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Anya final stand, S7

fannish happenings

In case you haven't, be sure to check out last week's Thursday recs post, where lots of people recced cool-looking things in a wide variety of fandoms. :)

I've been busy with writing and exchanges recently. Smut4Smut went live on Saturday, and I have a fic in that. I'm still working on leaving my final comments on the collection. Also, someone gave me Oasis fic. 🥰

Unusual Bearings fics are due to go live on Friday, and I have a fic there also. And finally I have a fic that's almost done and will be posted to the latest round of We Die Like Fen, deadline tbd, because it's that kind of exchange.

I'm telling myself that's it for exchanges. I have an Oasis fic I've been daydreaming FOR MONTHS that I'd really like to actually write (...not least because I've already commissioned art for it). It seems like every time I have an exchange-free period I stop writing at all, but maybe my art will motivate me!!

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Anya final stand, S7

exchanges and things

[community profile] chocolateboxcomm - I posted a fic! The draft I posted before the deadline BARELY even passed the bus test, but I posted a version today that I'm much happier with. I might like it, even, which is a shock, not because of the prompts (I liked the prompts!!) but because I've been fighting writer's block basically since Christmas and then have had a whole lot of shitty real life fall on my head in the past two weeks. But anyway, maybe now I will try my hand at a treat??

[community profile] genfreeformexchange - I am co-running this! If you've ever wanted a gen exchange that played with all the fun freeform tags that exchanges like Smut Swap do, now's your chance. Noms open TOMORROW.

In other exchange news, I'm trying to decide between doing [community profile] unusual_bearings (weird pregnancy exchange yay!) or [community profile] smut4smut (replacement for Smut Swap, which isn't running this year). At the moment I'm leaning towards the latter, with a signup of Gallaghercest + assorted ridiculous belly kink requests, but we'll see. The alternative is to do neither of those and instead focus solely on stuff I've been wanting to write for myself, aka a bunch of Oasis fic + a Carol/Minn-Erva fic + another MCU femslash fic I've had 2k of for ages. Honestly that'd be the smartest option, but we'll see.

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Anya final stand, S7

Posting meme: Old fannish events, etc that I miss

(Talking meme spots still open here)

What old fannish thing(s) do you miss? (ex. an exchange that no longer runs, posting memes nobody does, etc.) for [personal profile] eafay70

Honestly, the one fannish event that I have most regularly pined for was insmallpackages, a possibly somewhat niche double blind winter holiday event where you made a few small requests, the mod would post them, and people would fill them, not even knowing whose requests they were filling. But now we have [community profile] in_a_peartree, which is almost the same thing, and I am so delighted!! I look forward to responding to lots of requests. People have been suggesting it's an alternative [community profile] fandom_stocking, but I've always been the pits at writing things for Fandom Stocking, and have never had any trouble at all filling requests for insmallpackages. Sometimes small structural changes make all the difference!

I also miss how fandom used to be oriented a lot more around a) kinkmemes, and b) fests. For all its faults, I feel like I grew up as a fan on spnkink_meme, and it makes me sad that fandom seems largely to have moved beyond the kinkmeme as a structure. I assume this is largely because of the move away from LJ/DW as platforms in general, which makes sense. And I’m part of the problem, too, because sometimes I go browsing on kinkmemes for fandoms I’m in and I don’t even feel any interest in filling any of the prompts. It’s just not how I think creatively anymore, and I’ve also lost all confidence that anyone will read what I write. If I want anonymity and an audience, I’ll fill a 100 words thread for ffa instead.

I think fests definitely do still exist, largely on tumblr and organized as “weeks” (there’s a Loki/Jane week going on soon, for example), but ugh, tumblr. I find that I mostly write for exchanges now that I’m in MCU fandom, because those are places where I can write fic for my weird rarepairs and not only be pretty sure at least one person will read and like it, but that it will get other eyeballs, too, and not be immediately buried in the tag, never to be seen again. A fest could serve that same purpose and also let me write the things I’ve been wanting to write for myself, because no one else wants them. However, again, fests pretty much happen on tumblr, and I think it’d be pretty difficult to get critical mass for one on DW. [community profile] iddyiddybangbang seems like a close cousin, though, and man, ONE of these years I’m going to actually write something for it.

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Anya final stand, S7

AO3 vs the Hugo Award Defense Squad

Apparently some people are really, really upset about AO3 members saying they won a Hugo (and also about profiting off the Hugo Award name on Etsy, but that seems to be a relatively minor concern). From what I can tell, these people are very unhappy that AO3 won the Best Related Work award at Worldcon this year and even unhappier that most of AO3 doesn't know who they are or give a damn what they think. In fairness, I count myself somewhat more dialed-in to the old-school SFF fandom than a lot of folks in fic fandom, and until last week I had no idea who any of these specific people were. Honestly, it blows my mind that this conversation is still going on and that the people involved are so wildly lacking in self-awareness as to think random internet strangers on the street are going to take them seriously.

I can tell there are a lot of hurt feelings on the fic fandom side of things as a result of this, which is totally understandable. However, to me, the most important thing is that AO3 did win that award, which means that the people yelling right now are in the minority. I've seen people point out that when the Sad Puppies Hugo slate happened in 2015, a lot of previously-disengaged SF fans joined the Worldcon community specifically to fight back, and that a lot of those people stuck around, which may be causing a sea change for the Hugo Awards. Arguably it already has - look at the proportion of female and minority winners in the years since then.

I guess I'm just contrary, because my takeaway from all this is that I want to buy a voting membership so I can nominate for the Hugos next year. If you can't join 'em, beat 'em.

