup for it, it turns out I have lots of time! I am SO excited about this exchange. The tag set is really something. 😍

- [community profile] mcu_cosmic continues to chug along! I'm so pleased. :))) Here is a roundup of what people have been up to at the comm in the past week. We had posts from SIX DIFFERENT FOLKS (including me), which I am ecstatic about.

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