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Anya final stand, S7


As a follow-up on yesterday's stats post about explicit fic in the MCU, I went and dug up info about all the most popular MCU OT3s/threesomes. Unlike yesterday's, these numbers aren't filtered for otp:true, because a lot of A/B/C fics are also tagged with A/B or B/C or sometimes all three pairings, in addition to being tagged A/B/C, and I didn't want to lose those. So these are just the total works for the ships.

Even with that in mind, wow, people are a LOT more likely to write porn for these than for your average two-person ship.

Collapse )

That is a lot of ships that are over 40% porn! Loki/Steve/Tony takes the cake, with a whopping 58%, but it's a pretty small ship; for ships with over 100 fics, Steve/Bucky/Rumlow wins, probably unsurprisingly. On the other end of things, wow, Tony/Pepper/Strange and Clint/Laura/Nat.

Honestly, I was mostly curious about what the big OT3s were in the first place. A LOT of Bucky/Steve/third ships, unsurprisingly. I'm kind of interested in both Tony/Pepper/Rhodey and Tony/Pepper/Bruce and will probably go investigate those. *eyes*

PLEASE NOTE that it is extremely likely I've missed some ships that have enough fics to be in that list. There's no good process for finding ships of three or more people on AO3; I basically messed around a lot with exclusions + the "Threesome" tag. I would love suggestions for other ships that have at least 30 fics!

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Explicit fic in MCU fandom

Today was another of those Play With Stats days. I got curious about the distribution of explicit fic in the MCU and how it broke down by ship and ship category (m/m, f/f, het). Several hours later, I know a lot more about the popular MCU ships than I did before, and also I have a bunch of intriguing numbers to share behind the cut!

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Anya final stand, S7

various fannish musings

* [archiveofourown.org profile] destinationtoast just posted a big collection of AO3 femslash stats, with a link to a similar collection of stats from 2016. I'm always a sucker for stats, so of course I love these.

* I've completed three exchanges this year. In Chocolate Box, I wrote an assignment I was very happy with and also three treats. In Unusual Bearings and Marvel Femslash, I wrote a fairly long fic for each of my assignments (and also wrote an insubstantial last-min treat for Marvel Femslash, but that's kind of beside the point). My experiences here have some things in common: I'm really happy with how all three exchanges went, and I put a LOT of work into all three exchanges, although that work wasn't always distributed in the same way. But as a result, those exchanges all wore me out, and it was a very good thing there was lots of time between them!

Back in my 2018 year-end post, one of my goals for 2019 was "DO FEWER EXCHANGES and write more treats in the ones I do sign up for." But I don't think just writing treats is the answer; the answer is that I like to have a few exchanges that I make into big events. This is why "You only have to write 1000 words!" is a lie. I don't want to write just 1000 words! I'm not happy if I only write 1000 words! In fact I often find exchanges where I'm only trying to do the minimum way more stressful than exchanges where I'm all in. I can't do them by half-measures, I guess.

Meanwhile, I've defaulted on one exchange this year that was going to be exactly that kind of "Just do the minimum, self!!" exchange, and I've signed up and then deleted my signups for several more. Currently I'm signed up for two: Multifandom Drabble, which I might actually manage to write only the one drabble for and feel fine abou) and Just Married, which I think I might also feel okay about just writing the one assignment, which shouldn't be extremely long. I'm considering AUex, but otherwise my big exchange plan for the second half of the year is Trick or Treat, which is months away.

So going forward, again, I need to plan on doing a handful of exchanges and putting a lot into each one. Self-knowledge, right?

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Anya final stand, S7

Some MCU f/f stats

I'm procrastinating HARD on my Unusual Bearings fic right now, so this morning I poked around AO3 and dug up a bunch of stats on the most popular MCU f/f pairings on AO3 (not counting any of the TV shows):

I found the works by going to the pairing tag for each pairing. There's no filtering on them for completeness or word count or anything like that. When you start with the tag and start filtering out, say, all the m/m juggernaut ships, the results change some. Pepper/Nat, the very biggest femslash MCU movie pairing on AO3, was also the hardest hit: when I excluded the juggernaut het and m/m ships from that tag, I only 406 works left, out of 1015. This is because 266 Pepper/Nat tags are also tagged Steve/Tony, 200 are also tagged Clint/Coulson, etc. Turns out Pepper/Nat is so popular partly because it's a classic pair-the-spares background ship. My kingdom for a "primary pairing" category on AO3. :(

It's possible I've left out a few pairings out in the bottom half of the list, because there's no easy way to find out which pairings I need to check the tags for. I started with the f/f category and then started excluding all the m/m ships, reader fics, etc, but if you exclude all the Steve/Tony, for example, you exclude some fics with background Natasha/Pepper. And that isn't a problem for Nat/Pepper, because they're big enough that they'll show up in the top ten sidebar pretty soon anymore, but it did turn out to be a problem for MJ/Shuri, which I almost missed. So there could be a few more pairings like that.

Anyway, it was a fun exercise! Looking at ships like Natasha/Sif, you can kind of see how hungry fandom was for female characters to ship early on in the MCU and how few options there were. We have so much more to choose from now! All the cosmic women, all the Black Panther women... so much more variety, and involving women who've actually exchanged words with one another. (Not that there's anything wrong with shipping characters who haven't met, I say, having written multiple Jane/Gamora fics.) In particular, check out Carol/Maria, 6th on that list despite being out for less than a month!

Okay, I guess I have to go write that fic now. 😩

Update: because I am me, I also Collapse )

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